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TIMED SALE Great Britain, World and Commonwealth Stamps, and Postal history and Coins and Autographs

Martello Philatelic Auctions Members of the PTS (Philatelic Traders Society) so you can bid in confidence. Timed Online Auction Ended 10 Jun 2020 17:38 BST

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  • Ended 10 Jun 2020 17:38 BST
Kent, Kent

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  • Marine Walk Street
  • Hythe
  • Kent
  • Kent
  • CT21 5NW
  • United Kingdom

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STAMP COLLECTION : CARIBBEAN, stockpage with various mint & U/M issues incl. Fiji 1935 Jubilee set, Turks & Caicos 1960 £1 in vertical pair U/M, M...

STAMPS COLLECTION: AFRICA, two stock pages with various mint issues incl Nigeria 1961 £1, Ghana, South Africa etc.

DUTY STAMP : 1785 3d Blue 1/4d Glove Duty Stamp, fine example of this rare revenue stamp.

COINS : 1889 Great Britain silver crown, 1892 Shilling and 1933 sixpence (3)

COINS : 1980 Queen Mother SILVER crown 28.276g, scarce in silver

COINS : 1981 Charles and Diana SILVER crown in special display case with paperwork 28.28g

STAMPS POSTAL HISTORY : HONG KONG, three airmail envelopes, complete with correspondence, all addressed to Major L E B Dowling, Hong Kong. Sent v...

AUTOGRAPHS : 1966 World Cup Winners first day cover sign by Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, Jack Charlton, George Cohen, Roger Hunt, Geoff Hurst, Martin ...

AUTOGRAPHS : EUSEBIO signed 1966 World Cup first day cover, officially signed in black

AUTOGRAPHS : PRISCILLA PRESLEY signed USA first day cover , Women of America

STAMPS : GREAT BRITAIN BOOKLETS: Three albums of decimal folded booklets, including some of the better ones Total face stated to be £634. Noted to...

STAMPS : GREAT BRITAIN : OFFICIALS used selection of EDVII and QV on album page GOVT PARCELS Cat £4700+

STAMPS : GREAT BRITAIN : QV used selection on stock card, including Penny Reds with CDS/Town cancels, 5/- SG 180, pair of 4d Grey Brown etc

STAMPS POSTAL HISTORY : LIGHTHOUSE, superb hand painted envelope addressed to Mr Gold, Christmas Eve 1906, greeting card enclosed.

STAMPS : 1830's Front page from Royal Cameo Scrap Book of Embossed Heads, portrait of Lord Grey, Scarce

STAMPS : PENNY BLACK COVER : Plate 1b large part wrapper with four margin Black tied by experimental black MX. Fenchurch St straight line handstam...

STAMPS POSTAL HISTORY : 1843 Imperf Penny Red plate 20 with TOP MARGIN INSCR, used on wrapper from Bannagher Ireland to London , stunning item

STAMPS : POSTAL HISTORY : 1856 Penny Star on printed letter sheet Exeter and Exmouth Railway.

STAMPS : POSTAL HISTORY : 1862 Registered franked envelope with three 2d blues and 1d, Dublin to London 29th January 1862.

STAMPS : POSTAL HISTORY : 1870 6d Mauve Plate 9 used on wrapper from London to Italy, dated 3rd March 1871, SG 109

STAMPS : POSTAL HISTORY : 1907 registered envelope from Wellingore to Birmingham, franked with 2 part St Andrews X booklet panes, very unusual usa...

STAMPS : GREAT BRITAIN PENNY BLACK Plate 5 lettered RB , just four margin (close at lower left) cancelled by PLYMOUTH MX Cat £2000

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1841 1d Red Brown Plate 30 lettered (AD), variety showing "Double D" Ooo Martron ! sorry lockdown is kicking in ! SG 8

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1841 1d Red Brown, fine four margin example cancelled by No 2 in MX

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1841 1d Red Plate 8 lettered (EB), very fine four margins SG 7

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1841 2d Blue lettered (II) fine four margin example cancelled by scarce No 2 in MX SG 14f

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1847 1/- Pale Green Embossed, very fine four margin example, SG 54

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1854 2d Blue Plate 4 (re-joined pair), cancelled by Green Dublin postmark, SG 19 (heavy hinge on reverse used to re-join th...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1857 1d Red Plate 27 lettered (DF), Very fine used example cancelled by London CDS, SG 40 Spec C10

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1870 1/2d Red PLATE 9, lightly mounted mint example of the scarce plate number, SG 48

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1867 1-/- IMPERF plate 4, over printed SPECIMEN type 6 SG Spec J104s Cat £500

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1867 2/- COBALT, fine used example of this scarce shade SG 120a Cat £3000

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1867 2/- Deep Blue, fine used example lettered MA, SG 119

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1867 5/- Rose Plate 1, superb used example cancelled by Little Tower CDS. SG 126

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1872 1/- Green Plate 5, SOCK EXCHANGE FORGERY, fine used on small piece, SG 117 var, stamps do not have watermarks.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1873 6d Grey, superb used example with upright London CDS, SG 125

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1874 5/- Pale Rose, Plate 2, fine used, but a couple of short perfs, SG 127.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1874 5/- Rose, Plate 4, white paper, good/fine used, SG 134.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1876 8d Orange plate 1 CL, mounted mint example over-printed SPECIMEN type 9 SG 156 Spec J91As

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1878 £1 Brown Lilac (lettered CB), very fine used, cancelled by Glasgow CDS, SG 129

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1880 2/- Brown (lettered SD), fine used with London District numeral, charicturistic wing margin for this lettering SG 121 ...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1883 4d Dull Green, superb used example with Chelmsford CDS, SG 192

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1883 9d Dull Green, very fine used example of this scarce stamp SG 195

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1883-84 5/- Rose & 10/- Ultramarine, good/fine used, SG 180 & 181

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 1 1/2d Lilac lettered CI, very fine mounted mint SG 188

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 1/- Dull Green lettered AE, lightly mounted mint SG 196 Cat £1600

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 1/2d Slate Blue, Imprimatur from plate 7 SG 187

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 2/6 lilac GD, very fine used with CDS cancel SG 178

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 5/- Crimson Deep Shade (lettered DH), very fine used example, Southport CDS, SG 181

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1884 5/- Rose, very fine unmounted mint, SG 180

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1887 1/- Green plus 6d Purple/Rose Red neatly used on piece, SG 211 and 208

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1888 £1 Brown-Lilac, Wmk three Orbs, fine used with Registered oval datestamp. Has a tiny 2mm repaired nick in top left cor...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1890 10d Dull Purple and Deep Bright Carmine, superb used pair SG 210a with 1977 RPS Cert

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1891 £1 Green lettered DC, very fine used, deep colour, SG 212

STAMPS GREAT BRITAIN : 1883 Lilac and Green 1/2d, 6d (2), 5d mint examples overprinted SPECIMEN, Cat £680

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1902 1d Scarlet, lightly mounted mint Control C Single, with variety "Dot o left of P" SG 219

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1902 4d Green and Grey Brown, superb unmounted mint SG 235

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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