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Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

Kodner Galleries Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles Live Webcast Auction 17 Jul 2019 18:00 EDT (23:00 BST)

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Dania Beach, Florida

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  • 45 South Federal Highway
  • Dania Beach
  • Florida
  • 33004
  • United States

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Jean Dufy, French (1888–1964)

Lot 82

Jean Dufy, French (1888–1964) Oil on Canvas, Moulin Rouge. Signed lower center and signed to verso. Measures 9-3/8" H, 13-3/4" W; frame measures 1...

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Jonathan Stein Mixed Media Cake

Lot 83

Jonathan Stein, American (20th Century) Mixed Media Pop Art Polychrome Cake, Portrait of Lindsay Lohan, Unmarked. Laid on board for support. Measu...

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Michael Argov (1920 - 1982) O/C

Lot 84

Attributed to: Michael Argov, Israeli (1920 - 1982) Oil on Canvas, Still Life, Signed Argov Lower Right. Measures 20" H x 30" W (canvas), frame me...

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Guy Johnson, American (b. 1927) Oil on Paper

Lot 85

Guy Johnson, American (b. 1927) Oil on Paper on board "Rembrandt At My Window", Dated 1985. Signed. Gallery tag en verso from Louis K. Meisel Gall...

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Jean De Botton (1898-1978) O/C

Lot 88

Jean De Botton, American/French (1898-1978) Oil on canvas "Anemones Au Vase De Sevres Avec Raisins" Signed lower left, inscribed verso. Measures 1...

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Jean De Botton (1898-1978) O/C

Lot 89

Jean De Botton, American/French (1898-1978) Oil on canvas "Precious Flowers" Signed lower left, inscribed and dated 1968 verso. Measures 16" x 12"...

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Attrib to: David Davidovich Burliuk (1882-1967)

Lot 90

Attributed to: David Davidovich Burliuk, Russian/American (1882-1967) Oil on board "Still Life Of Fish In Coastal Landscape". Signed lower right. ...

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Attrib to: David Davidovich Burliuk (1882-1967)

Lot 91

Attributed to: David Davidovich Burliuk, Russian/American (1882-1967) Oil on board "Old Man and Woman in Interior". Signed and dated 65 lower left...

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Purvis Young (1943 - 2010) Mixed Media on Board

Lot 92

Purvis Young, American (1943 - 2010) Mixed Media on Found Board, Abstract Figures in Street Scene, Signed Top Right. Measures 29-1/2" H x 40-1/2" ...

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Purvis Young, American (1943 - 2010) Oil/Canvas

Lot 93

Purvis Young, American (1943 - 2010) Oil on Canvas Applied on Cardboard, Abstract Horses and Buildings, Unmarked. Measures 33-1/4" H x 44-1/2" W. ...

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Peter Keil (b. 1942 ) Acrylic/Canvas "Andy Warhol"

Lot 95

Peter Keil, American/German (b. 1942 ) Acrylic on Canvas "Andy Warhol" Signed and Dated '84 Lower Right, Title Lower Left. Inscribed with titled a...

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Zoma Baitler (1908 - 1994) Oil on Canvas

Lot 96

Zoma Baitler, Lithuanian/Uruguayan (1908 - 1994) Oil on Canvas, Still Life Flower Bouquet and Fruits on Table Top, Signed Lower Right. Tag attache...

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Ivan I Garikov (1918-1982) O/C

Lot 97

Ivan (Iwan) I. Garikov, Russian (1918-1982) Oil on canvas "Man Lighting Cigarette". Signed and dated 1957 lower right. Measures 30-1/2" x 25-1/4"....

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Antique Cuzco School Miniature Oil on Board

Lot 98

Antique Cuzco School Miniature Oil on Board, Madonna with Child, Set in Giltwood Mirrored Frame. Measures 3-1/2" H x 2-1/2" W, frame measures 20-3...

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Ludwig Flancer, Canadian (1900–1980) Oil/Panel

Lot 198

Ludwig Flancer, Canadian (1900–1980) Oil on Panel "Still Life: Sun Flowers and Roses", Signed and Dated 1978 Lower Left. Sight measures 21-1/2" H ...

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Ludwig Flancer, Canadian (1900–1980) Oil

Lot 199

Ludwig Flancer, Canadian (1900–1980) Oil on Masonite "Still Life Roses" Signed and Dated 1967 Lower Right. Sight measures 17-1/2" H x 11" W, frame...

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Mario Bucci, Italian (1903 - 1970) Oil on Canvas

Lot 200

Mario Bucci, Italian (1903 - 1970) Oil on Canvas "Storm At Sea". Signed lower right. Measures 16" x 25-3/4", frame measures 20" x 29-3/4". Conditi...

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After: David Burliuk (1882 - 1967) Oil on Canvas

Lot 202

After: David Burliuk, Russian/French (1882 - 1967) Oil on Canvas, Harbor Scene with Loving Couple, Signed Lower Right and Dated 1941 on Lower Left...

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20th C French School O/C "Paysage"

Lot 204

20th C French School Oil on Canvas "Paysage". Signed lower right. Measures 20" x 24", frame measures 28-1/2" x 33". Condition: Craquelure, flaking...

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After: David Davidovich Burliuk (1882-1967)

Lot 207

After: David Davidovich Burliuk Russian/American (1882-1967) Oil on canvas "Ox". Signed lower right. Old label verso. Measures 8-1/4" x 11", frame...

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After: Nicolas de Largillière (1656-1746) O/B

Lot 208

After: Nicolas de Largillière, French (1656-1746) Well done miniature oil on panel "Portrait Of A Nobleman". In carved gilt wood frame. Unsigned. ...

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Antique Oil Painting

Lot 209

Antique miniature oil on paper "Portrait of a Man". Unsigned. Measures 7-3/4" x 5-3/4", frame measures 12" x 10". Condition: Surface stains. Estim...

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Juan Noguez 20th C O/C

Lot 212

Juan Noguez, Mexican (20th C) Oil on canvas "Abstract Of Buildings". Signed lower right. Measures 21-3/4" x 15-3/4", frame measures 23-1/4" x 17-1...

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Charlotte Howard (1919-1998) O/C

Lot 213

Charlotte Howard, American (1919-1998) Oil on canvasboard "Modernist City Street". Signed and dated 1945 lower left. Measures 16" x 12", frame mea...

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20th C. Vietnamese School Oil on Canvas

Lot 214

20th Century Vietnamese School Oil on Canvas, Backwater Scene with Blue Sky, Signed Lower Right. Illegible signature. Measures 24" H x 36" W, fram...

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Denis Nunez (b. 1954) O/C

Lot 215

Denis Nunez, Nicaraguan (b. 1954) Oil on canvas "Vendedor de pescado: 2006. Signed and dated 2006 lower right, inscribed verso. Measures 23" x 28"...

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Bertoldo Taubert (1915 - 1974) Oil on Canvas

Lot 216

Bertoldo (Berto) Taubert, French (1915 - 1974) Oil on Canvas "Printeemps dans in Var" Signed Lower Right. Inscribed and dated 1964 en verso. Measu...

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Mid Century O/C "Clam Diggers"

Lot 217

Mid Century Oil on Canvas "Clam Diggers". Signed lower right Hilda?? Measures 28-3/4" x 23-3/4", frame measures 38" x 33". Condition: Small paint ...

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Israeli School Oil on Masonite Board

Lot 218

Mid Century Israeli School Oil on Masonite Board, Abstract Bird Still Life Portrait, Signed and Dated 1959 Top Right Corner. Sight measures 23-1/2...

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Ruth McKay Mid Century O/B

Lot 219

Ruth McKay, American (20th C) Mid Century oil on masonite "Buildings". Signed and dated 195? lower right. Measures 15-1/4" x 19-1/4", frame measur...

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18/19th Century Religious Icon Figurine

Lot 225

18/19th Century Wood Carved Polychrome Religious Icon Figurine. Possibly wrapped in material on surface. Measures 20" H x 7-3/4" W x 4" D. Conditi...

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1930's European School Oil/Panel "Still Life"

Lot 277

1930's European School Oil on Panel "Still Life". Unsigned. Measures 16" x 11-1/2", frame measures 20-1/2" x 16". Condition: Good condition. Estim...

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Alexander Gore, Russian - American Mixed Media

Lot 278

Alexander Gore (born 1958), Russian - American, Mixed Media, "Worotnikov". Artist's COA to verso. Measures 14" H, 10-1/2" W (sight); frame measure...

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William Ward, British (1829 - 1908) Oil on Board

Lot 279

William Ward, British (1829 - 1908) Oil on Board, Dock Scene, Signed Lower Left. Sight measures 12 x 16, frame measures 16-1/2" H x 20-1/2" W. Con...

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Pol Noel, French (19th/20th C.) Two Oil on Panels

Lot 280

Pol Noel, French (19th/20th C.) Two Oil on Panels, Boat Scenes with Figures, Signed Lower Right. Sights measure 5-1/4 x 8-3/4, frame 8-5/8" H x 12...

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Philippe Pavy, French (b. 1860) Oil/Panel

Lot 281

Philippe Pavy, French (b. 1860) Oil on Panel "An Arab Street Vendor With A Basket Of Oranges". In Deep carved and gilded wood frame. Signed and da...

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Orientalist School Oil On Panel Paintings

Lot 282

Pair of Antique Orientalist School Oil On Panel Paintings "Street Scenes". One with a trace of signature under frame. Measures 8-1/4" x 6-1/4", fr...

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20C Oil on Canvas Anglican Still Life

Lot 286

20th Century Oil on Canvas "Anglican Still Life". Inscribed verso "Marshall" Brass tag on front with title and J. Marshall or otherwise unsigned. ...

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Joan Brams (b. 1928) Mixed Media

Lot 290

Joan Brams, American/Canadian (b. 1928) Acrylic with aggregates on panel. Signed lower right, inscribed en verso. Good condition. Measures 48" x 5...

More details

After: Sir Samuel Luke Fildes Oil on Board

Lot 294

After: Sir Samuel Luke Fildes, British (1843-1927) Oil on Board "The Doctor". Signed lower right c/r Rich 1958. Measures 25" x 30", frame measur...

More details

Antique Oil On Canvas

Lot 295

Antique oil on canvas "Happy Family". Signed possibly Carlota Naranjo and dated '10 lower right. Measures 29-1/2" x 39-1/2", frame measures 36" x ...

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After Picasso Mixed Media

Lot 296

After Picasso Mixed Media By Alexander Flores 1994 "Reclining Nude". Signed. Measures 31" x 39-1/2", frame measures 34-1/2" x 43-1/2". Condition: ...

More details

20th Century Oil On Masonite

Lot 297

20th Century Oil On Masonite "Mountain Outlook". Signed Holman lower left. Measures 27-3/4" x 32", frame measures 33-3/4" x 38-3/4". Estimate: $50...

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