An early 20th century mantle clock by Philipp Haas & Sohne, the movement striking on a gong,

In Antique Furniture, Works of Art, Paintings, Si...

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Bedford, Bedfordshire
An early 20th century mantle clock by Philipp Haas & Sohne, the movement striking on a gong, within a mahogany and strung case with brass bracket feet, h. 28 cm


W&H Peacock Auctioneers & Valuers
An early 20th century mantle clock by Philipp Haas & Sohne, the movement striking on a gong, within a mahogany and strung case with brass bracket feet, h. 28 cm

Antique Furniture, Works of Art, Paintings, Silver, Ceramics, Glass, Collectors' Items, Books, Maps & Ephemera

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
Bedford Auction Centre
Eastcotts Park
Wallis Way
MK42 0PE
United Kingdom

General delivery information available from the auctioneer

The Auctioneers do not provide an in-house postage and packaging service.


For smaller items and international shipping we recommend JenTel Packing:

01268 776777 or sales@jentelpacking.co.uk.  

Purchasers are welcome to use their own couriers but they must give the auctioneers at least 24 hours’ notice prior to the collection.


For larger items, please contact the auctioneers on 01234 266366 and they can recommend local delivery drivers or national couriers.

Important Information



Auction Centre, Eastcotts Park, Wallis Way, Bedford, MK42 0PE

Please note this sale will be held live on the internet and attendance in person will not be allowed.



Due to the exceptional circumstances there will be no public viewing for this sale. All lots have been photographed and condition reports are available upon request.


Buyer Beware
All lots in this sale are ‘sold as seen’ with any imperfections, faults or losses. No warranties are given. Bidders are deemed to be satisfied with the condition of any lots on which they bid.


Condition Reports 
Condition reports received will be completed from Tuesday 26th May onwards.

We regret that we are unable to process requests for reports received after 1.00pm on the day preceding the sale.


Buyers Premium
Buyers Premium at 17.5% plus VAT will be added to the bid price of each lot except lots purchased via the-saleroom.com which will be charged at 22.5% plus VAT.  


Once the sale has finished, successful buyers will be emailed an invoice including details to make a bank transfer. Payment is strictly by bank transfer only and must be made no later than 5pm Monday following the sale.

Bank Name :                Metro Bank Plc

Account Name :           W&H Peacock

Sort code :                   23-05-80

 Account # :                   29033862 

Please quote both the auction number and your invoice number as reference. 

Following the sale, collection is strictly by appointment between 9am and 5pm on Monday 8th-Friday 12th June. To make an appointment, please call 01234 266366 and confirm:

I. The invoice number,
II. Your client reference and surname

Customers will not be allowed into the Auction Centre and must remain in their vehicles while their purchases are brought to them. Loading is your own responsibility.

Please ensure any couriers you use are aware of these rules. 


Mailing & Postage

All mailing is handled by Mail Boxes Etc. 
St Loyes House, 20 St. Loyes Street, 
Bedford MK40 1ZL 
tel: 01234 305 544


Online Registration
In completing the online bidder registration you:
I. Confirm that you have sufficient funds to complete any purchases,
II. Agree to abide by the auctioneer’s conditions of sale and terms and conditions,
III. Agree to make payment by the methods and timescales stated above.
IV. Understand that failure to make payment and to collect your purchases will lead to your accounts with the-saleroom.com and W&H Peacock being blocked, and that you will be liable for any expenses or losses incurred by the auctioneers.


Commission bids 
Purchasers may leave written instructions to bid with the auctioneers by email or telephone. Please note you must be registered in order to leave commission bids.


Client Registration
We register all buyers and sellers with a permanent client number that can be used to buy or sell at our sales. To register there is a £5 charge and we require proof of identity and address such as a photographic driver’s licence and a recent utility bill.


Artist Resale Right *ARR 2006
Certain picture lots in this sale may attract royalties under ‘Artist Resale Right’ legislation. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to whether or not a royalty payment applies to lots they are intending to buy. Where ARR royalties apply the buyer agrees to pay the auctioneer an amount equal to the resale royalty and we undertake to the buyer to pay this sum to the artist’s collection agent.

Please enquire for further information.


Auctioneer Information

W&H Peacock
Bedford Auction Centre
Eastcotts Park
Wallis Way
MK42 0PE
United Kingdom
Tel: 01234 266366 




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Terms & Conditions


Affecting purchasers and others attending the sale premises. 

1. Purchasers will be deemed:

a)  To have inspected their lots prior to the sale; and 

b) To have accepted that lots are sold with all faults and imperfections specifically mentioned or not irrespective of whether they bid in person, by commission, online or through an agent. 

2. All goods are second hand and sold without warranty unless otherwise stated in the sale catalogue or by the auctioneer from the rostrum.  Any implied warranty, condition or other term is excluded except where to do so would be unlawful.

3. The auctioneers undertake that care has been taken to see that catalogue descriptions are accurate and reliable however these are matters of opinion only and shall not be taken to be statements of fact.

 4. The auctioneers act as agents to the vendor and shall not incur liability to any purchaser for any statement, representation or warranty as to title, quality or otherwise of any lot made on behalf of and with the vendor’s authority.  Likewise the auctioneers shall incur no liability to a purchaser arising from any defect in goods sold save in the event of negligence on the part of the auctioneers or their employees.  Any liability therefore shall be a matter for dispute between purchaser and vendor only.

5. The auctioneers reserve on behalf of themselves and the vendors the following rights:

a)  To sell subject to a reserve price

b) To bid on behalf of a vendor and/or purchasers

c) To refuse any bid

d)    To rearrange, consolidate, divide, add or withdraw any lots or vary the order of the sale.

e) To exclude any person from the premises if there be good reason to do so.

6. The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and shall determine from time to time the appropriate increment needed to advance the bidding.

7. The person making the highest accepted bid shall be the purchaser as defined in these conditions. 

8. If a dispute arises as to any bidding then at the discretion of the auctioneer either:

a)  The lot to which the disputed bid relates shall immediately be offered again, or

b)  The auctioneer shall determine the dispute and his decision shall be final and binding on all parties

9. a)  At the fall of the hammer the purchaser is required to give their Client Registration Number. If they have bid on behalf of another person or company they should make this clear to the auctioneer at the time.  If they fail to do so then they will be held personally liable for the purchase under the terms of these conditions.

b)  If, and as required by the auctioneer at the fall of the hammer, the purchaser shall pay to the auctioneer all or part of the purchase price plus VAT and buyers’ premium.

c)  Any such payment made at the fall of the hammer may be treated, at the auctioneers’ discretion, as a general deposit against all purchases, made by that purchaser on the day.

d)  All lots must be paid for in cash, or in other manner acceptable to the auctioneers, on the day of sale and before delivery is given.

e)  Failure by the purchaser to comply with sub clause a) and b) shall entitle the auctioneer to cancel the sale and, at his discretion, to immediately re-offer the lot in question for sale by auction.

10. No transfer of lots or sub-sale by any purchaser is recognised by the auctioneers.  Purchasers shall remain liable under these conditions in respect of their own purchase under the hammer.

11. Private treaty sales shall be subject to these conditions of sale where applicable. 

12. All lots will be at the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the hammer.  Purchasers are therefore advised to check that they have adequate insurance cover.

13. Purchasers will not normally be permitted to remove goods until their payment has cleared through the bank.  Whether removal is permitted or not, ownership of goods will not be deemed to pass to the purchaser until their payment has cleared. 

14. All lots must be cleared from the sale premises at the purchaser’s expense by the time stipulated or agreed by the auctioneers.

15. a) If a purchaser fails to comply with any of the preceding conditions the auctioneers may cause the lot in respect of which the failure is made to be resold by public or private sale without warranty or reserve and without notice to the purchaser.

b) If upon resale a lower price is obtained for any lot than was obtained on the first sale, the difference in price together with all costs and charges attending the resale shall be a debt due from the purchaser in default at the first sale.

c)    Alternatively the auctioneers may, at their discretion, store the lot and recover reasonable charges for so doing from the purchaser.   

16. All Sales shall be deemed to have been made in England and the Parties to the Sale hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. English Law shall be the proper law of the Contract of Sale.

 August 2017,



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