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A rare Märklin German-market spirit-fired steam-powered tinplate 62cm First Series Two-Funnel

A rare Märklin German-market spirit-fired steam-powered tinplate 62cm First Series Two-Funnel Battleship `Sachsen`, "Cat. Ref. 1091, the hull painted in cream and red, tan deck with simulated planking and tinplate clips for semi-round sailors, cream superstructure decorated with circular and arched-top square portholes and rivet detail, two masts, two torpedo net booms, single screw, forward and aft gun turrets, pairs of port and starboard gun turrets, lower deck and upper decks, raised ship`s wheel, fabric stern flag and pennant, two guns mounted on forward bridge and small gun in crow`s nest, all guns, crow`s nests and funnels painted in bronze, most with rivet detail, two davits, anchor, chain and rudder, the steam plant with vaporising burner, safety-valve and slip-eccentric reverse, on four-wheeled trolley, with spare anchor and chain, contemporary pencil inscriptions to stern `RE/9 45/06`, circa 1906, overall G-VG, one mast root and one davit slightly bent and detached, lifeboats missing, one port side gun and turret roof replaced, slight bending to deck under side guns, bridge binnacle detached, forward mast upper section loose but not detached, slight paint crazing to lower hull, local paint loss caused by trolley, trolley parts previously re-soldered and detached; for suitable Heyde for Märklin semi-round lead sailors to fit the deck-clips, see next lot in this sale; this battleship was bequeathed to the current owner when her father passed away several years ago and in his turn, he had been left this iconic vessel, loosely modelled on one of the ‘Siegfried’ class of the Imperial German Navy, after his long years of service to a Dutch Baroness; it is believed to have been owned originally by Lord Adolf Frederik Willem Lodewijk Jacob van Pallandt, who died at the age of 11 in 1911 and his sister, Julia Elisabeth Baroness van Pallandt van Waardenburg en Neerijnen, then inherited the boat at that time; the current owner’s father received it from her as a token of gratitude in 1970 before Lady Julia passed away in 1971. The pencil inscription is believed to represent the cipher of the Queen of Holland at the time - Reina Emma - and possibly a date."

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