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  • Ended 29 Nov 2020 20:51 GMT

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  • Towcester
  • Northamptonshire
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  • United Kingdom

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A deactivated Yugoslavian M56 7.62mm sub machine gun with moving steel dummy bolt (under spring pressure), selector, and moving trigger.

WWII Japanese Pacific Marine helmet , having replacement WWII British chin strap with Hessian liner.

A Westland helicopter landing gear dampener, in transit box with equipment conditioning label and log card.

An inert British army 105mm sabot head in transit case.

A pair of WWI German wire cutters, together with two Bren handles being Mk1 and Mk2 respectively. 52cms in length.

A box containing a quantity of various magazines, inc DP28 magazine, UZI magazine, Dragunov sniper rifle magazine, Bren magazine, two G3 magazines...

An RAF engineering fibre optic cable wheel, with cable.

A deactivated VZ 26 7.62mm Sub Machine Gun with moving fake bolt (under spring pressure, moving trigger and safety. With certificate.

A small Peli transit case with foam insert. Approx. 16.5 x 10.5cm.

An RPG-7 grenade pouch, together with an RPG-2 grenade pouch, an AK magazine pouch, a gas mask bag, East German AK magazine pouch, and a P1/P38 ho...

A WWII Japanese Military map/documents tan leather case, with Japanese writing stamped on the inside.

A Military Issue M9 bayonet For the M4 and M16 Assault Rifle, built-in wire cutter and sharpening stone. 'As New' in box.

An inert WWII German 5cm Pak 38 round, shell is in relic condition, fuse having WWII German stamp and dated 1942. 60cm in length.

A WWII PPSH-41 sling and magazine pouch with cleaning rod.

A llarge selection of RAF jet and helicopter cockpit instrument components with release papers, including circuit boards, radar screens and flight...

Two fuses; one being a No. 199 dated October 1939 and the other being a Z.C/91 fuse.

A US 5th Cavalry Vietnam era helmet with V air markings upon.

Twenty inert RG42 grenades with fuses, in original transit box.

An inert WWI 18Pr Artillery shell, British marked with original fuse. 56cm in length.

A deactivated Star Z70 9mm Sub Machine Gun, with moving bolt (under spring pressure, moving safety and trigger. With certificate.

Tactical Assault bag, padded with pouches upon. Together with an MTP tactical Saxon holdall.

An inert WWII German 80mm Granatwerfer 34 Mortar,dated 1944 with fuse being dated 1943, 34cm in length.

A PPSH-41 drum magazine together with a PPS-43 stick magazine. Two items.

Selection of RAF Westland helicopter spares including rotator shafts and rear rotator plates, with release papers .

An inert WWI Minewaffer 75mm shell, dated 1917 on casing with fuse also dated 1917. 47cm in length.

Three inert items; F1 Limonka grenade, AT2 Anti-Tank Mine, and a Hungarian Gyak 'house killer' grenade.

A WWII German ammo crate with steel lining. Used to carry 20mm cases.

An inert WWII German AP mine variant with ground spike.

Large selection of RAF servicing and spares for the Westland Helicopter, including Kevlar tips and electrical connectors.

An inert RG42 grenade with fuse together with an inert HB 876 mine.

A pair of WWII German mountain troop black leather boots, size 9.

A deactivated US Mossberg Model 195K 12 Gauge bolt action Shotgun, moving trigger, safety, and bolt, non firing action. With certificate.

An inert Hungarian AZ-58 `Tank Killer' and an inert AT2 Anti Tank Mine.

A gilt and silvered thread embroidered cloth insignia 'non progredi est regredi', a Strike Command Royal Air Force embroidered cloth badge, 11 x 8...

A deactivated Yugo M49 Sub Machine Gun, with moving metal replica bolt (under spring pressure, trigger, and fire selector, with removable drum mag...

Two as new rigid brass catchers, in original packaging.

A quantity of assorted edged weapons including; two bayonets, knife, 1886 French bayonet, a Mauser bayonet and a fighting knife.

An inert WWII German LG18 75mm mountain gun round, dated 1942 and having German marks upon. 40cm in length.

Nose wheel centring testing box with serviceable equipment conditioning label, from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, Eurofighter typhoon base.

Set of RAF pilots flight equipment including digital LCD radar and control screen with cooling fan, printed circuit board and tail rotar control.

Twenty-five assorted AK magazine pouches, from the AK east Germany pouch to the AK quad pouch.

A large selection of RAF and Army helicopter jet engine components, including fuel pumps and Radar system cooling fans, all with release papers, f...

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  • 60
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  • 240
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