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Jewellery & Watches

Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers Online Only Auction at Catalogue 10 Sep 2020 19:00 BST

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  • Lots: 499
Belfast, Northern Ireland

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  • 37 Montgomery Street
  • Belfast
  • Northern Ireland
  • BT1 4NX
  • United Kingdom

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Currency: GBP
Buyer's premium Inc. VAT/sales tax: 24.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 0.00%
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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Results for live webcast and timed auctions may not have been verified by the auctioneer. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of the prices provided, please call the auction house to confirm.

Diamond weight: 0.95 carat Colour/Clarity: G/SI1 Ring size: L½ Weight: 5.3g

Bag height: 13cm Bag width: 18cm Bag depth: 12.5cm

Bracelet length: 19.5cm Weight: 51.5g

Diamond weight: Approx. 0.90 carat Colour/Clarity: Approx. G-H/VS2 Ring size: M Weight: 2.8g

Purse height: 20cm Purse length: 10cm

Bracelet length: 20cm Weight: 14.9g

Sapphire weight: 0.40 carat Diamond weight: 0.36 carat Ring mount length: 2.8cm Ring size: O Weight: 6g

Earring height: 1.5cm Chain length: 40cm Pendant height: 1.5cm Total weight: 7.6g

Diamond weight: Approx. 0.70 carat Colour/Clarity: Approx. G-H/SI2 Ring size: M Weight: 3g

Case width (including crown): 2.3cm Dial width: 1.5cm Watch length: 16cm Weight: 62g Movement: Quartz Working condition: In working order

Diamond weight: 2.00 carats Necklace length: 92cm Weight: 7g

Chain length: 46cm Pendant height: 2.4cm Weight: 3.2g

Ring size: M Weight: 2.3g

Diamond weight: 0.49 carat Chain length: 40cm Pendant height: 2cm Weight: 4.3g

Emerald weight: 4.69 carats Diamond weight: 1.77 carats Chain length: 46cm Pendant height: 2.7cm Weight: 6.2g

Bracelet length: 21cm Weight: 10.2g

Diamond weight: 1.07 carats Ring size: K Weight: 2.8g

Yellow sapphire weight: 1.40 carats Diamond weight: 0.55 carat Ring size: N½ Weight: 4.2g

Pen length: 11.8cm Engravings: None Working condition: In working order

Tanzanite weight: 1.80 carats Diamond weight: 0.80 carat Earring height: 0.9cm Weight: 3.6g

Diamond weight: 2.15 carats Necklace length: 56cm Weight: 19.4g

Sapphire weight: 0.32 carat Diamond weight: 0.19 carat Chain length: 46cm Pendant height: 0.9cm Weight: 3.4g

Diamond weight: Approx. 0.50 carat Brooch length: 5.2cm Weight: 3.3g

Bangle diameter: 6.6cm Weight: 8g

Diamond weight: Approx. 2.75 carats Brooch height: 3cm Weight: 6.9g

Lot 40


Brooch height: 5.5cm Weight: 48.8g

Sapphire weight: 4.17 carats Diamond weight: 1.78 carats Ring size: N Weight: 8.4g

Diamond weight: 0.25 carat Ring size: M Weight: 6g

Diamond weight: 0.50 carat Ring size: K Weight: 2.9g

Brooch length: 4.2cm Weight: 2.8g

Diamond weight: 0.30 carat Bracelet length: 19cm Weight: 1.6g

Ring size: N½ Weight: 9g

Diamond weight: 0.16 carat Chain length: 46cm Pendant height: 1.4cm Weight: 2.1g

Bracelet length: 17cm Weight: 36.5g

Sapphire weight: 0.55 carat Diamond weight: 0.35 carat Ring size: K Weight: 2.4g

Diamond weight: 2.20 carats Earring height: 0.9cm Weight: 2.6g

Diamond weight: 2.00 carats Earring height: 1cm Weight: 3.8g

Diamond weight: 0.90 carat Necklace length: 106cm Weight: 5.7g

Length: 1.4cm Weight: 2.6g

Diamond weight: 1.85 carats Ring size: N Weight: 12.1g

Case width (including crown): 3cm Dial width: 2.6cm Watch length: 20.5cm Weight: 78g Movement: Automatic Working condition: In working order

Diamond weight: 0.11 carat Earring height: 1.3cm Weight: 0.9g

Diamond weight: Approx. 3.00 carats Colour/Clarity: Approx. K/P1 Ring size: M Weight: 2.5g

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  • 60
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  • 240
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