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A framed and glazed poster - LNER General Notices, Regulations and Conditions 102 x 64cm

An ex-training school section of bulkhead rail, key and chair

A GER cast iron rail chair dated 1869 with section of rail and key wedge and screws, cosmetically restored

A B.R. (SC) guard's van tail lamp, red bull's eye lens, reservoir and burner ...[more]

A B.R. (SC) black painted guard's van side lamp with clear bulls eye lens, red aspect present, reservoir and metal burner ...[more]

A black metal locomotive lamp off an 08 shunter, electric worked with convex glass front and rotating red aspect

An LNER guards/porters hand lamp with reservoir and ceramic burner and red, green and clear aspects

A B.R. general purpose three sided lamp with embossed B.R. logo, reputedly used by porters on EASTLEIGH station in Hampshire

A L.T. (London Transport) four aspect handlamp, yellow top as used on the surface line in fog conditions, reservoir and brass burner ...[more]

A framed and glazed limited edition print of No.6000 'King George V Royal Duchy' leaving Dainton Tunnel, signed lower left and right 142/850 71 x ...

A framed and glazed 'The Great Exhibition of London 1851' map showing currant railways and terminuses 77.5 x 59cm

A CLR (Central London Railway) general purpose lamp with two maker's plates on exterior and reservoir and brass plate stamped CLRY ...[more]

An Isle of Man level crossing lamp reputedly from PEEL station with interior reservoir and ceramic burner, clear and red aspect a/f

An LNER signal lamp interior stamped BRAMFORD, reservoir and brass burner

A L.T. (London Transport) three aspect handlamp embossed L.T., reservoir and ceramic burner

An M.R & Co mahogany signal box single line block instrument showing LINE BLOCKED, TRAIN ON LINE and LINE CLEAR ...[more]

A cast iron works plate - Jacot No. 14 Railway

A B.R. (E) oil feeder ...[more]

A framed and glazed map of GER system consisting of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex dated 1865 56 x 47cm

*Amended* An English Electronic Co London Works plate ...[more]

An aluminium B.R. Eastleigh 1962 works plate ...[more]

Two Lignium wooden fish plates stamped Sept, Nov 1968

Two railway workshop spanners, one marked SFR and the other SE&CR

A quantity of black and white photographs of various steam locomotives, various regions

A three sided railway station wall lamp with bracket, converted to electric

An LMS Adlake No.22 level crossing lamp case with clear bulls eye lens front ...[more]

Eleven framed and glazed mainly LNER ticket stubs, some local stations

An LNER signal lamp interior stamped TIVETSHALL, reservoir and burner

A GER guards/porters hand lamp with stamped reservoir and ceramic burner, reputedly from MANNINGTREE station

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