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Design & Modern British and Post-War Art

Mallams Ltd. - Oxford Studio Ceramics, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Modernism, Jewellery, Silver, Paintings, Prints, Books & Sculpture Live Webcast Auction 23 May 2019 11:00 BST (2 day sale)

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Phil Rogers (b.1951) Bottle vase ash and tenmoku glazes, squared sides 17.5cm high, 17cm across. ...[more]

John Leach (b.1939) at Muchelney Pottery Bottle vase, 2004 tenmoku with wax resist decoration impressed potter's seal and date 16cm high. ...[mor...

Phil Rogers (b.1951) Bottle vase squared sides, chequerboard pattern with incised motifs impressed potter's seal 19cm high, 12cm across. ...[more]

Jim Malone (b.1946) Footed bowl ochre glaze, cut sides impressed potter's and pottery seals 9.5cm high, 13cm diameter. Provenance: The Nick Rocke ...

Eddie Hopkins (1941-2007) at Winchcombe Pottery Vase dark blue glaze impressed potter's and pottery seals 32.7cm high. ...[more]

Michael Leach (1913-1985) at Yelland Pottery Dish green and brown slip decoration impressed pottery seal 38.5cm across. ...[more]

Derek Emms (1929-2004) Three teapots porcelain, with green, blue and red brushwork impressed potter's seals tallest 10.5cm high (3). ...[more]

Michael Cardew (1901-1983) at Winchcombe Pottery Jar and cover slipware, decorated with fish, with four lug handles impressed potter's and potter...

Derek Emms (1929-2004) Two bowls porcelain, with celadon glazes and incised flower decoration impressed potter's seals 13cm and 14cm diameter (2)...

Nick Rees (b.1949) at Muchelney Pottery Vase wood fired impressed potter's and pottery seals 20.5cm high, together with a John Jelfs vase (2). ....

Joanna Constantinidis (1927-2000) Tea bowl impressed potter's seal 8.7cm high, 11.2cm diameter. Provenance: A private London collection. ...[m...

Colin Pearson (1923-2007) Platter, circa 1960s stoneware, with running glazes impressed potter's seal 42cm x 35cm. Provenance: A private London co...

Colin Pearson (1923-2007) Ladle, circa 1960s stoneware, impressed potter's seal 22cm long. Provenance: A private London collection. ...[more]

Michael Cardew (1901-1983) at Wenford Bridge Chalice cup brushwork decoration impressed potter's and pottery seals 13cm high. ...[more]

Michael Cardew (1901-1983) at Abuja Pottery Coffee pot running ash glaze impressed potter's and pottery seals 18cm high. ...[more]

Bernard Leach (1887-1979) at Leach Pottery Bowl celadon glaze, incised motifs impressed potter's and pottery seals 7cm high, 16cm diameter. Proven...

Ray Finch (1914-2012) at Winchcombe Pottery Bowl tenmoku glaze impressed pottery seal 13.5cm high, 25cm diameter. Provenance: The Peter Dingley Ga...

Style of Bernard Leach (1887-1979) Vase stoneware, brushwork decoration 22cm high, together with a vase with red glaze, impressed 'CG' (2). ...[m...

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