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chrome, serial no. 873461, body, G-VG, shutter working, with maker's case

chrome, serial no. 971399. body G-VG, few signs of use, shutter woking but slow speeds are fast, rangefinder patch is bright and clear,

chrome, serial no. 1234661, body, F-G, shutter not working, rangefinder clear

black, serial no. 1396080, body, G-VG, shutter working, rangefinder bright & clear

Leica M, chrome, serial no. 2055078, body VG, optics G, haze present and some dust, with front and rear caps, lens hood, and makers box,

chrome, serial no. 1929287, body G-VG, minor signs of use, optics G-VG, haze present on inner elements, with front cap,

chrome, serial no. 2101967, body, G-VG, elements, G, some light internal fungus to perimeter, with maker's caps

chrome, serial no. 1811878, body G, optics G, haze present on inner elements,

rigid, chrome, serial no. 1813813, body, G, elements, G-VG, some internal haze, with maker's caps

chrome, with ocular attachment, body, G, elements, F-G, some cleaning marks to front / rear element and some fungus towards rear, complete with fi...

chrome, serial no. 1447941, body, VG, elements, G, some light cleaning marks to front element and light internal haze, with maker's caps and lens ...

chrome, serial no. 2237472, body, VG, elements, G, some light internal marks, with lens cap and bubble

chrome, serial no. 1681293, body G-VG, optics G-VG, slight haze visible and some dusts,

black, serial no. 3430394, body G-VG, optics AF-P, damage to the front element,

black, serial no. 2215276, body VG, optics VG-E, very few dusts present with very faint haze, also with front UV filter, lens bubble, and makers b...

black, serial no. 2151628, body VG, optics G, haze present to inner elements, with front and rear caps, also with makers box, coded 11829 L,

back, serial no. 2143836, body VG, marks on front cap edges where felt has been re-adhered, optics G-VG, some fine spotting / haze present on elem...

chrome, serial no. 194858, with Russian Industrar-22 f/3.5 50mm lens, body, G, shutter working, lens, G, some marks to front element, with Leitz c...

chrome, serial no. 770558, body, VG, shutter working, slow speeds sticking

chrome, serial no. 980736, with Leitz Elmar f/2.8 50mm lens, chrome, serial no. 1620057, body, G-VG, shutter working, lens, G, heavy internal haze...

chrome, serial no. 158977, 1935, body G, shutter working, slow speeds inaccurate, also with a Leitz Elmar 5cm f/3.5 lens, optics G, some haze and ...

body VG, optics VG-E, some light dust present, also with Leitz UV filter,

black, serial no. 675912, body, F, elements, P-F, marks to front element

chrome, serial no. 1624092, body, G-VG, elements, G, some internal haze

body F, some repainting to filter thread, aperture control ring jammed, optics G, some st present and a very fine haze,

inclduding a Foca PF2, and a Foca PF, both require attention, condition AF, both with damaged cases,

black, serial no. 2681609, body G-VG, some red residue left in recesses from deteriorated red foam (now removed from makers box), optics G, haze p...

black, serial no. 2667234, body VG, optics VG, few dusts and very faint haze present, with UV filter, front cap, lens hood, and makers box,

body G-VG, slight degradation to pain on focus scale, optics G, haze to inner element, very few dusts present, also with a extension tube marked '...

black, serial no. 1501510, body VG-E, shutter working, not tested with batteries, also with instructions, strap, body cap, in makers box with orgi...

black, serial no. 2663756, body VG-E, optics G, haze present, with front and rear caps, also with makers box,

black, serial no. 2944087, 3rd cam, body VG-E, optics G, some haze present, with front and rear caps, also with makers case, coded 11216,

black, body G, some wear to colour/white paint used for markings, optics VG, very faint haze and dust present, with front and rear caps,

chrome, serial no. 1203745, body G, shutter mechanism damaged and requires attention, also with a Sigma Mini-Wide Multi-Coated 28mm f/2.8 lens, op...

black, serial no. 2989471, body G, optics G-VG, light haze and some dust present,

including a Leitz Telyt 560mm f/5.6 (box marked 11867), a Leitz Telyt 280mm f/4.8 lens, and more,

including one Leica-Meter MR, five Leica-Meter MCs, and a Leica-Meter MR, all untested,

including a Leica 100 Years flip book animation, a Leica Akademie pen, a collection of Leica and Kodak badges, and an E. Leitz. Wetzlar strap cove...

a selection of EMPTY LEITZ BOXES, that, if they were not EMPTY, would have contained the following: (but they do not, as mentioned, they are empty...

including a Leica mini-Tripod (marked 14100 to box), a Leica hand grip, a Leitz copy set (marked 16526 H to box), and more,

including lens hoods, caps, and filter, also with projection lenses, and more,

body G-VG, optics VG, some dust and slight haze present, in makers box, also with a Leitz Focotar 50mm f/4.5 lens, body VG-E, optics G, radial haz...

predominantly Leitz, inclduing lens hoods, filters, a film splicer, and more,

approx. 37 filters, also with lens caps, lens extensions, and more, (a lot)NOTE: All of the filter boxes are empty

with Leitz Elmar f/3.5 50mm Lens, body, G-VG, shutter working, slow speeds sticking, lens, G, some internal haze, with British made lens hood and ...

including a black paint Leica Meter MR in makers box, a chrome Leica Meter MR in makers box, and two Leica Meter MC in makers boxes, (4) all untes...

including Leitz Tele-Elmarit f/2.8 90mm, Leitz Elmarit f/2.8 90mm and Leitz Tele-Elmar f/4 135mm, bodies overall, VG, elements overall, F-G, some ...

brown leather, external dimensions approx 49cm x 37cm x 15cm, in good condition, straps that prevent the case opening past 90° have been cut,

including two Leica Meters, various lens hood, several lens parts, and a Leicablitz,

both modular systems, bellows in F-G condition,

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