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Day 1 – The Christopher Marler Library including Philip Rickman Paintings and another Library from Peter Player a Wildfowl Enthusiast

Durrants Live Webcast Auction 18 Sep 2020 10:00 BST
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  • The Old School House
  • Peddars Lane
  • Beccles
  • Suffolk
  • NR34 9UE
  • United Kingdom

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This auction, comprising the libraries of Christopher Marler and Peter Player, is probably the most extensive ever held, featuring waterfowl books...

A box of horse racing and equestrian interest volumes

Volumes on waterfowl including Kolbe "Ornamental Waterfowl"

Two volumes on "The Birds of the Western Palearctic", Oxford University Press with slipcases

Five volumes of RSPB handbooks to birds of the Western Palearctic

"The Waterfowl of the World" by Jean Delacour, illustrated by Peter Scott, four volumes, signed by Delacour (one with a handwritten note) with vo...

"The Birds of America" by John James Audubon, hardback with slip case, Natural History Museum 2011

"The Geese of Europe and Asia" by Sergius Alpheraky

Lot 508

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"Wild Chorus" by Peter Scott, Country Life Ltd., 1938, no. 648 of 1200, signed by Peter Scott

"The Pheasants of the World" by Jean Delacour, Spur Publications, 1977, no. 27 of 100, signed by the author

Various volumes on horse racing and equestrian interest including many biographies and autobiographies

Various volumes on horse racing and other equestrian volumes including seven volumes of the "The Horseman's Year"

Various horse racing and other equestrian volumes including "Decade of Champions" by R.S. Reeves and P. Robinson

Two boxes of "Wildfowl Trust Annual Reports" 1948 to 1966 (bound)

Various beef cattle related volumes including six volumes of "Shorthorn Breeders Guide", 1923-1939 and the history of diary short horn cattle

Various volumes on farming including poultry, pigs and six volumes of "The Farmer's Yearbook"

Lot 518

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No Lot

Various volumes on birds and wildlife of Australia including "Birds of Australia" by John Gould, Methuen, 1967

Miscellaneous volumes all inscribed by, or to, Christopher Marler

Various volumes on dogs including a signed edition of "Longdogs by Day" by E.G. Walsh

Volumes on wildlife artists and art including Peter Scott, Lionel Edwards, Keith Brockie etc

Various volumes with ornithological interest of North and South America including "Birds of New Mexico", by E.F. Bailey, 1928 and to volumes of "A...

Various volumes on Farming, Agriculture and hunting including "Hunting by Scent", by H.M. Budgett, illustrated by Lionel Edwards and a signed copy...

Various volumes of waterfowl interest including, 1907 and "British Waterfowl Standards", by Chris Ashton and Mike Ashton, 1999, "Ducks and Geese",...

Two volumes of "Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Buckhamshire", 1912, boards with gilt decoration and lettering

Two volumes of "Under The Lily And The Rose: A Short History of Canada For Children", by Arthur G. Doughty, published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 19...

A box of books on ornithological interest, many signed and inscribed to Christopher Marler including "Natural History of The Waterfowl", by Frank ...

Various volumes of ornithological interest, many signed and inscribed to Christopher Marler including "Africa to the Amazon", by Kim and Bill Broo...

Various volumes of ornithological interest, primarily signed and inscribed to Christopher Marler, including "Waterfowl", by Paul A. Johnsgard, an...

Various BBC wildlife and natural history volumes and one other

Various ornithological interest including Loverings, Pigeons and books on keeping domestic exhibition pigeons, "Pink Africa" by Mari & Collar

Lot 533

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No Lot

Lot 534

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No Lot

"Manual of the Birds of New Zealand", by Walter L. Buller (1882), Colonial Museum and Geographical Survey Department

"A Natural History of the Ducks", by John C. Phillips, four volumes bound as two, Dover Publications, 1986

"The Book of Days, A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities", W. & R. Chambers, illustrated

Three volumes of "Ornithological Rambles in Sussex", by A.E. Knox with "A Systematic Catalogue of the Birds of that County", second edition (1850)...

"Game Birds and Wild Fowl", by C. Dixon, Dawson & Brailsford, Sheffield 1990

Various volumes of waterfowl interest including "The Hunt for the Whooping Cranes", by J.J. McCoy and "The Flamingos, Their Life History and Survi...

Various volumes of ornithological interest including "The Great Auk", by Errol Fuller and "Wild Chorus and Morning Flight", by Peter Scott

Mixed volumes including biographies, autobiographies (some signed), seven volumes by Gerald Durrell and other volumes (some signed)

"Seven Pillars of Wisdom", by T.E. Lawrence, Jonathan Cape, first publication for general circulation, 1935

"Pheasants, Their Lives and Homes" by William Beebe, two volumes Doubleday, Pall & Co. for New York Zoological Society 1926, inscription to Christ...

"The Birds of America", by John James Audubon, Michael Joseph Ltd, two volumes 1966, plus single volume by American Heritage Publishing Co. Inc., ...

"The Art of Drawing and Colouring From Nature, Birds, Beasts, Fishes and Insects", by Nathaniel Whittock, Isaac Taylor Hinton, 1830 with plain and...

"The Birds of Africa", volumes one to four, published by Academic Press, 1982, 1986, 1988 and 1992 respectively

Various volumes of American Wildlife interest etc including "Yellowstone Wildlife", by Paul A. Johnsgard (signed hardback and paperback)

Miscellaneous volumes on natural history

Various mixed volumes including two volumes "A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature", by Oliver Goldsmith, Blackie & Son (as found), "Worthie...

Various volumes of ornithological interest including "The Wildfowler's Year", by Aylmer Tryon and Hugh Monahan, 1952, signed by Tryon with letter ...

Various mixed wildlife volumes, primarily African interest

Various volumes of primarily natural history and topographical interest including "The Scotch Shorthorn", by T.B. Marson (as found)

Various mixed volumes including biographies, autobiographies, history etc including "The Complete Pirelli Calendar Book" and "Lacquer and Silver: ...

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"A Hand Book to the Game Birds", by W.R. Ogilvie-Grant, volumes one and two, published by W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd., 1895 and 1987 including many colo...

"Tarka the Otter, His Joyful Waterlife and Death in the Country of the Two Rivers", by Henry Williamson, G.P. Putnams Sons, first edition, 1937

"The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne and a Garden Kalendar" by the Rev. Gilbert White, M.A., two volumes, published by S.T. Freemantle...

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