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A Langham glass paperweight and three others

Nine Hummel figures (all a/f) and a part coffee set

A Worcester style deskstand pink, rust and gilt, two pots with landscape (one pot missing), a Chamberlain Worcester green mug Worcester Cathedral,...

Five brass bullet cases, a metal notebook holder marked C.P. 1873 28/9 - 1933, a wooden board and an M.C.C. miniature cricket bat 1962 - 63

Various belt buckles

A cribbage board in the form of a gun stock

A cloisonné dragon dish and two soapstone pagodas

A pair of silver lustre owl jugs

A gilt resin figure lady

Six large crinoline ladies (two damaged)

A Dunhill lighter, pen, cufflink and tie pin set (i.c)

A pair of Victorian candlesticks with push-ups

A Shelley floral part teaset No.2512 another Shelley part teaset G12069 (slightly a/f) and a Heathcote china floral teaset

Some Wedgwood and other collectable plates

A vintage Roberts R200 radio in blue on swivel base

Three glass baskets and basket

A silk cover, hat, jewellery box and other boxes

A part oriental teaset

An African drum and a beaded circular hanging

Some china, cups et cetera

A white wash basin and jug

A ship's double block and a single block

A brass elephant stand and various eastern brass bowls

A group of Kalocsa china

Some shoe trees including Church's cedar trees

A large oriental jardinière decorated cockatoos amongst flowers seems to be restored line around middle and leaved not painted as we bit o...

Lot 45

An oil lamp

An oil lamp

A pair onyx bookends and clock

An eastern brass jardinière embossed animals

A Murano glass vase green and orange

A famille rose vase decorated birds on stand

A Murano glass vase pink

Two decanters, other glass and stoppers

A Black & Decker 'Jobber'

Some riding crops, rulers, stationery et cetera

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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