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An inert WWI German Discus 'turtle' grenade with fuse plug.

A quantity of assorted machine gun magazines, WWII to modern, including; Russian PPSH-41, DP28 LMG, STEN SMG, HK G3 and M16. Twenty-four items.

A WWII German SS Officers dagger engraved 'Miene Ehre Heibt Treue' to 22cm blade, wooden grip with inset white metal eagle over swastika and SS ba...

A British India General Service medal with North West Frontier 1936-37 bar and ribbon, engraved for 40070 SPR. Abdul Salim R.B.S.&M. ...[more]

Two Scottish Sparons, one hand made in green and black leather, the other having black faux fur front.

A set of fine replica WWII SS Officers collar tabs and Totenkopf cap badge.

A Japanese tanto, 19th century, the hilt with shagreen base bound with cord grip, tang having pierced depiction of hawk hunting smaller birds, in ...

A superb Shinshinto fully mounted Katana, the hilt with shagreen base bound with cord grip, tang and pommel with gilt dragon and foliate decoratio...

A rare inert WWI Austrian Schwere fragmentation grenade having fuse plug and wire.

A St Johns Ambulance Association 3 years service medal by J.R. Gaunt London No54161, with citation to Cecil Bewick.

A fine replica WWII German Infantry helmet with Normandy style camouflage paint, having liner and '1939' chinstrap.

A WWII German SS Officers dagger, 22cm blade engraved 'Meine Ehre Beibt Treue', wooden grip having inset white metal eagle over swastika and SS ba...

A quantity of US WWII and post war photos from the Pacific, including Leyte war graves, Manila and Indonesia.

A deactivated (EU Spec) German Hebel flare pistol having 9" barrel, 1" cal. With certificate.

A quantity of assorted cap badges including; RAF, Royal Berkshire, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 9th Lancers made by Gaunt London, Lancashire Fusilie...

A Japanese Meigi period Gusoku/Yoroi suit of armour having lamellar cuirass constructed from individual scales (kozane), helmet, Mengu or Mempo fa...

A rare WWII German Teno leaders ceremonial dagger made by Eickhorn and marked Ges Gesch with eagle and swastika, further marked 2561 to 28cm blade...

A fine replica WWII German SS helmet with two decals, having liner and chinstrap.

A WWI Royal Artillery 18Lb projectile with original Canadian military fuse head.

A quantity of WWII British and Commonwealth Bren gun .303 LMG magazines. Twenty-five items.

A WWII German SS dog tag, with a 'German Identity Discs' reference book. Two items.

An inert WWI British Stokes mortar, HE type, having fuse assembly.

A deactivated (EU Spec) Swedish M72 LAW 66mm rocket launcher, 25" barrel, complete with sights, end cap and carry strap. With certificate. Footno...

A WWI British Military Officers Webley Mk6 .455 open top dark leather holster, complete with belt loops and original cleaning rod.

A WWII Luftwaffe Officers 2nd pattern ceremonial dagger having scrolling frond and eagle over swastika etching to one side, further etching to oth...

A quantity of WWII US Navy Seabee sweetheart letters, twenty-five letters from W.M. Peters 23rd US Naval Construction Battallion to his sweetheart...

Two Russian military peaked caps together with two side caps. Four items.

A quantity of post-war cloth titles and division badges, seventy-one pairs.

A fine replica WWII German SS Infantry helmet painted in snow camouflage with liner and chinstrap.

A quantity of WWII British military STEN gun 9mm SMG magazines. Twenty items.

Various cloth police badges including; Metropolitan, Czech Republic, Cayman Islands, Slovenia, Russian, Swiss, etc. Forty items.

A Soviet Cold War armoured vehicle Artillery OP2-7 spotting scope, with ranging reticules in original transit chest.

A WWII German Kriegsmarine Blockade Breakers badge marked FEC. Otto Placzek Berlin Ausf. Schwerin Berlin.

A German hunting dagger with deer slot handle, marked Solingen to blade.

A WWII German NSKK leaders dagger with 22cm blade engraved 'Alles Fur Deutschland', marked F.Herderas, with scabbard and ceremonial chain hanger m...

A French commemorative bottle of wine, dated 1993, No001724, for the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Colmar 2nd February 1945.

Two inert WWII British military issue Mills grenades No36 MKI.

A Valor petrol can in military green pain and having original brass cap.

A WWII German Red Cross/Medics leaders dagger, 25cm blade, in original scabbard.

A WWI British Artillery spotting range finder scope by Barr and Stroud, in original and rare 1944 canvas carry case, with original folding tripod...

A pair of WWII German Luftwaffe clasps; Aerial Reconnaissance and Bomber.

A quantity of 7.92 fifty round belts for the MG42 and MG53 LMG. Thirty items.

A WWII German Luftwaffe MG15 7.92cal machine gun saddle magazine for 150 rounds, having military marks and dated 1942.

A WWII German NSFK Balloonist 2nd Pattern badge (pin deficient) and a regiment side cap badge. Two items.

A WWII Hitler Youth leaders dagger, 23cm blade engraved 'Blut Und Ehre!', marked RZM M7/36, wire bound grip, white metal guard and pommel, in orig...

A 19th century French brass fireman's helmet complete with chin strap and liner, wear to front and some damage to side.

A WWI British trench warfare barbed wire cutter, indistinct marks 1916?

A pair of WWII German 'Bunny Ears' field binoculars made by Carl Zeiss, marked Jena 35378, with original tripod.

A quantity of inert Soviet Cold War 14.5mm Anti-Tank Rifle training rounds, also fit the KPV Heavy Machine gun, in original stores crate with orig...

A rare WWII British and Commonwealth 100 round Bren gun drum magazine attachment, un-issued in original stores wrapping.

A rare WWII German dagger presented to the winner of a SA Marine competition at Kiel, having matching unit numbers to cross guard and scabbard, en...

A replica WWII Luftwaffe Pilot Observers badge and cloth eagle. Two items.

A WWII German Officers Walther P38 pistol holster, having German marks upon.

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