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Elmers Big Parade Auction in Support of St. Lukes Hospice, Plymouth

Plymouth Auction Rooms No VAT, Buyer's Premium or Internet Surcharge. Elephants main bodies measure approx 110cm high, 129cm long and 68cm wide. Live Webcast Auction 09 Oct 2019 19:00 BST

Sale Date(s)

Viewing Date(s)

  • 18:00 BST - 19:00 BST
  • Plymouth, Devon

Venue Address

  • Herd HQ Toys R Us
  • Western Approach
  • Flora Street
  • Plymouth
  • Devon
  • PL1 1TQ
  • United Kingdom

Auction Details

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There are 39 item(s) within this sale

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Results for live webcast and timed auctions may not have been verified by the auctioneer. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of the prices provided, please call the auction house to confirm.

'By the light of the Silvery Moon' by Sally Adams. Sponsored by PL1 Events

Lot 1

Inspired by elephants as carriers and Plymouth as a seafaring port, the artist combines these two themes and Elmer becomes the sea that carries bo...

More details

'Elmer in the Flowers' by Jane Foster. Sponsored by Plmouth Live/The Herald

Lot 2

As an illustrator of books for babies and pre-school children, all of Jane’s designs begin as simple black and white drawings. Strongly influenced...

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'Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers' by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Stagecoach South West

Lot 3

Clem and Crab is a timely tale of cleaning up and protecting our beaches, with the message that every small action helps. In the storybook, writte...

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'Magical Mysteryphant' by Anne-Marie Byrne. Sponsored by Plymouth Markets/Plymouth City Centre Comp.

Lot 4

This Beatles inspired piece is psychedelically bright, all flower power and fun, while calling out local interest. John and Paul enjoy the view fr...

More details

'Tropical Cave Painting' by Charlotte Leadly. Sponsored by St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Lot 5

Inspired by ancient cave paintings recently rediscovered in India, this design depicts the relationship between elephants and humans with bright c...

More details

'Sensory Elmer' by Paul Bird. Sponsored by St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Lot 6

This design was inspired by a sensory garden environment designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses and engaging one’s senses of sight, t...

More details

'An Elephant's Dream' by Arth Law. Sponsored by McClure Solicitors

Lot 7

This design was inspired by scientific research indicating that older elephants are severely sleep deprived. This is as a result of needing to be ...

More details

'Poppy's Garden' by Yvonne Coomber. Sponsored by Poppy's Family

Lot 8

This contemporary work is instantly recognisable. Sparkling and joyful, this piece sings of glittering wildflowers and tumbling hedgerows. Transpo...

More details

'The Patchwork Bus' by Traci Moss. Sponsored by Plymouth Citybus

Lot 10

The Patchwork Bus was created as a celebration of life, as the artist sees life as a journey, full of differing people, places and destinations, a...

More details

'Jungle Elmer' by Maria Burns. Sponsored by Curtis Whiteford Crocker

Lot 11

This design is bold, colourful and fun and was created with children in mind. The artist amused her own children with drawings of exotic animal ch...

More details

'True Colours' by Amrit Singh. Sponsored by Pride in Plymouth, supported by Stagecoach South West

Lot 12

This design is inspired by the artist’s own connection to the story of Elmer and how he stood out from the herd for being different. This story re...

More details

'Compass Rosie' by Anne-Marie Byrne. Sponsored by Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Lot 13

This piece is a celebration of Plymouth’s nautical history. The giant vintage compass rose on her back is inspired by the kind of compass rose dra...

More details

'Stampyford' by Steve Evans. Sponsored by Fort Stamford Health and Fitness

Lot 14

With styles influenced by Quentin Blake and comic strip artist Shultz, this design celebrates Plymouth’s unique and sweeping views. One side depic...

More details

'Patch' by Caroline Coates. Sponsored by Tamar Fresh

Lot 15

This diverse patchwork design references Elmer’s ethos; rich textiles and textures envelope the viewer in a comforting quilt of colour. Several pa...

More details

'Francis Drake' by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Willmott Dixon

Lot 16

Inspired by famous Plymothian sea captain, naval officer and explorer Sir Francis Drake, this character is dressed in Elizabethan attire. 'Mammoth...

More details

'Patchwork by David McKee' by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Nash & Co

Lot 17

This design is of classic Elmer, our homegrown hero of diversity, inclusion and fun. The original concept for this character was born in Devon whe...

More details

'Meadow of Dreams' by Rachel Blackwell. Sponsored by Aquamare Marine

Lot 18

This whimsical, dreamy piece comes from the enchanted realm of imagination and is inspired by the landscapes of Britain. Conjuring an enchanted re...

More details

'Zou' by Jess Perrin. Sponsored by Foot Anstey

Lot 19

This stylish Asian-inspired design represents intricate Japanese cloisonné and enamelware. With carp representing good luck and good fortune this ...

More details

'Finding Elmer' by Jon Lilly. Sponsored by Mi-Space Construction

Lot 20

Inspired by the artist’s series of murals at Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium, this Elmer draws on the colours, shapes and sea-life found withi...

More details

'Ellie-mentary' by Mik Richardson. Sponsored by Wolferstans Solicitors

Lot 21

Based on Arthur Conon Doyle’s famous detective, this character piece is full of fun and detail. Well turned out in tweed and his signature Deersta...

More details

'Sun Bright Day, Star Light Night' by Kate Andrews. Sponsored by Coop Funeralcare

Lot 22

Evoking happiness, positive thoughts and bursting with nature, a whimsical hare gazes at the moon and a sky full of stars. This design sends the m...

More details

'The Symphony of the Spirits' by Andy Nash. Sponsored by GMI

Lot 23

Rich in metaphor, this highly intricate design represents duality; heat and cold, good and evil, fragility and strength, the ethereal and the tang...

More details

'Elmer the Henna-phant' by Katie Hodgetts. Sponsored by Michael Spiers Jewellers

Lot 24

This bejewelled elephant is a gem of a piece and sparkles and shines with luxurious decoration. Dating back to ancient India, henna decoration is ...

More details

'Snorkelly' by Megan Heather Evans. Sponsored by Radio Plymouth

Lot 25

Reflecting our coastal location, this aquatic elephant is decorated with colourful coral reefs and sea life. Using bright colours and a sprinkling...

More details

'Sit Among the Flowers' by Sally Adams. Sponsored by Bishop Fleming

Lot 26

The idea for ‘Sit Among the Flowers’ evolved from the artist’s consideration about the St. Luke’s Elmer auction.  The artist considered that peopl...

More details

'Umbrelliephant' by Jenny Leonard. Sponsored by One Less Worry Payroll Services

Lot 27

This snappy dresser looks set for business, but his muted suit is topped by a bright and joyful umbrella, reminding us that in every life a little...

More details

'The Beauty of Transience' by Colin Pethick. Sponsored by YGS Landscapes

Lot 28

This incredibly moving piece was inspired by the artist’s late wife, Zheng Fu, who enjoyed the beauty of transience in nature. Featuring cherry an...

More details

'Gathering of Animals' by Jack Viant. Sponsored by The Dock

Lot 29

These riotous characters are causing chaos across this elephant canvas. Influenced by nostalgic cartoons and childhood toys, geometric shapes and ...

More details

'Happy Hippie Heffalump' by Betti Moretti. Sponsored by Murray Volkwagen

Lot 30

This design depicts a peace-loving soul and is inspired by the 1960’s peace movement and the 50th anniversary of Woodstock Festival. This Elmer re...

More details

'Stargazing Tales' by Jose Kenyon. Sponsered by St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Lot 31

Inspired by the constellations, this piece is an astronomical map of a Devon night sky during the summer. There is also a small camp fire glowing ...

More details

'Elmer Comes to Plymouth' by Brian Pollard. Sponsored by PFK Francis Clark

Lot 32

Painted by Plymouth’s very own Brian Pollard, his naïve seascapes and scenes of Devon and Cornwall are instantly recognisable, with hot air balloo...

More details

'1935' by Cecily Goff. Sponsored by St Luke's Hospice

Lot 33

This design took it title from Plymouth’s iconic Lido, which opened in 1935. Heavily influenced by Beryl Cook, the artist looked particularly at t...

More details

'Blooming Greenhouse' by Leah Hayler. Sponsored by St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Lot 34

This botanical hothouse is bursting with floral joy. The shape of the sculpture becomes the greenhouse structure and the glaze naturally reflects ...

More details

'Dartmoor Friends' by Naomi Batts. Sponsored by Tesco

Lot 35

This botanical hothouse is bursting with floral joy. The shape of the sculpture becomes the greenhouse structure and the glaze naturally reflects ...

More details

'Elmer's Jungle' by George Goodwin. Sponsored by Building Plymouth

Lot 36

Inspired by the artist’s work as an illustrator, this design looks heavily towards nature and how animals such as elephants live within these real...

More details

'Forget Me Not' by Betti Moretti. Sponsored by St Luke's Hospice

Lot 37

This design was inspired by the ethos behind St Luke’s Hospice and the compassionate care it provides to the community. Inviting viewers to stop a...

More details

'As If By Magic' by Mik Richardson. Sponsored by Elefriends

Lot 38

The children's classic animated cartoon Mr Benn was inspired by the shopfronts of Plymouth's historic Ebrington Street. Also created by David McKe...

More details

'Britain's Ocean City' by Dave Smith. Sponsored by Fairway Furniture

Lot 39

This design is based on Plymouth’s motto with a surreal, fantastical spin. As Plymouth is the home of Elmer’s Big Parade and of St Luke’s Hospice,...

More details

'Hipsta Saila' by Lee Jackson. Sponsored by Associated British Ports

Lot 40

Our funky character is a stylish and well-groomed charmer. Painted by a local street artist, his raw style reflects the hipster vibe of this piece...

More details
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