Orders, Decorations, Medals & Militaria

by Dix Noonan Webb

01 Mar 2017 11:00 GMT (2 day sale) Catalogue

Important Information


Buyers Premium: 20%

Other Information: Please visit www.dnw.co.uk for more information



All lots in DNW auctions are automatically reserved at the bid step which reflects 80% of the lower estimate figure, unless otherwise instructed by the vendor.

All multiple lots (lots containing two or more items) with the exception of designated sets of notes, are sold as viewed and not subject to return. Buyers are recommended to view such lots.

Lots marked ‘x’ in dark blue are subject to importation duty of 5% on the hammer price unless exported outside the EU.


Important Notice Advance Bidding Facility

Please note that our easy-to-use advance bidding facility, which replaces the ‘old-fashioned’ commission bid system, provides all bidders with total control over their bids right up to the point that the lot is offered for sale.

Bids made online cannot be seen by others and do not go live until the actual moment that the lot in question is being offered for sale. All bids can be easily altered or cancelled by the bidder prior to this point. An automated confirmatory email will be sent confirming all bids and alterations.

Anyone with a valid email address can easily register to bid online.

There is no additional charge for online bidding and it is not necessary to pre-register a payment card in order to do so.

It is recommended that all bidders execute their own bids, either prior to the auction by using this facility or live as the auction is taking place.

Whilst we are still happy to execute all bids submitted in writing or by phone, fax or any other method, it should be noted that all bids left with us will be entered at our offices using the same bidding facility to which all our clients now have access. There is, therefore, no better way of ensuring the accuracy of your advance bids than to place them yourself online.

For any support queries please contact: Ian Anderson ian@dnw.co.uk (+44) 20 7016 1751

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