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Fine and Decorative Arts of the Globe

Revere Auctions A fantastic sale of fine art, antiques, Asian art, and Native American art. Live Webcast Auction 19 Jan 2019 10:00 CST (16:00 GMT)

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St. Paul, Minnesota

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  • Vandalia Towers
  • 550 Vandalia St
  • Suite 304
  • St. Paul
  • Minnesota
  • 55114
  • United States

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Vintage Norwegian Bunad Folk Dress with Solje Brooch

Lot 91

Vintage Norwegian Bunad folk dress. The blue wool halter dress features a vest, finely embroidered floral designs, Hardanger blouse, hat, purse wi...

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Group of 4 Chinese Silk Embroideries - Robe Cuffs

Lot 104

Group of four Chinese embroideries, made up of two matching pairs. All framed. These were intended as cuffs for robes but were later framed as tre...

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Group of Two Ojibwe Cradleboards 20th c.

Lot 216

Two Ojibwe cradleboards. One cradleboard with blue-green velvet beaded with a floral motif and leather borders, and one doll cradleboard with flan...

More details

Group of 7 Native American Beaded Sashes Early 20th c.

Lot 218

Group of seven Native American beaded sashes with foliate motifs, circa late 19th to early 20th century. Dimensions: Heights range from 21 in to ...

More details

3 Native American Beaded Sashes 2 Pairs of Armbands and 1 Bag Panel

Lot 220

Group of seven Native American beaded sashes, two pairs of beaded armbands, and one beaded bag panel, circa late 19th to early 20th century. Dimen...

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Group of Iroquois Beaded Bags and Cap Late 19th c.

Lot 222

Group of Iroqouis beadwork. Four bags, beaded on fabric with floral and foliate designs, circa late 19th to early 20th century. Three are velvet f...

More details

Group of 12 Native American Beaded Items Ojibwe Winnebago

Lot 223

Group of twelve Native American beaded items. Three Ojibwe beaded dance aprons with floral designs on black velvet, circa early 20th century; two ...

More details

Group of 3 Pairs Ojibwe Beaded Cuffs and 1 Dress Tie Early 20th c.

Lot 225

Group of three pairs of Ojibwe beaded cuffs, one with a matching beaded dress tie and collar. Circa late 19th to early 20th century. Dimensions: ...

More details

Group of 16 Native American Beaded Necklaces Belts and Sashes 20th c.

Lot 226

Group of sixteen beaded items, including eight sashes, two belts, five necklaces, and one button fob. Circa early to mid 20th century. Dimensions...

More details

2 Northern Plains Beaded Hoof Bags with Deer Bag Late 19th c.

Lot 227

Group of two Northern Plains hoof bags with beaded floral motif and one deer bag. Circa late 19th century. Dimensions: Smaller bag; height: 7 1/2 ...

More details

Group of 8 Pairs of Moccasins

Lot 239

Group of eight pairs of moccasins. Seven with beading; one with beading and fur; one with no embellishments. Dimensions: Heights range from 2 3/4...

More details

Group of 4 Pairs Beaded Children's Moccasins

Lot 240

Group of beaded children's moccasins, made up of three pairs of moccasins and one lone moccasin. Dimensions: Heights range from 1 /1/4 in to 2 1/...

More details

4 Pairs Beaded Children's Moccasins Santee Sioux Ojibwe Delaware

Lot 241

Four pairs of beaded children's moccasins. One pair of Santee Sioux tanned hide moccasins with parfleche soles and seed beads, circa late 19th cen...

More details

Kiowa Beaded Moccasins Sinew Sewn

Lot 244

One pair of Kiowa beaded moccasins, sinew sewn with tanned buffalo hide. Embellished with tin cones, beading, and heel fringes. Circa late 19th to...

More details

2 Pairs Late 19th c. Beaded Moccasins

Lot 246

Two pairs beaded moccasins. One with primarily red beading; one with green and blue beading. Circa late 19th century. Dimensions: Red pair; heigh...

More details

2 Pairs Late 19th c. Beaded Moccasins

Lot 247

Two pairs beaded moccasins. Smaller pair contains blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, and white beads. Larger pair is fringed and contains white, r...

More details

5 Pairs Early 20th c. Beaded Moccasins

Lot 250

Five pairs beaded moccasins. Two have floral and plant motifs; three have geometric motifs. Circa early 20th century. Dimensions: Heights range f...

More details

3 Pairs Native American Leggings Santee Sioux Cheyenne

Lot 251

Group of three pairs of Native American leggings. One pair of Santee Sioux brain-tanned hide leggings with beaded pockets and fringe reputedly use...

More details

Children's Beaded Dress and Leggings 20th c.

Lot 252

Children's dress and leggings made with tanned hide. Dress has beaded design on upper chest. Circa early to mid-20th century. Dimensions: Dress; ...

More details

Potawatomi Beaded Blouse Late 19th c.

Lot 254

Potawatomi beaded blouse, Kansas. Black fabric blouse with velvet yoke and cuffs beaded with flower motifs and three large silver buttons. Circa l...

More details

Kiowa Beaded and Sinew-sewn Doll

Lot 256

One Kiowa doll with a cloth body and hide and leather clothes. Finely beaded details, sinew sewn. Dimensions: Height: 13 in x width: 6 in x depth...

More details

2 Bolo Ties Attributed to Dan Simplicio

Lot 306

Group of two bolo ties. One Zuni silver and seafoam green turquoise bolo tie, attributed to Dan Simplicio, circa 1950s-1960s; and one silver bolo ...

More details

3 Zuni Inlay Bolo Ties Farrell Kallestewa

Lot 308

Group of three Zuni inlay bolo ties. One Farrell Kallestewa multi-stone channel inlay Hopi Bird bolo tie, circa 1980s; one multi-stone inlay bird ...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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