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Fine Asian Art

Revere Auctions Live Webcast Auction 26 Apr 2019 15:00 CDT (21:00 BST)

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St. Paul, Minnesota

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  • 550 Vandalia St.
  • Suite 304
  • St. Paul
  • Minnesota
  • 55114
  • United States

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Japanese Meiji Bronze Double Gourd Censer w/ Rider

Lot 1

Japanese Meiji period bronze censer in double gourd shaped form, decorated with the applied figure of a rider. The top of the gourd lifts off. Pro...

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Japanese Bronze Incense Burner Hand Warmer

Lot 2

A very finely cast Japanese hand warmer or censer for burning incense. Excellent relief decoration of melon vines and leaves. Late Edo or early M...

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Japanese Meiji Mixed-metal Censer Kotaro Saku

Lot 3

A striking Japanese Meiji era mixed metal censer decorated with applied silver and copper. Signed on bottom Kotaro (Kotarou) Saku Tsukuta. Dimens...

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19th c. Japanese Covered Bronze Pot in Oval Form

Lot 4

An excellent Japanese Meiji bronze container with lovely deep red patina. In an oval form. Surfaces bear incised dragon and phoenix motifs. Likely...

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Japanese Meiji Iron Kettle with Silver and Gold Inlay

Lot 5

A lovely well made iron teapot decorated with applied flowers. Inlay in handle. Dimensions: Height (including handle): 9 in x width: 7 in x depth...

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Meiji Japanese Iron Kettle Attributed to Ryubundo

Lot 6

Japanese tetsubin iron kettle with an iron lid attributed to Ryubundo. Both sides have designs in high relief--one of flowers and the other of a t...

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Japanese Bronze Sculpture of Immortal

Lot 7

A Japanese bronze sculpture of a laughing immortal. Likely a piece of a larger sculpture. Dimensions: Height: 5 in x width: 6 1/4 in x depth: 5 1...

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Meiji Japanese Bronze Figural Group Genryusai Seiya

Lot 8

Japanese Meiji period cast bronze figural group of two tigers attacking a rhino. The animals are done with incredible detail. The bronze is signed...

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20th c. Japanese Bronze Okimono of an Oni and Dragon

Lot 9

A 20th century Japanese bronze sculpture figural group of an Oni dancing atop the head of a dragon or serpent. The bronze is features strong detai...

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Japanese Meiji Bronze Geisha Okimono Signed

Lot 10

A very fine and large Japanese bronze okimono of a Geisha playing the shamisen. The bronze bears an incised inscription on the base. Provenance: C...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Vase - Flowers

Lot 11

A charming Japanese Meiji period cloisonne vase. Well decorated and of good proportions. Dimensions: Height: 5 1/2 in x diameter: 5 1/2 in. Condi...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Vase - Phoenix

Lot 12

An attractive Japanese Meiji period cloisonne vase with an excellent pattern across its body. Dimensions: Height: 12 1/2 in x diameter: 5 in. Co...

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Japanese Meiji Mirrored Pair of Cloisonne Vases

Lot 13

Japanese Meiji period mirrored pair of cloisonne vases with brown and gold motifs over a black background. In the style of Ando Jubei and Ota Jinn...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Covered Urn

Lot 14

An exquisite example of Meiji Japanese cloisonne exhibiting floral designs on a black background. The work reflects the styles of workshops and ar...

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Pr 20th c. Chinese Cloisonne Covered Bowls

Lot 15

Pair of 20th century Chinese covered cloisonne bowls with handles in the form of dragons.Provenance: William & Robert Arnett Antiquities & Objects...

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Large Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Vase - Org Sticker

Lot 16

A striking and very large piece of cloisonne, this tall Japanese Meiji period vase exhibits a striking design of flowers and delicate border work....

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Pr 20th c. Japanese Cloisonne Vases with Foo Dogs

Lot 17

Pair of 20th century Japanese cloisonne vases with foo dog designs and wooden stands. Dimensions: Height: 13 1/4 in x width: 9 in x depth: 3 1/2...

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Pair 20th c. Chinese Cloisonne Vases

Lot 18

A striking pair of early 20th century Chinese cloisonne vases, decorated in a profusion of tendrils and plants. Dimensions: Height: 9 1/2 in x d...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Censer

Lot 19

A striking Japanese Meiji period cloisonne censer with detailed panels and reserves of dragons. In the manner of workshops and artists such as And...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Covered Handled Jar

Lot 20

A striking piece of Meiji Japanese craftsmanship, this cloisonne covered jar is attributed to the Ando Jubei workshop. Dimensions: Height: 4 in x...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Tray with Flowers Birds

Lot 21

A very large Japanese Meiji period cloisonne charger with well executed enamel. Mounted in a lovely hardwood frame. Includes hanging features on t...

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Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Box

Lot 22

A lovely Japanese cloisonne box with excellent details. Dimensions: Height: 2 1/4 in x width: 4 in x depth: 3 1/4 in. Condition: Good condition....

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Grp: 8 Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Censers

Lot 23

A lovely lot of unsigned but well made Japanese Meiji period cloisonne tripod containers. Many seem to be from the same maker or workshop. Wooden ...

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Grp 4 Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Pieces

Lot 24

Group of four Meiji period Japanese cloisonne pieces. Works are in the style of the workshops of Namikawa Yasuyuki and Ando Jubei. Includes one d...

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Grp: 9 Japanese Meiji Cloisonne vases boxes

Lot 25

Group of nine Japanese Meiji period cloisonne objects, including four covered vases, one vase, one teapot, one box, and one bowl. Condition: Plea...

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Hattori Tadasaburo Japanese Cloisonne Carp Vases

Lot 26

Stunning pair of Japanese cloisonne vases by Hattori Tadasaburo (d. 1939). Gray background with raised carp decoration (Moriage). Stamped mark in ...

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Japanese Edo Iron Tsuba with Birds and Reeds

Lot 27

Japanese Edo iron tsuba with gold inlay. Features birds and reeds in low relief on both sides. Dimensions: Height: 2 1/2 in x width: 2 in. Condi...

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Japanese Edo Period Iron Tsuba with Silver Inlay

Lot 28

Early 18th c. (Edo Period) Japanese iron tsuba with silver inlay dragon. Classic example of tsuba in the Higo School. Dimensions: Height: 3 in x ...

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Japanese Edo Bronze Tsuba w/ Gold Silver Inlay

Lot 29

Mid 19th c. (Edo Period) Japanese bronze tsuba with gold and silver inlay. Features a plant design with gold inlay and a silver moon. Possibly Nar...

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Japanese Iron Tsuba with Gold Accents

Lot 30

Japanese iron tsuba with gold accents. Depicts a village and birds on both sides. Dimensions: Height: 2 3/4 in x width: 2 3/4 in. Condition: Ple...

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Japanese Edo Shakudo Plated Katana Tsuba Gold

Lot 31

Mid 19th c. (Edo Period) Japanese shakudo-plated tsuba with gold dragon in low relief along edges. Katana size, made in Mino Goto School. Dimen...

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Japanese Edo Period Iron Tsuba Surface

Lot 32

Early 18th c. (Edo Period) Japanese iron tsuba. Features reticulated pattern throughout. Kyo-Sukashi School. Dimensions: Height: 3 1/4 in x width...

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Japanese Meiji Copper Tsuba Gold Silver Inlays

Lot 33

Late 19th c. (Meiji Period) Japanese copper alloy tsuba featuring gold, silver, and shakudo inlays. Depicts a man on a carp surrounded by waves. ...

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Japanese Edo Period Iron Tsuba by Masatsuna

Lot 34

Early 18th c. (Edo Period) Japanese iron tsuba with gold inlay. Features a reticulated a grain and grass pattern and the signature of Masatsuna on...

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Japanese Edo Period Iron Tsuba with Shishi Dog

Lot 35

Mid 18th c. (Edo Period) Japanese iron tsuba. Features bronze shishi dog in high relief and copper details. Moko shape, Shoami school. Dimensions...

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Japanese Sword with Bamboo Fittings

Lot 36

A 20th century Japanese sword who scabbard is lacquered and painted to resemble bamboo. The catch enameled to look like a lady bug. Unsigned hilt....

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Japanese Meiji Period Sword Cane

Lot 37

A fine Japanese Meiji period sword cane made to look like an old wizened stick. Blade can be removed from handle by removing bamboo pin. Dimensi...

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1940s Japanese Sword with Bronze Tsuba

Lot 38

1940s Japanese sword with bronze tsuba. Dimensions: Tip of blade to top of habaki: 22 9/16 in. Total length from tip to hilt: 28 5/8 in. Conditi...

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Japanese Wakizashi Sword Naminohira Yukiyasu

Lot 39

Japanese wakizashi sword signed Naminohira Yukiyasu (波平行安). The saya (scabbard) of rayskin, the tsuka (hilt) covered in rayskin with stand...

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Japanese Sword With Fine Tsuba

Lot 40

One Japanese sword or katana for a samurai. The saya (scabbard) of lacquered wood wrapped in leather, the tsuka (hilt) covered in rayskin with sta...

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Japanese Sword with Wooden Scabbard c. 1960s

Lot 41

A handsome modern Japanese sword or katana with an etched mark of a hawk or eagle on the blade. Circa 1960s. Dimensions: Tip of scabbard to tip o...

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Japanese Meiji Ryokuzan Satsuma Bowl

Lot 42

A striking and high quality Japanese Meiji period satsuma bowl with a very unusual turquoise ground. Signed Ryokuzan. Provenance: Collection of Ro...

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Large Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Vase

Lot 43

Large Japanese Meiji period satsuma vase, well decorated and marked on base with 6 characters in over glaze red. Dimensions: Height: 22 3/4 in x...

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Japanese Meiji Satsuma Vase by Shuzan

Lot 44

A large Japanese Meiji period satsuma vase of fine quality and size depicting wisteria on one side and a mother and two children admiring at paint...

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Pair Japanese Meiji Satsuma Vases by Choshuzan

Lot 45

A striking pair of Japanese Meiji period satsuma vases depicting a dragon flying around a scene full of people. Each marked with an iron red carto...

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Japanese Meiji Satsuma Vase by Kinkozan

Lot 46

A stunning satsuma vase by the very famous Kinkozan workshop. One side depicts a lovely rural landscape and other other a pond with ducks and flow...

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Japanese Meiji Gyokoshu Satsuma Bowl

Lot 47

Japanese Meiji period satsuma bowl with a scene of immortals with a dragon. Signed Gyokoshu on the underside. Dimensions: Height: 2 3/4 in x diam...

More details

Group of 6 Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Pieces

Lot 48

A large group of Japanese Meiji period satsuma objects including a particularly well decorated bowl with heavy gold. All with makers marks on the...

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Koransha Japanese Porcelain Vase

Lot 49

Koransha Japanese porcelain vase with a blue and white foliate motif. Marked on the underside. A wonderful piece of Japanese pottery, particularly...

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Japanese Porcelain by Kozan

Lot 50

Large Japanese porcelain vessel by Kozan with an assymetrical curling lip and mottled glaze. Marked on the underside. Kozan sticker adhered direct...

More details

Japanese Edo/Meiji Lacquer Jikumono-bako box

Lot 51

Japanese Edo/Meiji lacquer Jikumono-bako (scroll box) with floral and foliate motifs. Mon identified as the AndÅ clan of the Iwakitaira Domain. In...

More details

Stunning Meiji or Edo Lacquer Box - Sent Game

Lot 52

Japanese late Edo or early Meiji lacquered box with 6 smaller interior containers and removable tray. Interior lids and exterior surface designs d...

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Japanese Edo Cypress Ikebana / Hibachi Container

Lot 53

A lovely Japanese Edo period cypress container with copper lining old patina and a fantastic bamboo vase, which can be easily lifted out. A very r...

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Japanese Lacquer and Mother of Pearl Stool

Lot 54

Japanese lacquered stool, inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Dimensions: Height: 13 in x length: 18 1/2 in x width: 9 1/4 in. Condition: Good conditio...

More details

Edo Japanese Cypress Reclining Scholar Okimono

Lot 55

An excellent and rare Japanese Edo period okimono of a reclining scholar carved from cypress. Excellent carving of an early and rather rare object...

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Very Fine Japanese Burl Wood Jita for Bonsai

Lot 56

Very fine Japanese burl wood jita, beautifully carved to support a bonsai. Dimensions: Height: 13 1/2 in x width: 19 in x depth: 1 in. Conditi...

More details

Japanese 4 Panel Floor Screen

Lot 57

Lovely Japanese ink painting mounted a floor screen depicting the coast and a small boat under the mountains. 20th century. Dimensions: Screen (...

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Japanese Floor Screen with Hawks Rinkyo

Lot 58

A striking Japanese screen, Meiji period or later, depicting a pair of hunting hawks. Seal marked Rinkyo.Provenance: Yamato Imports, Minneapolis, ...

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19th c. Japanese Ink on Paper Painting of Hermit

Lot 59

A 19th c. Japanese ink painting on paper of a hermit. Paper sprayed down to board. Condition: Please contact us for a detailed condition report....

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Late Edo Japanese Painting of Fan Dance

Lot 60

Late Edo Japanese painting depicting a fan dance. Verso also has a Leo and Doris Hodroff Collection tag, #1225. Dimensions: Sheet; height: 17 3...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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