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A Leica IIIc Rangefinder Camera, chrome, with Leitz Summitar f/2 50mm lens, body, F, shutter working, lens, VG, some light internal haze, with mak...

A Leica II Rangefinder Camera, 1936, black, serial no. 192832, with Leitz Summar f/2 50mm lens, body, F, shutter working, lens, F-G, internal haze...

A Leitz Summar f/2 50mm Lens, chrome, serial no. 228995, body, G, elements, G-VG, some light marks

A Leitz Hektor f/4.5 135mm Lens, chrome, body, F-G, elements, F-G, some light internal haze and marks, with maker's front lens cap

A Minolta CLE Rangefinder Body, black, serial no. 1014979, shutter working, meter untested

A Leica M2 Rangefinder Body, chrome, serial no. 967745, body, F, shutter working, slow speeds slightly inaccurate

A Leica MD Body, chrome, serial no. 1160282, shutter not working

A Leica MDa Body, chrome, serial no .1286012, shutter working, slow speeds inaccurate

Two Leitz Hektor f/4.5 135mm Lenses, chrome, serial nos. 1206399 / 1268098, bodies, F-G, elements, F-G, some internal marks, one screw and one M m...

A Voigtlander Nokton Classic S.C. f/1.4 40mm Lens, Leica M mount, body, G-VG, elements, G, some internal fungus

A Leitz Summaron f/3.5 35mm Lens, with ocular attachment, chrome, serial no. 1520326, body, F-G, elements, G, some internal haze

A Leica R3 MOT SLR Body, black, serial no. 1516601, body, VG, shutter fires, complete with Motor Winder, hand grip and maker's box & case (a lot)

A Leitz Summicron-R f/2 50mm Lens, two cam, black, serial no. 2321279, body, VG, elements, VG, some light internal haze, with lens hood, cap and b...

A Small Selection of Leica Accessories, including M mount adapter rings, Meter MC, cassettes and more (a lot)

Four Leica Lens Hoods, including SOOMP, XOONS, FIKUS and Rahmensucher (4)

A Leitz Elmar f/4 90mm Lens, screw mount, body, F, elements, G, some internal haze, together with a Leitz Hektor f/4.5 135mm lens, M mount, body, ...

A Selection of Leica Visoflex Equipment, including Visoflex II and Visoflex III (a lot)

Three Leica Copy Accessories, including BOOWU-W, BOOWU and ELDIA, all in maker's boxes (3)

A Well Made Aluminium Camera Holder, with standard tripod fitting

A Leica Variocontrast-Modul, 17441, in maker's box

A Large Selection of Various Camera Accessories, including light mters, flash units, adapters and more (a lot)

A Small Selection of Leica Accessories, including four Meter MR, cassettes and a filter (a lot)

An Early Leica ETRIN Case, marked 'Leica' and 'Leitz' to front

Three Early Leica Black Paint Lens Caps, two for use with filters (3)

A Selection of Leica Lens & Body Caps, from various periods and in various sizes (a lot)

A Good Mixed Selection of Leica Accessories, including Leitz Elmar f/3.5 50mm, VIDOM, Voigtlander M-Bayonet Adapter, M series film doors and more ...

A Good Selection of Various Camera Cases, including cases for Leica M and screw series, case for Wrayflex, Kershaw Peregine III and more (a lot)

Three FED 2 Bodies, shutters working, otherwise untested, together with two spools (3)

A Leotax T Rangefinder Camera, chrome, serial no. 548038, with Tokyo Optical Co. Topcor f/3.5 50mm lens, chrome, body, VG, shutter working but sti...

A Nikon F3 SLR Body, lacking prism, shuttet working

A Nikon F-601 SLR Camera, with Nikon AF Nikkor f/3.3-4.5 35-70mm lens, body, F, untested, hinge to back door damaged, lens, G-VG, some light inter...

A Nikon F Photomic SLR Body, chrome, body, G, shutter working, with maker's case

A Nikon F Plain Prism SLR Camera, chrome, serial no. 6480067, with Nikkor f/2 50mm lens, body, G, shutter working, lens, G, some internal haze, to...

Four Nikon SLR Bodies / Cameras, including El, Nikkormat FT2, EM and Nikkorex, EM with Series E f/1.8 50mm lens, bodies overall, G, all shutters w...

Two Nikon Nikonos Underwater Cameras, including Nikonos-V and Nikonos III both with standard f/2.5 35mm lenses, bodies, VG, shutters working, lens...

A Nikon F4s SLR Body, with MB-21, body, VG, shutter untested

A Nikon F2 SLR Camera, chrome, with Nikkor f/2 50mm lens, body, G-VG, shutter working, lens, G-VG, some light internal haze, complete with Nikon M...

A Nikon FE SLR Body, black, body, G, shutter working on M90, in maker's box

A Nikon FE SLR Body, black, body, G, shutter not firing on M90, in maker's box

A Nikon FE2 SLR Body, chrome, body, VG-E, shutter working on M250, in maker's box

A Selection of Four Nikon SLR Bodies, including F70, F-601 (2) and F2 (AF)

Three Nikon Adapters, including TC-200, TC-201 and PN-11, one in maker's box (3)

A Nikon NIkkor-H f/2 50mm Lens, black, serial no. 1002340, body, G-VG, elements, VG-E, in maker's box

A Selection of Nikon Accessories, including Bellows Focusing Attachment PB-4, Bellows Focusing Attachment PB-6, Slide Copying Adapter PS-4, Semi-S...

Three Nikon Brown Soft Pouches, for lenses or small compacts (3)

A Selection of Nikon Fit Accessories, including DK-4, Right Angle Viewing Attachment, PK-2 and more, most boxed (a lot)

A Selection of NIkon Fit Accessories, including Nikon PK-11, PK-12, PK-13, PK-2, lens hoods and more (a lot)

A Nikon F SLR Camera, chrome, serial no. 6993710, with Micro-Nikkor f/3.5 55mm lens, body, F, mirror sticking up, slow speeds sticking, lens, G-VG...

A Selection of Nikon SLR Cameras & Lenses, including FM (shutter stuck), Ai Nikkor f/1.8 50mm, F90x (sticky back), Nikon AF Nikkor f/4-5.6 70-210m...

A Nikon F2 SLR Body, shutter working

A Nikon Nikonos IV-A Underwater Camera, with Nikkor f/2.5 35mm lens, body, VG-E, shutter working, lens, VG, some light internal haze, with spare o...

A Nikon D7200 Digital SLR Camera, with Nikkor VR DX ED f/3.5-5.6 18-105mm lens, together with a Nikon D5100, with Nikkor VG f/3.5-5.6 18-55mm lens...

A Nikon FE SLR Camera Outfit, together with Nikkor f/1.8 50mm, Vivitar f/2.8 24mm, Nikkor f/4 200mm and Zoom-Nikkor f/4.5 80-200mm lenses, body, G...

A Nikon Nikkor GN Auto f/2.8 45mm Lens, black, serial no. 710300, body, VG, elements, VG, some internal haze

A Nikon Ai Nikkor f/2.8 28mm Lens black, serial no. 586731, body, VG, elements, VG, some light internal haze, in maker's box

A Nikon Ai Nikkor f/2 35mm Lens, black, serial no. 911552, body, VG, elements, G-VG, one or two internal marks and light internal haze, in maker's...

A Nikon F2 Photomic SLR Camera, black, serial no. 7444476, with Nikkor Ai f/2 50mm lens, body, VG-E, shutter working, lens, VG-E, with maker's cas...

A Nikon F2 AS SLR Camera, chrome, serial no. 8065980, with Nikkon Ai f/2 50mm lens, body, VG, shutter working, lens, VG, together with Nikon Ai Ni...

A Nikon Ai Nikkor f/2 85mm Lens, black, serial no. 180864, body, VG-E, elements, VG, with lens hood and maker's box

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