A LEATHER 4-BORE TAKE-DOWN GUNCASE, fitted for 44in. barrels, leather shoulder strap and brass

In Fine Modern & Antique Guns

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A LEATHER 4-BORE TAKE-DOWN GUNCASE, fitted for 44in. barrels, leather shoulder strap and brass
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Wolferton, Norfolk
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Wolferton, Norfolk
A LEATHER 4-BORE TAKE-DOWN GUNCASE, fitted for 44in. barrels, leather shoulder strap and brass fittings.
A LEATHER 4-BORE TAKE-DOWN GUNCASE, fitted for 44in. barrels, leather shoulder strap and brass fittings.

Fine Modern & Antique Guns

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 1-899
Lots: 900 - 1999
Venue Address
Church Farm Barns
PE31 6HA
United Kingdom



In all instances, the Auctioneers need to be advised that shipping is required. For all licensable weapons and modern air weapons, buyers will need to nominate a Registered Firearms Dealer in their locality. The nominated RFD will be required to supply a copy of their RFD certificate to Holts by email or post.

Where required, the purchaser must send his/her Firearm or Shotgun certificate by recorded post to: Holts Auctioneers, Church farm barns, Wolferton, Norfolk, PE31 6HA

On receipt of the necessary certificate(s), the Lot(s) will be packed and the purchaser will be invoiced. Upon receipt of payment, the Lot(s) will be entered onto the purchaser’s certificate and will be shipped to the nominated RFD with the purchaser’s certificate(s).

All firearms, including modern air weapons and antique guns will be packed by Holts and shipped via Parcel Force using the standard ExpressAM service.

For firearms export outside the UK please contact HOLTS direct.

Please be aware that we are unable to ship any live ammunition.

Sundry Lots that do not require a licence (i.e. not guns or ammunition) will be shipped by Holts upon shipping request at payment.

Standard Charges:

Packing & Shipping of up to 3 guns within Zone 1* Parcelforce Express - £35.00, Each additional gun £5.00 up to a maximum of 30kg per consignment.

*Zone 1 – England, Wales & Scotland (excluding Highlands & Islands)


Cases/Swords - £20

Non-Licensable Firearms - £25

Clothing/Accessories - £15


Additional Charges:

Van Delivery - £40


Further Information : logistics@holtsauctioneers.com

Important Information

HOLTS charges a premium to the buyer on the hammer price of each lot sold at the following rates:

  • 25% up to and including £50,000
  • 20% in excess of the hammer price above £50,000

Any bids submitted via the Invaluable and The Saleroom platforms will incur a surcharge.

For UK residents VAT is payable on the premium at the rate of 20%. This is not recoverable under current UK VAT rules. VAT is also applicable to the hammer price when marked in the lot description as follows:

  • Items marked (dagger symbol) are subject to 20% VAT on the hammer price as the goods are newly manufactured.
  • Items marked * are subject to 5% VAT on the hammer price as an antique import.
  • Items marked ** are subject to 20% VAT on the hammer price as a modern import.

No VAT will be applied to the invoice of any buyer residing outside of the UK. 


Control of exports, and associated imports into the EU, is carried out by our shipping team who can be contacted on: worldwide@holtsauctioneers.com
Telephone: +44 (0)1485 542822

Third party shippers must provide us with correct proof of export. In the event that they do not, then you will be liable to pay all VAT (and duty if applicable).

Items that have been imported by us from the EU will also be marked with the code for the country of import e.g. FR, DE, IT etc. If any of these are purchased by an EU resident the lot(s) can be reimported for you with no liability for import duty or import VAT. The export and associated import will be administered by us and our agents so that your purchase is an easy process for you. We will ask you to repay to us costs incurred in delivering your items to you and these will be clearly identified and added to your invoice. Additionally, European buyers not buying an item imported from the EU will be asked to repay to us your country’s import VAT (and duty if applicable). 

Bladed products are not for sale to people under the age of 18. By bidding on an edged weapon you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. Upon collection photo identification will be required if a person appears under 25, to prove that they are over 18 years old Please be aware that we are unable to send edged weapons or bladed products by postal courier to a UK residential address (Offensive Weapons Act 2019)


Purchasers must hold a valid licence to purchase the item they are bidding on. 
Private buyers resident within the UK who have successfully bid on a Section 1 or Section 2 item must send by Recorded Delivery their original shotgun/firearm certificate to Holts in advance of making payment. The certificate will be checked and completed on day of receipt and returned by Recorded Delivery, at which point payment should be made. Successful bidders not in possession of a valid authority are requested to pay a deposit of 95% of the invoice total with the remaining 5% payable once the certificate has been checked and completed.

Antique and Obsolete Calibre weapons are sold as exempt items under Section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms act – to be held as a curiosity or ornament only. Please note that by bidding on these items you declare that you are not a Prohibited Person as defined by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended)CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER DETAILS

Section 5 items may only be bid on by current Section 5 licence holders without exception. A valid Section 5 authority must be produced in order to view prohibited weapons. Overseas buyers should be aware that items classified as Section 5 prohibited weapons under UK law will incur additional shipping charges regardless of their classification outside the UK.

Buyers of items covered by Section 7 should refer to chapter 9 of the Home Office ‘Firearms Law – Guidance to the Police’ for eligibility and restrictions.

Unless prior arrangement has been made, two weeks after the Sealed bid sale, all Section 5 (and Section 7.1 / 7.3) items will be moved to a Section 5 carriers where storage charges will be incurred.


  • Please be aware that items classified as Section 5 Prohibited Weapons under UK Law will incur additional shipping charges regardless of their classification outside of the UK.
  • Please be aware that under current UK restrictions, no modern or antique firearms, edged weapons (or component parts) of Russian origin can be exported outside of the United Kingdom.

For further assistance with any of the above please contact HOLTS Account Department.
Goods will not be released until all outstanding charges have been met. Collection will be by arrangement.

Buyers should make arrangements with Mrs Laura Arnold in advance of the sale date should they wish to pay by cheque. All major debit and credit cards accepted.

Purchasers are responsible for shipping charges and licensable items can only be sent to a registered RFD.

Purchases may be collected on the day of the sale or by appointment from our gunroom in Norfolk. Cleared funds need to have been received and the necessary licence produced. It may be possible by prior arrangement (minimum seven days notice) to organise collection from a valuation day or delivery to a Registered Firearms Dealer.

Storage charges will be waived until further notice.

We are unable to send ammunition and cartridges.

Holt's Auctioneers deal in GBP only.


Proof and Condition of Firearms

Please note that the descriptions of firearms in the catalogues are restricted to external examination and the status of proof. Firearms are not stripped as a matter of course and it is recommended that any purchase is stripped and cleaned and that the firing and safety mechanisms are checked by a qualified gunsmith before use.

Firearms sold with a Certificate of Unprovability or Proof Exemption have been examined by a Proof House but not subsequently proved. These firearms are being sold as items of interest or curiosity and are not to be considered as safe to use.


Terms & Conditions

See Full Terms And Conditions

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