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Stowe House Ducal Collection Tudor portrait circa 1513 Oil on adzed oak panel ` Sir John Bruges (

Stowe House Ducal Collection Tudor portrait circa 1513 Oil on adzed oak panel ` Sir John Bruges ( Brydges ) of Coberly afterwards Lord Chandos Baron of Sudeley ( Sudely ) , AETAETIS SVAE 21 ` ( Known as The Chandos Painting ) 14 1/2 x 12" The 1st Baron Chandos of Sudeley (1491/2- 1557) painted when he was 21 ( circa 1513 ) most probably commissioned after his knighthood gained while fighting in the French Wars at Thereouenne, Tournay and The Battle of the Spurs (Guinegate) in the reign of King Henry VIII . Brydges ( Bruges) also fought at Calais (1532) and Boulogne (1533). In about 1512 Brydges married Elizabeth Grey, daughter of Edmund Grey, 9th Baron Grey de Wilton. Brydges became in ; 1529-36 :Member of Parliament for County of Gloucestershire, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1536 : Keeper of Langley Manor, and Ranger of Wichwood Forest, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1537 : High Sheriff of the County of Wiltshire, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1538 : Constable of Sudeley Castle, County of Gloucestershire, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1539 :Groom of the Privy Chamber, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1547 :Deputy Governor of Boulogne, ( Henry VIII reign ) 1549-50 : Sheriff of County of Gloucestershire. ( Edward VI reign) July 1553 : Lieutenant Of the Tower of London ( Mary 1 reign) 18th March- 19th May 1554 Princess Elizabeth, Queen Mary`s Protestant half sister ( later Queen Elizabeth 1) was placed in The Tower of London under the custody of Brydges. ( Mary 1 reign) Around 1512 he married Elizabeth Grey, daughter of Edmund Grey, 9th Baron Grey de Wilton ( distant relation to Lady Jane Grey , Queen for Nine Days) and had three children. He was a prominent figure at the English court during the reigns of Kings Henry VIII (Reign 21 April 1509 - 28 January 1547) and Edward VI (Reign, 28 January 1547 - 6 July 1553) and of Queen Mary ( Reign 19 July 1553 - 17 November 1558). Brydges ( whilst Lieutenant of the Tower of London ) attended to his prisoner Lady Jane Grey and accompanied her to the scaffold on 12 Feb, 1554, and was so charmed by her gentleness as to beg her to give him some memorial of her in writing. She granted him the request by inscribing a very important and moving goodbye to him in an English prayer-book, (which is now in the British Museum ) And is inscribed as follows: "For asmuch as you have desired so simple a woman to write in so worthy a book, good Master Lieutenant, therefore I shall as a friend desire you, and as a Christain require you, to call upon God to incline your heart to His laws, to quicken you in His ways, and not to take the word of truth utterly out of your mouth. Live still to die, that by death you may purchase eternal life: and remember how the end of Methusael who shall read in Scripture was the longest liver that was of man, died at last: for, as the preacher says, that there a time to be born and a time to die; and the day of death is better than the day of our birth. Yours, as the Lord knoweth as a friend, Jane Duddeley." Queen Mary ( 1516-1558 ) Queen of England and Ireland bestowed the title of Baron Chandos of Sudeley in 1554 to Brydges (He was a staunch Catholic, and on Mary`s accession became Lieutenant of the Tower of London and for a short while was the keeper of Queen Mary` s sister Princess Elizabeth ( later Queen Elizabeth I)) Through the first half of Mary`s reign he took an active part in public affairs. He was officially given Sudeley Castle and the title Lord Chandos of Sudely by Queen Mary for his part in the suppression of the Wyatt Rebellion. He died in March 1557 at Sudeley Castle in and was buried with heraldic ceremony in Sudeley Church. Sudeley Castle have a painting of this Sir John Brydges ( Bruges) as a young boy wearing the same hoop and belcher chain with decorated ruff. The Brydges family (through various generations) have married into many notable titled families. The Chandos Painting comes to Stowe via the marriage in 1796 of Richard Temple-Grenville, 1st Duke of Buck

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