Four Superstrat Type guitar bodies for projects, three fitted with some electronics and hardware (4)

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Four Superstrat Type guitar bodies for projects, three fitted with some electronics and hardware (4)
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Four Superstrat Type guitar bodies for projects, three fitted with some electronics and hardware (4)
Four Superstrat Type guitar bodies for projects, three fitted with some electronics and hardware (4)

The Guitar Auction - Three day auction of guitars, memorabilia and related items

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 1-496
Lots: 501-1381
Lots: 1401-1445
Venue Address
Gardiner Houlgate
9 Leafield Way
SN13 9SW
United Kingdom

All winning bidders are responsible for arranging the collection or shipment of lots post sale. Bidders should investigate potential shipping costs before submitting any kind of bid. This particularly applies to non UK buyers. We are happy to offer advice where possible. 

CITES: Non-UK buyers should be aware of any CITES import / export implications before placing a bid and when arranging shipping. This will apply to all guitars made with an Appendix 1 listed species, for example, Brazilian rosewood. This affects all guitars that are listed as being sold with a CITES A10 certificate. Additional paperwork is required to allow export out of the UK. Please note that a CITES A10 certificate is an internal UK document that allows the commercial sale of an Appendix 1 species. A separate document must be applied for to allow for exportation outside of the UK. 

Part & Parcel UK

For buyers that do not wish to collect from our saleroom in person, our shipping partners Part and Parcel UK handle collection, packing and delivery of all lots post sale. Part & Parcel have provided us with rough prices for shipping guitars within the UK. Please contact for an exact quote

UK Mainland – Guitar: £50 plus VAT / Bass: £55 plus VAT

Prices include collection, packing and fully tracked shipping. 

Part and Parcel will also collect and deliver all other items, including amplification, memorabilia, effects units, spares, and audio equipment. Please contact Part and Parcel directly for a quote.

For further information and for non-UK shipping please contact Part & Parcel direct.

01252 545611



01252 545611


Larger and fragile items can only be sent through professional carriers. Gardiner Houlgate recommends the following companies and advise you to obtain several quotations. Once you have instructed a courier, please kindly inform us as to whom will be collecting on your behalf, failure to do so will result in an item not being released.

Len Speed Logistics

UK Mainland only. Door to door service. Competitive rates. Call directly for a quote.

07834 320015

Important Information

PLEASE NOTE – For all our auctions we use three online bidding platforms - Gardiner Houlgate, Easylive and The Saleroom.

During the sale, should any late bids come in on the ‘fall of the hammer’, the auctioneer, at his discretion may open the lot back-up making it clear to all bidders. This will apply to all bidding options and no preference is offered to any platform.


Public viewing times:

Monday 5th December 2022 09:00 - 17:00 
Tuesday 6th December 2022 09:00 - 17:00 
Wednesday 7th December 2022 08:30 - 10:00 
Thursday 8th December 2022 08:30 - 10:00 
Friday 9th December 2022 08:30 - 10:00 


All lots are sold as seen and as per our conditions of sale. Comments on condition and originality in descriptions are our opinion only and not necessarily fact. Buyers that cannot view in person are encouraged to ask for a condition report and/or images before placing any kind of bid. Please do not assume that electrical items such as amplification, effects and audio are fully working. Condition reports available.

CITES - Non UK Buyers - Please be aware of CITES restrictions when importing guitars containing Brazilian Rosewood and Ivory. The presence of a CITES A10 document is for UK internal use only and does not allow legal passage outside of the UK. Please enquire for advice regarding CITES import / export before bidding.

Collection and Shipping - It is the buyers responsibility to arrange collection and shipping of any lots won in the auction. Buyers should seek shipping quotes in advance of bidding. Please see "Packing and Shipping" for further information.


Day One - Guitars
Wednesday 7th December 2022 at 10am
Guitars: Lots 1 - 496

The Mike Mager collection
Lots 1 – 53
Mike was a gifted musician, and well-respected bass player, both locally in Lincolnshire, and beyond.
He played in many local bands including Hokey Pokey, The Gatlin Boys, Dynamo Hum, The Rumble Band, and latterly the Dukes blues band to name but a few.
Mike also played his beloved resonators under the name of Muddy Mike and held classes on how to play them.
Music was his passion, particularly blues, along with collecting, hence this collection we now have, illustrating a life in music.

The Tony Arnold Collection
Lots 201 – 219

Tony Arnold was a successful British studio engineer and producer who worked with a wide range of artistes including, King Crimson, Rory Gallagher and Robert Fripp. He also had his own record label, Arny’s Shack. He was a keen pedal steel and slide guitarist who amassed a collection of fine guitars, with a particular love for handcrafted Gibson from the 1930s and 1940s. Tony was also an electronics engineer and European distributor for Ampex as well as manufacturer of the Helios Type 69 mic pre/EQ re-issue. 

In 2000 he moved to France with his wife where he was domiciled until his death in July 2018. Gardiner Houlgate is delighted to offer the following nineteen lots on behalf of his widow, Natalie. 

Day Two - Memorabilia, Amplification, Effects, Spares and Audio Equipment
Thursday 8th December 2022 at 10am

Contents of the Tony Zemaitis Workshop: lots 501 - 611

Gardiner Houlgate is delighted to offer the contents of the Tony Zemaitis workshop, sold on behalf of Ann and Tony Zemaitis Jr. One-hundred and eleven lots featuring an extensive archive of Tony’s prolific career, including a large selection of tools and related items that the legendary British maker used to craft many of his fine guitars. The sale of the workshop is accompanied by handmade furniture made by Tony for the Zemaitis family home, along with a large selection of memorabilia from his various celebrity clients, including personal letters from the likes of George Harrison, Peter Frampton, Gilby Clarke, Mike Oldfield, Donavan and many more.

The Michael Chapman Collection: Lots 621- 649

Michael Chapman (24 January 1941 – 10 September 2021) was a British singer-songwriter and virtuosic guitar player, becoming well known in the folk clubs of the late 1960s, as well as on the 'progressive' music scene, he released over 50 albums.
The guitar and voice of Michael Chapman first became known on the Cornish Folk Circuit in 1967. Playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. Signed to EMI's Harvest label he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like 'Rainmaker' and 'Wrecked Again' defined the melancholic observer role Michael was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound. The influential album 'Fully Qualified Survivor', featuring the guitar of Mick Ronson and Rick (Steeleye Span) Kemp's bass, was John Peel's favourite album of 1970. 'Survivor' featured the Chapman 'hit', "Postcards of Scarborough", a characteristically tenderly sour song recounting the feelings of nostalgia and regret.
A label change to Decca brought a change in sound. Electric guitar, still with that distinctive Chapman fluidity, featured more prominently. Tracks like "New York Ladies" and "Firewater Dreams" on 'Millstone Grit' showed a guitar master pursuing sounds and textures. Michael continued to build his live reputation, touring solo and with a variety of groups, recording the live album 'Pleasures of the Streets' a strong mix of solo and band performances. He was a regular session contributor to Radio One, and BBC TV broadcast two Chapman Band performances as part of their Sight and Sound series.
A lively and accomplished improviser, Michael gained a reputation for re-working material, both before an audience and on record. Songs were seen as standards, themes to be explored, extended and varied on stage and in the studio. The Don Nix produced 'Savage Amusement' featured versions of the Chapman songs "Shuffleboat River Farewell" and "It Didn't Work Out". Different musicians and a different sound breathed new life into earlier material, showing Michael to be a jazz musician in spirit if not in sound. 'The Man Who Hated Mornings' showed the respect Michael commanded among musicians with supporting performances from Andy Latimer of Camel, Keith Hartley and violinist Johnny Van Derek.
1978 brought another label change and the release of 'Playing Guitar The Easy Way', a guitar tutorial record that explained in simple terms, methods of playing the guitar using 12 different instrumental pieces each with a different open tuning. The critically well received albums, 'Life On The Ceiling' and 'Looking For Eleven', showed that Michael had fully absorbed elements of rock as he had done folk during the '60's, to produce a hybrid that mixed folk, jazz phrasing, rock and elements of what became known as New Age Music.
In response to public demand Michael recorded a solo album 'Almost Alone' presenting the relaxed eclectic mix that was a Chapman club gig. The '80's saw Michael back with Rick Kemp. Touring as a duo they released the live album 'Original Owners', whose version of "Shuffleboat River Farewell", stripped back to guitar and bass, showed that old dogs could teach new tricks. Anyone hearing the anger of the newer material, coupled with the volume and energy of the Chapman Kemp band Savage Amusement, formed in the mid '80's, was left in no doubt that here was an elder statesman growing more acid, rather than mellower with age. After a period of reflection and lower profile releases, Michael captured the mood of the time with his '87 album Heartbeat, a groundbreaking thematic album featuring a continuous 38-minute piece of music. This was an ambition made possible by the advent of CDs.

Experiments with sequencers and sampling on the 90's track "Geordies Down the Road", an anthem to the death of employment in the Northeast, assaulted the listener with foundry atmospherics and industrial guitars, showing that Michael wasn't standing still. The albums 'Still Making Rain' and '95's 'Navigation' presented a man whose world-weary voice, given a patina by life and hard living, delivered sensitive, emotional songs. While aware of his past, reinterpreting his hit "Postcards of Scarborough", Michael looked to the future. The playing was more considered than ever before. Fewer notes and space for music to breathe, gave songs like "The Mallard" and "It Ain't So" an almost hymn like intensity. 1995 also saw the publishing of Michael's first novel 'Firewater Dreams', a thinly veiled autobiography, which fleshed out some of his highly personal songs and explored his themes of regret, travel, and loneliness. Reviews of his album 'Navigation' show the high regard for Michael Chapman, Mojo 11/95 'Twenty-one albums and he is still amazing', Q 12/95 '**** (four stars out of a possible five) and this his best album in years.

In more recent times he collaborated with Thurston Moore (ex-Sonic Youth and a long-time fan) on various improv projects, showing that he was still more than capable of pushing the envelope even though he was well into his seventies.

In 2016 he celebrated 50 years on the road and released the highly acclaimed “50” album, recorded Stateside with a bunch of superb musicians less than half his age. Towards the end of his life, he was still playing professionally and regularly touring in the UK as well as Europe and the US. Doing what came naturally and doing what he loved. With his uniquely English melancholic perspective and emotive guitar style he remains one of the most underrated heroes of our times.

Michael sadly passed away on Sept 10th, 2021, aged 80.

Gardiner Houlgate is delighted to offer the following twenty-nine lots of guitars and ephemera from Michael’s prolific career, on behalf of lifelong partner, Andru. 

Memorabilia including Artist Associated Guitars & Equipment: Lots 651 - 726
Guitar Amplification: Lots 751 - 890
Guitar Effects: Lots 901 - 1036
Guitar Spares and Accessories: Lots 1051 - 1194
Audio & Studio Equipment: Lots 1201 - 1381

Day Three - Antique and Classical Guitars
Friday 9th December 2022 at 10am
Lots 1401 - 1445

Terms & Conditions

Buyer's Terms & Conditions of Sale

The Auctioneer acts only as agent for the Seller (unless otherwise specifically declared). Lots sold are likely to have been subject to wear and tear caused by user or the effects of age and may therefore have faults and imperfections. Buyers are given ample opportunity at viewing times to examine lots to be sold and will be assumed to have done so. They must rely solely on their own skill or judgement as to whether lots are fit for any particular purpose.

1. Bids
All bids made shall be treated as offers made upon these Conditions of Sale and all persons present and approved to bid are admitted to a sale on the basis that they have notice of these Conditions.

1A. Internet Bidding

There are no additional surcharges when bidding via our own bidding platform 'GH Live'

We also use two other online bidding platforms via the-saleroom.com and Easylive which will be subject to additional fees. Please see their respective websites for further details and terms.

As our 'Autobids' are anonymous, the auctioneer does not see your top bid.
This means that in LIVE auctions, you may well be holding the bid at one increment below your top bid.
In this event, you're winning the item at a lower price and cannot bid against yourself. This means that somebody else may have the chance steal your lot for your maximum bid.
In auction jargon, this is called being 'wrong-footed'.
To avoid this possible disappointment, we highly recommend you leave a commission bid direct with the auctioneer by contacting them direct 

2. Ascertainment of the Buyer
The Buyer shall be the person making the highest bid which is acceptable to the Auctioneer as signified by the fall of the hammer. No bid may be retracted. In the case of a dispute the Auctioneer may either declare the purchaser or put the lot up again.

3. Auctioneer’s discretion
The Auctioneer has sole discretion, (a) to refuse any bid, (b) to advance the bidding as he may decide, (c) to withdraw or divide any lot or combine one lot with another or others, (d) to exclude any person from the auction rooms, and (e) to require pre-payment in full.

3A. During the sale, should any late bids come in on the ‘fall of the hammer’, the auctioneer, at his sole discretion may open the lot back-up making it clear to all bidders. This will apply to all bidding options and no preference is offered to any platform

4. Reserves and Seller's right to bid

Lots put up for sale are subject, (a) to any reserve price imposed by the Seller, (b) the right of the Auctioneer to bid on behalf of the Seller, and (c) where no reserve has been imposed (but in no other case) for the Seller to bid personally or through any one agent. It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure any reserves are received by the Auctioneer.

5. Buyer's duties
The Buyer shall forthwith or as soon as possible after the sale, (a) supply his name and address, (b) supply, if so required, bank or other suitable references, (c) pay the full purchase price in a way acceptable to the Auctioneer, notwithstanding any prior arrangement for advance payment required by the Auctioneer, and (d) on proof of payment clear the lots purchased by the times specified. Lots may not be cleared during the sale except by permission of the Auctioneer.

6. Liability of the auctioneer and Sellers
Subject to Condition 8: (a) faults and imperfections (if any) are not stated in the catalogue and neither the Seller nor the Auctioneer is responsible for any defects whatsoever, (b) no warranty is given or authorised to be given by the Seller or the Auctioneer with regard to any lot other than the Seller's right to sell it, (c) any express or implied conditions or warranties relating to description or quality, are hereby excluded.

7. Catalogue descriptions
Descriptive statements contained in the advertisements or catalogues or made up by the Auctioneer or any member of his staff should be taken as matters of opinion only, and shall not be taken as statement of fact.

8. Forgeries
Notwithstanding Conditions 6 and 7, if the Auctioneer receives notice in writing from the Buyer WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE SALE that in his opinion a lot is a forgery (as defined in Condition 12) and on giving such notification the lot in question is returned to the Auctioneer at his working premises in the same condition as when bought, then if on considering such evidence as the Buyer supplies to prove his assertion, the Auctioneer decides that the lot is a forgery the sale of the lot will be rescinded and the purchase price repaid to the Buyer.

9. Property in lots and risk
The Buyer shall not become the owner of any lot, and the Auctioneer shall have a lien thereon, until the Buyer has discharged the purchase price in full together with any other charges due, but after the fall of the hammer the risk of damage or loss shall nevertheless be the Buyer's.

10. The Premium
The Buyer shall pay to the Auctioneer a premium of 20% of the hammer price together with VAT on such premium.

11. Default by Buyer
If the Buyer fails to make payment in a way acceptable to the Auctioneer or to remove any lot or lots bought by him within 7 days of the auction or in any other material respect fail to comply with these conditions, the Auctioneer shall have the right, (a) to resell the lot or lots by public auction or otherwise without notice to the Buyer, and if any deficiency arises on such resale, after deducting the Auctioneer's full costs and expenses, the Buyer shall be responsible to the Auctioneer therefore (but any net surplus to be the Seller's) or, alternatively, (b) to store the lot at the Auctioneer's premises or elsewhere and to release the lot to the Buyer only after payment in full of the purchase price together with any other charges due. The Auctioneer reserves the right to charge storage of 50p per lot per day on any lot or lots uncleared by the time specified together with any removal expenses. In addition, interest will be charged at 2.5% per month or part thereof (34.4% APR) on any accounts that remain unpaid in part or full 1 week after the sale. Interest and storage will be charged from the date of sale. In addition, the Buyer shall be liable for all legal and court costs incurred by the Auctioneers in pursuit of payment from the Buyer. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any cheques and will not release lots purchased until evidence has been received that any cheque accepted has been cleared.

12. Definitions and interpretation
In these conditions: (a) Reference to the 'the Auctioneer' shall be taken to mean the firm of Gardiner Houlgate or any director, partner or employee thereof at the time of sale; (b) Buyers shall be deemed to be the principals unless to the prior knowledge of the Auctioneer they are acting as agent on behalf of a named principal; (c) 'Forgery' means a lot (i) which is so constituted as deliberately to deceive when considered in the light of its catalogue description, and (ii) whose value as such is materially less that if it had complied with the catalogue description; (d) The Interpretation Act 1978 shall apply to the general construction of terms and expressions used in these Conditions as if contained in a statute.

13. Law and Jurisdiction
These Conditions of sale are subject to English law, which shall apply to their construction as well as their effect. The Seller and Buyer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Payment & Registration

For new clients wishing to register to bid at the auction photographic identification will be required in the form of either a current driving licence or passport.

If you are unable to attend the sale you can leave a written absentee bid. The auctioneer will execute the bid on your behalf and will endeavour to purchase the lot as cheaply as possible. Telephone bids may be possible on lots estimated £500 and above at the discretion of the auctioneer. Telephone lines are limited and are offered on a 'first come first serve' basis. Full contact details are required and identification may be requested for clients not known to us.


We are pleased to accept payment by the following methods: debit card, credit cards (2% surcharge) (see below), cash to a maximum of £9000, Building Society cheque or Bankers Draft.

Cheques will be accepted when supported by a guarantee card up to the limit of the card and at the discretion of the auctioneers, unless arrangements have been made with us prior to the auction. Payment direct to bank is also accepted, please contact the office for details. We do not accept American Express.


Due to a recent rise in card fraud, we are no longer able to accept payments by credit or debit cards for 'customer not present' transactions over the 'phone, unless you are known to us. Card payments will only be accepted if they have been AVS (address matched) and 3D Secure authorised through the-saleroom.com website with a maximum transaction value of £500, at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Card payments are still accepted at the saleroom, but must be supported by 'chip and pin', under no circumstances will this method be bypassed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Payment and clearance should be made within 7 days after the sale. Goods will not be released until full payment has been received and a paid invoice produced. All funds paid direct to bank will be checked for clearance. For clients arranging courier or third party collection – written instruction must be received from the purchaser; identification will be requested from the courier and vehicle details will be taken, unless known to us. For security purposes our premises are monitored with 24 hour CCTV.

Smaller items can be sent at the Purchaser's risk. (Minimum fee £10, please contact the office for a personal quote). Larger and vulnerable items can only be sent through professional carriers. Gardiner Houlgate regularly instruct the following companies:

MBE Mail Boxes Etc. (Chippenham)
Tel: 01249 446141
email: info@mbechippenham.co.uk

Alban Shipping
Collections/Deliveries daily in London. Airfreight & Seafreight. Covering the UK every 7-10 days.
email: info@albanshipping.co.uk
Tel: 01582 493099
Fax: 01582 490147

Local Carriers

A J Removals (Bath)
Tel: 07855 489121or 07775 694296

Cundick Transport (Bath)
Contact Lee Cundick
Tel: 07710 830384

John Wales Removals & Storage (Corsham)
Contact Wayne Munday
Tel/Fax: 01225 344636
Mobile: 07974 674514

See Full Terms And Conditions

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