Le shrapnell. Шрапнель. 1905 г. №3 1-2. Москва. №1. Тетрадь [...]

In Rossica 2

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Le shrapnell.Шрапнель. 1905 г. №3 1-2. Москва.№1. Тетрадь расходится.Bocianowski 409.Starting price :140


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Hermitage Fine Art
Le shrapnell.Шрапнель. 1905 г. №3 1-2. Москва.№1. Тетрадь расходится.Bocianowski 409.Starting price :140

Rossica 2

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Excl. Taxes : 27% + VAT LIVE + 3% sup Frais de vente : 27% HT LIVE + 3% sup In addition to the hammer price up to and including 250.000 EUR, the Buyer shall also pay a premium of 27% + VAT. Buyer’s premium rate payable on the hammer price in excesse of 250.000 EUR up to and including 2.500.000 EUR – 21.5% + VAT. Buyer’s premium rate payable on the portion of the hummer price in excess of 2.500.000 EUR – 12.5% + VAT. This amount will be added to the final bid. Please note that all Lots purchased through the services of online sales and auctions such as The-saleroom.com, Auction.fr, Lot-tissimo.de will be subject to an additional charge of 3%+ VAT of the hammer price. En cas d’enchère Live, si votre enchère est gagnante : 3%HT de commission supplémentaire. Pour tout renseignement, merci de contacter le +377 9 777 39 80 / info@hermitagefineart.com

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