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Two British military Vickers gun sights; WWII Clinometer Mk2 in WWI leather pouch, and a WWII Windage scale in canvas webbing pouch.

A WWII German cuff title for the Furhers Personal Bodyguard, silver thread embroidered, 44.5cm in length.

A fine replica WWII Luftwaffe Paratroopers Fallschirmjäger helmet with two decals, painted in snow camouflage with wire cover, having liner and ch...

A WWII German SA Officers dagger, engraved 'Alles Fur Deutschland' to 22cm blade, marked RZM M7/2, having wooden grip with inset white metal eagle...

A WW1 British Military "Trench" watch. 34mm silver case, London import mark 1914. Original "onion" winder and engraved monogram to reverse. Good u...

A trench Art shell case lidded pot having Royal Army Services Corps and Canadian Military badges applied, standing 19cm high including bullet casi...

A WWI British military W.Watson & Sons Officers binoculars, dated 1916 in leather case having War Department marks upon. ...[more]

A 19th Century pocket Sextant by Elliott Brothers, London. Inscribed to outer case "J.D.H Waller, 290", assumed to have once belonged Colonel John...

A quantity of WWII photos taken in Naples Italy and the surrounding area showing battle damage to buildings and landmarks.

A Navy Divers watch by CWC having Swiss automatic movement with hack. Black dial with Tritium lumed hand and markers, sweeping seconds and date. 4...

Two unused WWII US military leather covered photo albums, one marked 'Victory Club Album Official Government Photos'.

A rare WWII German NSKK Officers kepi, stiffened peak with silver thread piping, orange cotton lining with matching leather sweatband.

A collection of items belonging to RAF LAC G.F. Ballard 1072656; Burma Star, Defence Medal and War Medal, unengraved, mounted on board with origin...

A WWI US military issue Springfield rifle bayonet 1908 marked to 40cm blade, further stamped US 337165, in original tropical canvas scabbard.

Two WWII British military Paratroopers Sten MK5 drop boxes.

A WWI British military Vickers Armourers tool and spare parts kit, dated 1915 with tools to keep the 'grand old lady of the Somme' singing.

A US military 20mm Cannon Chute assembly, used on the Vulcan machine gun.

An 1870 German Empire Officers Iron Cross 1st Class, awarded to Imperial Officers, having makers marks upon.

A WWI German Wehrmacht trench snipers shield having rare original support strut and shutter flap.

Two Cold War DDR East German/Soviet military training instructional posters; Makarov Officers pistol, and Panzer Faust (anti tank) weapon. Each be...

A fine replica WWII German SS Infantry helmet with single decal and 'Splotch' style camouflage paint, having liner and chinstrap.

A WWII German Afrika Korps tunic complete with cuff title and cloth badges.

Inert Soviet Cold War AK47 7.62 training rounds, un-issued in original crate opening to reveal 1500 rounds packed in boxes of 20.

A HM silver miniature Japanese sword (odachi or nodachi) made by Walker & Hall, hallmarked Birmingham 1985, approx 18.5cm in length, 23.7g. ...[m...

A German cylindrical gas mask cannister, together with a British WWII childs gas mask, in original box. Two items.

A British transit shell case for a tank/artillery round.

A WWII German SA leaders ceremonial dagger, 22cm blade engraved 'Alles Fur Deutschland, marked Curst Neachf Solengen, wooden grip with inset white...

A 19th century Swiss souvenir letter opener having tooled and inlaid horn blade inscribed Montreux, with deer slot handle, 28.5cm long.

Two inert WWI Pompom shells with heads, one dated 1901,

A sword having cut down blade and white metal guard, blade measuring 72.5cm.

A WWII German RAD Officers dagger having 25.5cm blade engraved 'Urbeit adelt', blade marked Alcoso Solingen, having eagle head pommel and complete...

The original woodwork for a WWII German Infantry issue Mauser K98 bolt action rifle, laminate construction with top wood, German Waffenamt marking...

A WWII German Luftwaffe Officers sword made by SMF Solingen having Aluminium fittings and leather hanger, 71.5cm blade.

A WWII British military Vickers Armourers tool and spares chest with parts and tools , dated 1943.

A c1950s Russian helmet with chin strap and liner, together with an original WWII rubber faced goggle gas mask in drawstring canvas bag, a 20th ce...

An East German blue cloth side cap having label within dated 1963.

A rare WWI/early WWII Mauser K98 saw back bayonet, made by Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen, 25cm blade, in original metal scabbard.

A vintage military travel trunk, lid lifting to reveal compartment with lift out tray, complete with end handles and side handle, marked for the R...

A folio of eight prints of pen drawings by SS-Sturmmann W. Mahler entitled 'Pictures from Karelia'.

A bubble Sextant mark IX by SS&S Ltd, marked for Air Ministry, serial number 8364, in original bakelite carrying case with carry strap. ...[more]

A metal ammo box dated 1956 and measuring 46 x 27 x 26cm.

A WWII British Vickers .303 ammunition can with Dunlop 250 round belt, having fifty rounds fitted.

A rare WWI British military issue Infantrymen's 1907 pattern webbing, full set complete with entrenching tool, wire cutters, poncho in pack, cante...

A WWII German SA Officers dagger with full Rohm engraving to 22cm blade, made by E.P.&S Solingen, wooden grip having inset white metal eagle and s...

A 513 SPS Commando 'Mission Complete' plaque, unengraved, a/f.

A quantity of Thompson WWII SMG 30 round magazines. Twenty items.

Two Kukri knives with leather sheaths, one of small proportions, blades measure 28cm and 15.5cm.

An inert Soviet T55 main battle tank 100mm cannon drill round. Unused.

A quantity of German military Bundeswehr HK G3 Assault Rifle slings. Thirty items.

Signed print; Joan Wanklyn (1924 - 1999) Artist for the Royal Artillery, a part coloured collection of vignettes entitled 'Gunners Ulster' c1970s...

A deactivated (EU Cert) West German Heym LP4 flare pistol having 6" barrel, 27mm cal. With certificate.

A WWI Canadian Infantry issue Ross Rifle Co bayonet, manufacture date 1911 with broad arrow and Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery regimental marks...

A case of inert Soviet Cold War F1 Limonka training grenades, twenty grenades with fuses, in original transit case.

A WWI German Granatwerfer trench mortar with original fins.

A WWII German Afrika Korp Artillery range finder tripod, Swiss made - Wild Heerbrugg, painted in WWII 'Desert Sand' camo with original webbing po...

A rare WWII Norwegian SS Officers dagger engraved 'Fuhrend Sein Heibt Vorbild Sein' and 'Alles Fur Deutschland' to 22cm blade, wooden grip with in...

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