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§ MARION DRUMMOND (SCOTTISH B.1958) WINTER GLORY Signed, oil on canvasboard (51cm x 51cm (20in x 20in))

§ JEANETTE LASSEN (SCOTTISH 1924-2008) STILL LIFE WITH BIRDS Signed and dated 1980, oil on board (34.5cm x 34.5cm (13.5in x 13.5in))

§ JOHN MILLER R.S.A., R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1893-1975) STILL LIFE, BLUE Signed, oil on canvasboard (43cm x 33cm (17in x 13in))

§ PERPETUA M. POPE (SCOTTISH 1916-2013) EOLIBARRY BARRA II Signed, pastel (14.5cm x 21cm (5.75in x 8.25in)) Footnote: Exhibited: The Macaulay Ga...

§ PERPETUA M. POPE (SCOTTISH 1916-2013) SUMMER FIELD Signed, oil on canvas (44.5cm x 60cm (17.5in x 23.25in))

§ PERPETUA M. POPE (SCOTTISH 1916-2013) BARRA Signed, oil on canvasboard (17cm x 24cm (6.75in x 9.5in))

§ KATHARINE CAMERON R.S.W., R.E. (SCOTTISH 1874-1965) SUNSET, MORVEN Signed, watercolour (15.5cm x 24cm (6.25in x 9.5in)) Footnote: Provenance: ...

§ JAMES COWIE R.S.A., L.L.D (SCOTTISH 1886-1956) ON THE BRIDGE Pencil and watercolour (20cm x 28cm (8in x 11in)) Footnote: Note: Authenticated b...

§ KATHARINE CAMERON R.S.W., R.E. (SCOTTISH 1874-1965) THE ISLES OF THE SEA Signed, watercolour (15.5cm x 28.5cm (6in x 11.25in)) Footnote: Prove...

ROBERT GREENLEES (SCOTTISH 1820-1894) OCEAN SUNRISE Bears signature, oil on canvas (38cm x 58.5cm (15in x 23in))

§ SHONA BARR (SCOTTISH B.1965) WEST COAST BEACH Signed, watercolour (55cm x 75cm (20.75in x 29.5in))

JOSEPH MORRIS HENDERSON R.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1864-1936) THE MAIDENS BAY, AYRSHIRE Signed, oil on canvas (44.5cm x 67.5cm (17.25in x 26.5in))

JAMES WRIGHT R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1885-1947) OFF THE BEATEN PATH Signed, oil on canvasboard (53.5cm x 72.5cm (21in x 28.5in))

§ ALEXANDER GOUDIE (SCOTTISH 1933-2004) AROUND THE BEND Signed, oil on canvas (48.5cm x 59cm (19in x 23.25in))

§ ALEXANDER GOUDIE (SCOTTISH 1933-2004) A VIEW ACROSS THE FIELDS Signed, oil on canvas (50.5cm x 75.5cm (19.75in x 29.75in))

JOSEPH MILNE (SCOTTISH 1857-1911) A VILLAGE SCENE Signed, oil on canvas (34cm x 24cm (13.25in x 9.5in))

JOHN PATRICK DOWNIE R.S.W (SCOTTISH 1871-1945) HOME BY THE DUNES Signed, oil on canvas (55cm x 75cm (21.75in x 29.5in))

JOHANNES KAREL LEURS (DUTCH 1865-1938) TREES BY THE ROAD Oil on canvas (61cm x 46cm (24in x 18in))

EUGEN DEKKERT (SCOTTISH 1899-1940) LAUNDRY DAY Signed, oil on canvas laid to board (40.5cm x 35.5cm (16in x 14in))

HERMAN FREDERICK CAREL TEN KATE (DUTCH 1822-1891) RENT DAY Signed and dated '64, watercolour and a companion by the same hand (2) (28cm x 46cm (1...

FOLLOWER OF THOMAS WEBSTER ASLEEP IN THE CLASSROOM Oil on board (33cm x 24.5cm (13in x 9.75in))

BRITISH SCHOOL ITALIAN FAMILY ON A COUNTRY ROAD Oil on canvas (91cm x 71cm (36in x 28in))

AFTER CARLO DOLCI (ITALIAN 1616-1686) MADONNA AND CHILD Oil on canvas (73.5cm x 73.5cm (29in x 29in))

19TH CENTURY FRENCH SCHOOL THE SIREN'S CALL Oil on canvas (101cm x 61cm (40in x 24in))

CHARLES SIMS R.A. (BRITISH 1873-1928) THE SKEIN Signed, mixed media (47cm x 29.5cm (18.5in x 11.5in))

§ DAMIAN CALLAN (SCOTTISH B.1960) BEACH DRAWING I Signed and dated 2000, signed, inscribed and dated verso, charcoal (16cm x 23.5cm (6.25in x 9.2...

§ CECILE WALTON (SCOTTISH 1891-1956) MAKE A WISH Mixed media on buff paper, and two unframed illustrated cards, one by Walton and the other by Flo...

HUGH MUNRO (SCOTTISH 1873-1928) DISTANT SHORE Signed, oil on board (36cm x 54cm (14.25in x 21.25in))

§ ALEXANDER GRAHAM MUNRO R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1903-1985) BOATS IN HARBOUR Oil on canvasboard (61cm x 74.5cm (24in x 29.25in))

DAVID FULTON R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1848-1930) BEACH SCENE Signed, watercolour (29cm x 44cm (11.5in x 17.25in))

§ IRENE LESLIE MAIN (SCOTTISH B.1959) CORNFIELD Signed and dated 1986, mixed media (9cm x 33cm (11.5in x 13in)) Footnote: Provenance: Main Fine ...

§ IRENE LESLIE MAIN (SCOTTISH B.1959) CELLIST Signed and dated 1987, mixed media (36cm x 30.5cm (14.25in x 12in)) Footnote: Provenance: Main Fin...

§ IRENE LESLIE MAIN (SCOTTISH B.1959) GERBERA Signed and dated 1988, mixed media (35.5cm x 30.5cm (14in x 12in)) Footnote: Exhibited: Main Fine ...

§ VIOLA PATERSON (SCOTTISH 1899 – 1981) SOUTH OF FRANCE Studio stamp verso, pastel on buff paper (30.5cm x 47cm (12in x 18.5in)) Footnote: Prove...

DAVID GAULD R.S.A (SCOTTISH 1865-1936) FARM BUILDINGS BY A RIVER, FRANCE Signed, oil on canvas (46cm x 55cm (18in x 21.75in))

§ WILLIAM WILSON O.B.E., R.S.A., R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1905-1972) OLIVE TREES IN PROVENCE Signed and dated 1952, watercolour and pencil (43cm x 54cm (...

§ VICTORIA CROWE O.B.E., F.R.S.E., R.S.A. (SCOTTISH B.1945) VIEW FROM CARLOPS HILL Signed and dated '81, signed, inscribed with title and dated la...

§ ERNEST ARCHIBALD TAYLOR (SCOTTISH 1874-1951) COTTAGES Signed, charcoal and watercolour (15cm x 17.5cm (6in x 7in))

§ ADAM BRUCE THOMSON O.B.E., R.S.A., P.P.R.S.W., H.R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1885-1976) PLOCKTON AND LOCH Signed, watercolour (37.5cm x 53.5cm (14.75in x ...

§ ANN ORAM R.S.W. (SCOTTISH B.1956) SPANISH HILL VILLAGE Signed and dated '88, oil on paper (54cm x 71cm (21.25in x 28in))

§ ANN ORAM R.S.W. (SCOTTISH B.1956) GARDEN FLOWERS WITH FRUIT Signed and dated '99, gouache and watercolour (98cm x 64cm (38.5in x 25.25in))

§ ANN ORAM R.S.W. (SCOTTISH B.1956) ARCHWAYS, VENICE Signed and dated 2003, mixed media on paper (29cm x 39cm (11.5in x 13.5in))

§ WILLIAM CROSBIE R.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1915-1999) DREAM SEQUENCE Signed and dated ‘38, pencil, ink and watercolour (21cm x 27cm (8.25in x 10.5in)) F...

§ WILLIAM CROSBIE R.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1915-1999) TREES Signed and dated '44, watercolour (38cm x 53.5cm (15in x 23in))

§ PAUL FURNEAUX (SCOTTISH B.1962) TOWARDS THE CAFE, ST IVES Signed, mixed media (28cm x 39cm (11in x 15.5in))

§ BRENDA LENAGHAN R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1941-2020) STILL LIFE WITH IRISES Signed, oil on board (59cm x 59cm (23in x 23in))

§ ANN ORAM R.S.W. (SCOTTISH B.1956) BRIGNOGAN-PLAGE, BRITTANY Signed, mixed media (48cm x 61.5cm (19in x 24.25in))

§ BRENDA LENAGHAN R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1941-2020) LARGE POPPIES Signed, oil on board (90cm x 90cm (35.5in x 35.5in)) Footnote: Exhibited: Calton Gal...

J.A. HENDERSON TARBET (SCOTTISH C.1865-1937) CRAMOND FERRY Signed, oil on board (39cm x 49cm (15.25in x 19.25in))

§ JOHN C. GRAY (SCOTTISH 1880-1951) THE TIDE POOL Bears signature, oil on canvas (24cm x 34cm (9.5in x 13.5in))

ANDREW HISLOP (BRITISH FL.1880-1903) LOOKING OVER TO MILLPORT FROM PORTENCROSS Signed, oil on canvas (34cm x 52cm (13.5in x 20.5in))

§ PAUL REID (SCOTTISH B.1975) RANNOCH MOOR Signed, watercolour (17.5cm x 30cm (6.75in x 11.75in)) Footnote: Exhibited: The Scottish Gallery, Pau...

SIR JAMES LAWSON WINGATE R.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1846-1924) GREY SKIES Signed, oil on canvas (29.5cm x 39.5cm (11.5in x 15.5in))

CHARLES NICHOLLS WOOLNOTH R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1815-1906) STIRLING CASTLE Signed and inscribed, watercolour and bodycolour (48.5cm x 84cm (19in x 33i...

ALEXANDER BALLINGALL (SCOTTISH 1870-1910) MENDING THE BOAT Signed, watercolour (34.5cm x 52cm (13.5in x 20.5in))

EUGEN DEKKERT (SCOTTISH 1899-1940) LOWER LARGO Signed, oil on canvas (50cm x 60cm (19.75in x 23.5in))

JULES LESSORE (FRENCH 1849-1892) FRENCH HARBOUR Signed, watercolour (25cm x 35cm (9.75in x 13.75in))

JOHAN HENDRIK VAN MASTENBROEK, AFTER A DUTCH CANAL-SIDE TOWN Bears signature, oil on canvas (38cm x 79cm (15in x 31in))

20TH CENTURY BRITISH SCHOOL SS QUEEN Oil on board (43cm x 58.5cm (17in x 23in))

WILLIAM GLOVER (SCOTTISH 1848–1916) THE CLYDE Signed and dated '67, signed and inscribed with title label verso, oil on board (22cm x 52cm (8.75i...

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