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An early 19th Century French striking clock movement with numbered countwheel mounted to backplate and signed Guiot, Paris, of five pillar constru...

Assorted horological turns with brass and steel collets, mainspring winder etc

A late 19th Century DLPP Jacot tool for pivot filing/polishing, in leather and velvet case

Lot 5007

A G.

A G. Boley screw head polishing tool with various collets and attachments, together with a balance roller removing tool, both cased

Two cased antique Jacot tools for pivot filing and polishing, including DLPP Swiss

An assortment of cutting and smoothing broaches of mixed size, with a cased set of double ended roller sinks/oil sink cutters

A collection of clockmaker's gravers and jeweller's engravers, most with wooden handles

An assortment of horologist's/jeweller's marking and measuring tools including ring and stone sizers, scriber, calipers, barrel and ligne gauges, ...

A collection of mixed size taps and dies, diestocks, chuck with key etc

A small four drawer cabinet containing various platform escapements, some un-built including cylinder and lever type, various containers of small ...

Assorted staking blocks and punches in steel and brass, some hand made, spare raw material etc

Four watchmaker's hammers including brass headed and ball pein, chisel ended and a nylon headed mallet (6)

Various sets of small drills, burr removers, some cased sets

A collection of pin vices and clamps, mixed sizes

Two cases of watchmaker's jewel setting tools, hand removing tool and jewel gauge

Lot 5026

A Bergeon no.

A Bergeon no. 1897 set of six double ended roller sinkers/oilsink cutters

A cased staking set with assorted punches, stakes and mills (table damaged), together with a smaller box of stakes and punches with two small stak...

Two cased KIF and Incabloc balance shockproof jewel/spring sets and part sets, the KIF box also with three spring releasing tools (2)

A box of mixed pocket and wristwatch movements, cases, dials -some complete watches including Hamilton, Rotary, Smith's Empire etc

A collection of assorted needle files, a cased set of diamond warding files etc

A large quantity of watch parts including balance staffs, movement rings, click springs, balances, mainsprings, crowns, screws etc, various makes ...

Two drawers containing a large quantity of watch balance staffs, stems, gears various makes and calibres including AS, ETA, Ronda for Rolex and Om...

A collection of mixed size cutting broaches, reamers, pin vices etc

A box of various pliers, torque wrenches etc

A box of mixed hand tools including screwdrivers, junior hacksaws and piercing saw with spare blades, brushes, crows foot, pliers, spirit level, s...

Lot 5045

A Record no.

A Record no. 3 bench vice with two smaller bench vices (3)

Three workshop drawer cabinets and various clock parts and consumables including clicks, suspensions, click springs, mixed fixings etc

A box of mixed electrical parts and miscellaneous including motors, transistors, bench lamps, labelling tool, Microtest 80 ammeter etc

Two boxes of workshop miscellaneous including brushes, vacuum cleaner, display/dust protective domes

A box of mixed size drill bits and drill attachments, Allen keys, hand drill etc

A Webster style clock mainspring winder, with a quantity of mixed sized clock mainsprings

Three boxes of mixed horological raw materials/consumables including oilers, emery laps, shellac, steel wool, fusee line/wire, brass shavings,fixi...

Three boxes of mixed clock movements and parts including English longcase, French drum, glasses, fusees, bells, keys and pendulums etc

Mixed horological measuring equipment including steel rules, digital vernier, calipers, together with a watchmaker's screwdriver stand, desk top m...

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