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European Arts, Design and Decorative objects, Asian Art, Paintings and Jewellery

Auction closed (2 day sale)

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Bust of a noble man, sculptured white Carrara marble. 19th C.Dimensions:(D:34 x W:55 x H:67 cm)Condition:There is a small restoration to the moust...

Irénée DURIEZ (1950) 'Femme'Patinated bronze on a travertine baseSigned and marked 1/9. Dimensions for the bronze only. Total height: 164 cm. Dime...

A large figurine of two graces, silver-plated  and polished bronze.19th century. Dimensions:(D:10 x W:18 x H:53 cm)Condition:There is some wear to...

Alphonse ARSON (1822-1895) 'Pheasant with chicks'Silver-plated bronze on a marble base. Signed A. Arson, Admis aux Beaux-Arts 1864Dimensions:(D:32...

Alphonse ARSON (1822-1895) 'Bataille' patinated bronze.Signed Arson. Admis aux Beaux-Arts 1867. Dimensions:(D:24 x W:34 x H:38 cm)

Alphonse ARSON (1822-1895) 'Partridge with chicks'Patinated bronze one a marble base. Signed A. Arson, Beaux-arts 1877. Dimensions:(D:22 x W:40 x ...

Alphonse ARSON (1822-1895) 'Partridges'Patinated bronze, standing on a marble base. Sigend A. Arson, Beaux-Arts. Dimensions:(D:25 x W:40 x H:36 cm)

Lucien GHOMRI (1949) 'Large Fish' sculptured marble. Mounted on a metal stand. Signed. Dimensions:(D:27 x W:50 x H:61 cm)

Lucien GHOMRI (1949) 'Fish' sculptured marble. Mounted on a wood stand. Signed. Dimensions:(D:19 x W:32 x H:24 cm)

Lucien GHOMRI (1949) 'Fish' sculptured marble. Mounted on a metal stand. Signed. Dimensions:(D:15 x W:32 x H:37 cm)

Lucien GHOMRI (1949) 'Whale' sculptured marble. Mounted on a wood stand. Signed. Dimensions:(D:20 x W:48 x H:25 cm)

Eugène MARIOTON (1854-1933) 'Esmeralda'A figurine with a tambourine, patinated bronze. Signed Marioton. Dimensions:(D:14 x W:15 x H:45 cm)

P. MATTHYS (XX) 'Figure of a Girl'Patinated bronze. Monogrammed P. M.  Dimensions:(D:18 x W:18 x H:50 cm)

A pair of putti on a pedestal, spelter and onyx in Louis XV style. 19th century. Depicting Cupid and Psyche. Dimensions:(D:8 x W:8 x H:23 cm)

Plough with two horses, a bronze figurine. Late 19th C. Dimensions without the base. Dimensions:(D:14 x W:14 x H:32 cm)

Giuseppe D'ASTE (1881-1945) 'La Fête Du Village'Gilt bronze on a granite base.Dimensions for the bronze only. Total height: 46 cm. Dimensions:(W:5...

Figurine of a tiger, sculptured alabaster.The first half off the 20th century. Dimensions:(D:13 x W:32 x H:27 cm)

A collection of 3 figurines, patinated spelter. - Hippolyte MOREAU (1832-1927) 'Pëcheuse'- Joseph Charles DE BLEZER (act.c.1868-1881) 'Fisherman'-...

Mathurin MOREAU (1822-1912) 'Lady with a bird'Patinated bronze. Standing on a marble base. Signed near the base. Dimensions:(H:67 x D:24 cm)

Jean-Louis GRÉGOIRE (1840-1890)(After) 'Boy with whistle'Figurine is made of a bronze-type alloy. First half of the 20th century. Dimensions:(D:27...

Jacques LIMOUSIN (XX) 'Motor' green patinated spelter. Circa 1940. Signed Limousin. Dimensions:(D:9 x W:28 x H:27 cm)

Jan DUMORTIER (XX) 'Seated Lady'Patinated terracottaThe figurine is mounted to the base. Dimensions including the stand. Dimensions:(D:39 x W:26 x...

Antoon VAN PARIJS (1884-1968) 'Three sculptures' plasterTwo busts and a crucifix. Signed 1946, 1954. Dimensions for the bust with helmet. Dimensio...

Mauro CORDA (1960) 'La Haut Couture'2001Patinated bronze.Signed and marked 4/8Stamped with the DELVAL foundry mark.Lost wax technique. Dimensions:...

Louis GEORLETTE (XX) 'Bust of a man' patinated bronze on a marble base. First half of the 20th century. Dimensions:(D:23 x W:16 x H:40 cm)

Emmanuel FRÉMIET (1824-1910) 'Credo'A figurine of a 'Crucader' holding a 'Credo' sign. Patinated bronze. 19th century. Dimensions:(D:13 x W:31 x H...

Francois VEREBEKE (1960) 'Totem' Scratched Belgian Bluestone with geometric patterns. Signed. Dimensions:(D:21 x W:35 x H:78 cm)

Charles PAILLET (1871-1937) 'Vide Poche with a Hare, a pond and frogs'. Gilt bronze. Foundry mark of Barbedienne. Circa 1900. Dimensions:(W:16 x H...

Oscar Laurent DE BEUL (1881-1929) 'De Maaier, (Le Faucheur)'Patinated bronze. Foundry mark:  G. Paternotte LembecqDimensions:(D:28 x W:37 x H:50 c...

Théodore COINCHON (1814-1881) 'Baco'patinated bronze.Foundry mark: Susse FrèresDated: 1856. Total heigt: 64 cm. Dimensions:(D:19 x W:24 x H:54 cm)

Émile André BOISSEAU (1842-1923) 'La Défence Du Foyer'A sculpture, patinated bronze. Stamped 'Société des bronzes de Paris,' & Hors Concours. Dime...

Charles Alphonse A. GUMERY (1827-1871) 'Mantle clock with a Faun, holding a lamb'. Patinated bronze figurine marked 'Gumery, Rome and P. Lombard F...

Mathurin MOREAU (1822-1912) 'Sharpening'A sculpture, patinated bronzeSigned 'Medaille D'honneur, Salon Des Beaux Arts'Dimensions:(D:36 x W:34 x H:...

Paul DUBOIS (1829-1905) 'Charité'Patinated bronze. Signed 'F. Barbedienne, Fondeur, Paris'Stamped 'Reduction Mechanique, Collas'Signed by the arti...

Alfredo LANZ (XX) 'Stilized Lady'Patinated bronze. Signed and numbered 1/20. Dimensions:(W:24 x H:27 cm)

Isidoor GODDEERIS (1953) 'Violin' cast metal. Not signed. Dimensions:(D:67 x W:26 cm)

Mathurin MOREAU (1822-1912) 'Le Tempête'Patinated bronze on a turning base. Marked 'Hors Concours' & 'Medialle D'honneur"Dimensions:(D:24 x W:31 x...