A Royal Doulton African series Charger 'Lioness'

In Antique & Country Furniture, Objets D'art & Co...

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Hereford , Herefordshire
A Royal Doulton African series Charger 'Lioness'
A Royal Doulton African series Charger 'Lioness'

Antique & Country Furniture, Objets D'art & Collectables

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The New Salerooms
United Kingdom

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Please Note: Two auctioneers will be operating simultaneously. Outside Effects and Miscellaneous 9.30am. Antique Misc China Glass etc 10.00am

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2. The Auctioneer has absolute discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots or to withdraw any lot or lots
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11. Buyer’s Premium at the rate of 15% plus V.A.T. (totalling 18%) will be added to the hammer price of all lots
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