AN EDWARDIAN DIAMOND BROOCH, set throughout with old cut diamonds of approx. 9.

In Auction of Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silverware

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Dublin 8
AN EDWARDIAN DIAMOND BROOCH, set throughout with old cut diamonds of approx. 9.60ct, with a round Essex glass centrepiece depicting a racehorse, mounted in silver topped 18ct gold.


O'Reilly's Auction Rooms 1948 Ltd
AN EDWARDIAN DIAMOND BROOCH, set throughout with old cut diamonds of approx. 9.60ct, with a round Essex glass centrepiece depicting a racehorse, mounted in silver topped 18ct gold.

Auction of Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silverware

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 001-547
Venue Address
126 Francis Street
Dublin 8
D08 E0C3

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We use tracked and insured post for lots up to €3,000 to Ireland & Great Britain. Most lots weigh under 500 grams and cost €12 to Ireland, €20 to Great Britain and you can add this to your payment. Full details below: 


Tracked & Insured Post

Ireland (ROI & NI)                                                                         

Up to 500 grams……….€12                        

0.50 kg – 1.95 kg …..…..€20                        

2 kg – 9.5 kg……………. €30                         

10 kg – 19 kg……………€40


Great Britain


Up to 500 grams €20                      

0.50 kg – 1.95 kg €30                      



Up to 500gms    €40

0.50kg-1.95kg    €40

2kg-9.5kg             €70

10kg-19kg            €80


FEDEX Courier

Great Britain                      

Up to 1 kilo………….….€90                              

Up to 5 kilo……………€160                              

Up to 10 kilo………….€230                  


NL, France & Germany

Up to 1 kilo………….….€100                             

Up to 5 kilo……………€170                            

Up to 10 kilo………….€250                              


US & Canada

Up to 1 kilo………….….€125                              

Up to 5 kilo……………€205                              

Up to 10 kilo………….€295                              

For heavier, fragile or more valuable lots you will have to arrange collection. For items over €3000 we recommend FedEx. Please phone us in advance of payment and let us know if you wish to use this option.

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All dimensions and estimated weights of gemstones have been determined without unsetting the stones and are, therefore, only approximate because of limitations imposed by the mount. The weights are normally calculated by applying standard formulae to the measurements taken. Calculated weight: This term is used when all three dimensions have been used
to calculate the weight. Estimated weight: This term is used when one or more of the dimensions could not be measured.
Diamond quality grade assessments, which are approximate, are based on comparison with known stones. The elements that comprise the grade can be estimated only, because of limitations imposed by the mount.
Gemmological descriptions are based on testing carried out by standard gemmological equipment without unsetting the stones. Whilst O'Reillys is reasonably satisfied that all such descriptions are correct, no responsibility can be assumed if subsequent unsetting and testing disproves these opinions.
Any article which incorporates pearls has been valued according to the opinion expressed, i.e. cultured, natural. Unless otherwise stated, none have been subjected to testing by Xray to confirm this opinion.

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