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The Big Sleuth 2017

Fieldings Auctioneers In aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital - please see Important Information for further information Live Webcast Auction 12 Oct 2017 18:30 BST

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  • United Kingdom

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Brummie Bear

Lot 1

Brummie Bear Artist - Slobodan Topalović Sponsor - Selfridges Birmingham This bear is a celebration of the most visually arresting and instantly i...

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Lot 2

Snowy Artist - Simon Elman Sponsor - Holiday Inn Express Snowhill Stunning in its simplicity, this bear reflects the culture and atmosphere of Bir...

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Bear Necessities

Lot 3

Bear Necessities Artist - Anne-Marie Byrne Sponsor - Biomaster This bear reflects that rainforests, which are the 'lungs of the world' and the hom...

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Lot 4

Spock Artist - Maria Shrigley and Patricia Shrigley Sponsor - Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Spock bear finds Birmingham most fascinating ...

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Grandpa Bear

Lot 5

Grandpa Bear  Artist - Caroline Greyling Sponsor - Solihull BID This design was inspired by the artist's Grandpa. Throughout her childhood he was ...

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Jungle Jenny

Lot 6

Jungle Jenny Artist - Jenny Leonard Sponsor - Harrow Green This design is full of jungle creatures with leaves, a parrot and an enormous python cu...

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Lot 7

Shakesbear Artist - Donna Newman Sponsor - Vodafone This bear is influenced by the most famous of Shakespeare's stage directions 'Exit, pursued by...

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Honey Bear Honey Bottle

Lot 8

Honey Bear Honey Bottle Artist - Glen Brooks Sponsor - London Midland Instantly recognisable from afar, fun and quirky, this bear stands out. The ...

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Lot 9

Buzz Artist - Julia Allum Sponsor - University of Birmingham Sun bears live in tropical forests and feed on fruits and insects. They also use thei...

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Lot 10

Crunchie Artist - Jane Anderson Sponsor - Cadbury World A honey bear with a chocolatey twist, Crunchie enjoys lazy afternoons in the sunshine, lea...

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Mr Khan Presents Citizen Bear

Lot 11

Mr Khan Presents Citizen Bear Artist - Painted by Roy Meats and endorsed by Adil Ray aka Mr Khan Sponsor - Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity ...

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Memoirs Of Paradise

Lot 12

Memoirs Of Paradise Artist - Gayani Ariyaratne Sponsor - Paradise This bear has travelled thousands of miles to be in Birmingham. The artist drew ...

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Window Shopping

Lot 13

Window Shopping Artist - Temper Sponsor - Retail BID Birmingham is the only city centre outside of London to have all five main department stores ...

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Life Ta'bear'stry

Lot 14

Life Ta'bear'stry Artist - Rebecca Cresswell Sponsor - Gateley Plc This bear reflects a theme of exploration and travel. Birmingham landmarks and ...

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X-Ray Ed

Lot 15

X-Ray Ed Artist - Anne Guest Sponsor - Aston Medical School X-Ray Ed acknowledges that the first x-ray ever taken for clinical use in the UK was c...

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Bear-Trix Blocker

Lot 16

Bear-Trix Blocker Artist - Amy Lou Holland Sponsor - SkateHut This bear reflects some of the different sub-cultures that inspire the artist. She w...

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Lot 17

Birminghamshire Artist - Rachel Blackwell Sponsor - Wesleyan This design sees Birmingham through a whimsical lens - populated by different species...

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Lot 18

Honeybear Artist - Donna Newman Sponsor - Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID The sun bear's veracious appetite for honey and honeycomb inspired this...

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In Bloom

Lot 19

In Bloom Artist - Lauren Buffery Sponsor - B4 Parking In Bloom is influenced by Art Nouveau and contemporary tattoo imagery and is decorated with ...

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Gummy Bear

Lot 20

Gummy Bear Artist - Deven Bhurke Sponsor - Jewellery Quarter BID This sun bear is inspired by gummy bear, a popular, many-coloured fruit gum candy...

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The Honey Hunter

Lot 21

The Honey Hunter Artist - Fiona Dye Sponsor - PKF Cooper Parry The ferns and foliage capture the lush growth of the sun bear's habitat, the threat...

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Olly the Octobear

Lot 22

Olly the Octobear Artist - Deven Bhurke Sponsor - National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham Meet Olly the Octobear. With a little help from the National...

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Bee My Honey

Lot 23

Bee My Honey Artist - Vicky Scott Sponsor - The Gracechurch Centre This design combines bees, beehives and honey with inspiration from the psyched...

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Mary Beary's Soggy Bottom

Lot 24

Mary Beary's Soggy Bottom Artist - Milan Topalović Sponsor - Resorts World Birmingham Mary Beary has been created as a tribute to one of the count...

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Hettie The Heritage Bear

Lot 25

Hettie The Heritage Bear Artist - Alexandra Hatfield Sponsor - MHA MacIntyre Hudson This bear celebrates Birmingham's industrial heritage: from ca...

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Lot 26

Dreamcoat Artist - Roy Meats Sponsor - Investec Wealth & Investment This bear champions Birmingham Children's Hospital as a very worthy cause. It ...

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Lot 27

Sunny Artist - Guy McKinley Sponsor - Greenspace Leisure and mac Birmingham This design was inspired by the physicality of bears, which makes them...

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The Ink Detective

Lot 28

The Ink Detective Artist - Mr A Singh Sponsor - Deloitte The intricate ink-drawing on this bear's design salutes the beautiful patterns found in n...

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Lot 29

Bearhug Artist - Charlie Langhorne and Rob Bannon Sponsor - Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity Inspired by the feeling that sometimes all we n...

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Get Your Bearings

Lot 30

Get Your Bearings Artist - Tom Crotty. Painted by Glenn Anderson Sponsor - Amey This road-marking inspired design was created by Tom Crotty, an As...

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Picnic Time For Teddy

Lot 31

Picnic Time For Teddy Bears Artist - Cathy Simpson Sponsor - The West Brom This bear is based on the classic children's song 'The Teddy Bears' Pic...

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Lot 32

Frankie, the Resorts World Naughty Bear. Artist - Milan Topalovic Sponsor - Resorts World Birmingham Frankie is a new member of the team who is le...

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Peony Passion

Lot 33

Peony Passion Artist - Michelle Turton Sponsor - Catalyst Corporate Finance From South Asia to China, sun bear meets panda bear. Wearing an exquis...

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Ghostbuster Bear

Lot 34

Ghostbuster Bear Artist - Laura Beardshaw Sponsor - New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Inspiration for this design came after the artist watched the...

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Intrepid Bear

Lot 35

Intrepid Bear Artist - Temper Sponsor - Retail BID Temper is a British artist, highly collectable across the world, with a 23-year successful care...

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Captain Blue Bear

Lot 36

Captain Blue Bear Artist - Maria Burns Sponsor - Vodafone This salty sea bear left his home in South Asia to travel the globe with his bear crew, ...

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Woakesy @ Edgbearston

Lot 37

Woakesy @ Edgbearston Artist - Megan Heather Evans Sponsor - Edgbaston Cricket Ground Woakesy is inspired by Birmingham's iconic Edgbaston Stadium...

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Sun And Moon Bear

Lot 38

Sun And Moon Bear Artist - Rachel Blackwell Sponsor - London Midland A delicately organic, golden, swirling pattern enfolds this bear, reminiscent...

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Dr Bear Brawn

Lot 39

Dr Bear Brawn Artist - Deven Bhurke Sponsor - Birmingham Children's Hospital Dressed in his scrubs and ready for surgery, the loveable Dr Bear Bra...

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Tiger Lily

Lot 40

Tiger Lily Artist - Sarah Jane Richards Sponsor - SuttonCard supported by Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID Ltd After a century of constant decline...

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Solar Polar

Lot 41

Solar Polar Artist - David Graham Sponsor - Birmingham Airport The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen in Northern Hemisphere skies from...

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The Gas Street Bearsin

Lot 42

The Gas Street Bearsin Artist - Megan Heather Evans Sponsor - Solihull College & University Centre This bear is inspired by an iconic area of Birm...

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Helarctos Malayanus

Lot 43

Helarctos Malayanus Artist - Laurie Richardson Sponsor - Resorts World Birmingham This design takes its inspiration from Asia where real sun bears...

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I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear

Lot 44

I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear Artist - Janet Fishwick Sponsor - Touchwood Shopping Centre This sun bear pays tribute to 'The King', as Birmingha...

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Lot 45

Mela Artist - Laura-Kate Chapman Sponsor - One Stop Shopping Centre Across India 'Mela' is a term used to describe a gathering of any size and for...

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Lot 46

Sonny Artist - Si Peplow Sponsor - Custard Factory Sonny the bear has sun in his heart and sun on his back; controlled by the cosmos, as we all ar...

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Lot 47

Straw-bear-y Artist - Cakes with Faces Sponsor - One Stop Stores Ltd Puns are so much fun! Strawberries are a classic, British summer-time treat a...

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Wild City

Lot 48

Wild City Artist - Kathleen Smith Sponsor - Hortons' Estate Limited The bear depicts how even in the most occupied and industrialised places there...

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Richard, The Virgin Trains Bear

Lot 49

Richard, The Virgin Trains Bear. Designed by: Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway DesignsPainted by: Jodie Silverman Sponsor - Resorts World Birmingham 2...

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Taj Mahal By Sun And Moon

Lot 50

Taj Mahal By Sun And Moon Artist - Lois Cordelia Sponsor - Martineau Place The regal, grounded stance and the cosmic theme of the sun bear suggest...

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Lot 51

Rosie Artist - Julia Allum Sponsor - The Bramall, University of Birmingham This bear loves music, singing and dancing. Rosie is inspired by the ma...

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Lot 52

XT Artist - Reuben Colley Sponsor - Harrow Green The landscape on Xt has been painted as though the bear was there, viewing its surroundings. Area...

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Lot 53

Bearjing Artist - Jessica Perrin Sponsor - Squire Patton Boggs Sun bears inhabit South East Asian countries and have also been known to inhabit Ch...

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Intrepid Bear

Lot 54

Intrepid Bear Artist - Deven Bhurke, endorsed by Bear Grylls Sponsor - Retail BID This bear has been designed in honour of one of the world’s most...

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Bussy Bear

Lot 55

Bussy Bear Artist - Designed by Blake Cotterill. Painted by National Express West Midlands team at Walsall paint shop. Sponsor - National Express ...

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Lot 56

Forward Artist - Edward Thrush Sponsor - PwC The plight of sun bears, their identity and loss of habitat inspired this design. Birmingham is a cit...

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Ursa Minor - The Littlest Bear

Lot 57

Ursa Minor - The Littlest Bear Artist - Willard Wiggan MBE Sponsor - Amey This bear is hiding a very special secret! Created by microscopic artist...

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Lot 58

Enlightenment Artist - Valerie Osment Sponsor - Dudley Zoological Gardens Exploration and conservation (both architectural and in nature) inspired...

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Bhangra Bear

Lot 59

Bhangra Bear Artist - Anne-Marie Byrne Sponsor - Next PLC In celebration of South Asian culture and Indian Independence, here's the very handsome ...

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Lot 60

Peabody Artist - Tory Allen Sponsor - Jewellery Quarter BID Sun bears share their territory with Asia's national bird, the peacock. The many 'eyed...

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