A Cabinet of Curiosities: including an Important Natural History Collection

A live auction of a Cabinet of Curiosities.

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A Cabinet of Curiosities: including an Important Natural History Collection

A live auction of a Cabinet of Curiosities.

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GERMAN REVERSE PAINTED MIRROR, wheel-engraved and decorated with an image the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, in gilt-wood frame, 54cm x 46.5cm overal...

GERMAN REVERSE PAINTED MIRROR, wheel-engraved and decorated with a portrait of lady in Renaissance dress within a floral wreath border, in gilt fr...

EARLY 20TH CENTURY PORCUPINE QUILL BOX, with bone inlay, the hinged cover with mirror to underside, 33cm wide Additional images available, pleas...

'DEAF AND DUMB MISSION' MAHOGANY LEAFLET RACK, with further painted inscription 'PLEASE TAKE ONE...', with dividers over two frieze drawers, 41.3c...

PAIR OF MEXICAN SILVERED IRON & BRASS SPURS, with engraved decoration, the rowels 12cm diameter, 22cm wide overall

LARGE 'APENTA APERIENT WATER' GREEN GLASS BOTTLE, circa 1900-40, bearing paper label inscribed 'As a safe, ordinary, and gentle aperient. For habi...

LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY IRON POLE TRAP, by H. Lane, 30cm wide, along with two gin traps and a butchers hook (4)

LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY TAXIDERMY ARMADILLO BASKET, the silk lined interior with draw-string, 24cm wide

LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY TAXIDERMY TORTOISE, with brass ashtray insert, 15cm wide

TAXIDERMY CAIMAN CROCODILE, 122cm long Both front leg joints have split and are only attached by small sections of the skin, will require profes...

20TH CENTURY RESIN TEACHING MODEL OF A HUMAN SKELETON, articulated and suspended upright from stand, 87cm high

SET OF LOCK PICK'S TOOLS, circa 19th century, comprising nine tools and two small boxes, all attached to a hoop suspension, with engraved decorati...

MINIATURE BRONZE SCULPTURE OF A MOUSE, 2.8cm high, along with a miniature bronze otter and a robin (3) Appear well cared for, no discernible bre...

COLD PAINTED BRONZE AND ONYX ASHTRAY, surmounted with two pheasants, 11.5cm diameter

TAXIDERMY IMPALA BUST, Aepyceros melampus , 80cm long

TAXIDERMY GAZELLE BUST, Gazella gazella, 62cm long

TAXIDERMY GAZELLE BUST, Gazella gazella, 62cm long Slight 'tufts' to snout mid-section, left ear with 3cm split from top, right ear 1.5cm spli...

TAXIDERMY RED GROUSE, Lagopus lagopus , mounted on wooden base, 25cm high

TAXIDERMY RED GROUSE, Lagopus lagopus , mounted on wooden base, 35cm long

TAXIDERMY OSTRICH DISPLAY, Struthio camelus , comprising two adults, two chicks in eggs and two further eggs, all presented in a basket, 40cm hig...

TAXIDERMY GREY SQUIRREL, Sciurus carolinensis , mounted with acorn on branch section, 23cm long

TAXIDERMY DEER'S HOOF, mounted on wooden plaque base

LARGE PAIR OF TAXIDERMY TEXAS LONGHORN CATTLE HORNS, mounted on a wooden wall plaque, 106.5cm wide

BRONZE 'DEVIL UNDER A SHEET' CARD TRAY, by Humphries, Jackson & Ambler Ltd. of Manchester, stamped mark to underside, 15cm x 9cm

THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES,a folio of finely hand coloured geological maps (no. 2 missing), engraved at the Ordnance Survey office...

POLISHED STEEL AND BRASS FIRE HOSE NOZZLE, 'The London Nozzle', early 20th century, no. 9018, 42cm long

TAXIDERMY FALLOW DEER HEAD, on heart shaped mount, 53cm from horn to horn

COLLECTION OF MINERAL SPECIMENS, including two possible silver/gold ore matrixes, rock quartz and other examples

LATE 19TH CENTURY MAHOGANY APOTHECARY CHEST, the hinged cover enclosing a silk lined interior fitted with eighteen glass bottles, these with handw...


EARLY 20TH CENTURY TORTOISE TAXIDERMY ASHTRAY, with metal insert, 12.5cm wide

VICTORIAN TAXIDERMY KINGFISHER DISPLAY, modelled with two birds on a branch, on laquered base under a glass dome, 41cm high Usual fritting and n...

19TH CENTURY BRASS BOUND MAHOGANY WRITING SLOPE, the hinged cover with central cartouche inscribed 'Mr James Todd', opening to reveal an interior ...

STUDDED LEATHER METAMORPHIC LIBRARY POLE LADDER, with single hook catch opening to reveal six steps, 205cm high open; 230cm closed One of the su...

EARLY 20TH CENTURY CAMEO CONCH SHELL TABLE LAMP, decorated with the Three Graces on a turned base, 16.3cm high

TAXIDERMY OF A STOAT, modelled on a branch, 36cm wide

TAXIDERMY OF A WEASEL, on a plinth base, 26cm wide

TAXIDERMY FIGURE OF A DUCK, on plinth base, 30cm high

TAXIDERMY OF A PEACOCK PHEASANT, modelled on a tree section, 48cm long

PAIR OF TAXIDERMY HAWKSBILL TURTLES, circa early to mid-20th century, 50cm and 53cm long respectively; sold with CITES Certificates

LATE 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL CARVED MOTHER-OF-PEARL SHELL, depicting a girl catching shellfish by the sea, signed indistinctly, 20.5cm high

TAXIDERMY DISPLAY, mounted with grasshopper, scorpion, and a further insect in glazed case, 23.5cm x 25cm overall

RARE NEST OF SIX FOSSILISED HADROSAUR EGGS,late Cretaceous period (100-66 MYA), 45cm x 28cm overall*Please see condition reportOne egg which had p...

LARGE FOSSILISED GONIATITE AND ORTHOCERAS FORMATION, Devonian Period, displaying nine goniatites and an orthoceras in matrix, 60cm high, 77cm wide...

FOSSILISED MOSASAUR PARTIAL JAW, later arranged as currently presented on composite rock, overall 25cm x 19cm

FOSSILISED MESOSAUR BRASILIENSIS SKELETON, Permian period, 30.3cm x 36.7cm overall The slab is not backed onto a board but is 'loose'; it is st...

FOSSILISED KEICHOUSAUR SKELETON, Triassic period, China, the skeleton 19cm long, framed and under glass

SMALL FOSSILISED ICHTHYOSAUR SKELETON, Jurassic period, 56cm x 43cm overall Additional images available with further to follow; this plaque has...

FOSSILISED OTODUS SHARK TOOTH DISPLAY MATRIX, Eocene period, sixteen full teeth and further fragments, 36cm x 50cm overall, with perspex stand

FINELY PREPARED EPARIETITES AMMONITE SPECIMEN, Jurassic Period, on matrix, likely Frodingham Ironstone Quarries, Scunthorpe, 23cm high

FOSSILISED CRINOID PLATE, Scyphocrinus elegans crinoid, Devonian Period (400 million years BP), six specimens in matrix, 48cm x 37cm overall

FOSSILISED CRINOID PLATE, Scyphocrinus elegans crinoid, Devonian Period (400 million years BP), multiple specimens in matrix, 63cm x 92cm overall

RARE FOSSILISED QUADRUPLE SEA LILY CRINOID, Seirocrinus subangularis, Jurassic period, set in dark stone matrix, Holzmaden, Germany, 90.5cm x 60...

LARGE POLISHED MALACHITE SPECIMEN, Congo, 55cm wide Additional images now available. This specimen isn't secured to a base and is offered as the...

LARGE POLISHED MALACHITE SPECIMEN, Congo, including other minerals within the matrix, 45cm wide

LARGE & IMPRESSIVE FLUORITE SPECIMEN, mined in Fraser's Hush, Weardale, County Durham, 35cm high, 85cm wide

FLUORITE SPECIMEN, presented in geometric matrix, mined at Black Dean, Weardale, County Durham, 35cm wide

BLUE JOHN (RADIX AMETHYSTI) SPECIMEN,Derbyshire Fluorspar, unpolished, 30cm wideApprox. 15kgAdditional images now available.

AMETHYST 'VUG' GEODE, 44cm high Upper section has unfortunately been broken and reglued, there is a missing section, fissures / hairlines around...