Auction September 2021

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Auction September 2021

Arts & Antiques

Auction closed (5 day sale)

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Palisander veneer on oak pillowcase with beautiful overhanging hood, doors with cushions and black-stained stitched trims, standing on ball feet, ...

Lot 2

Oak cabinet

Oak cabinet with semi-columns on the corners and hood with profile frame, Holland ca. 1850, 210 cm high, 164 cm wide, 62 cm deep (various repairs)

Oak Empire cabinet with 4 drawers, tympanum hood with block edge 245 cm high, 176 cm wide, 64 cm deep (piece of frame of edge bottom center door)

Mahogany veneer on oak Louis Seize cabinet with curved base, with flutes, garlands, tympanum hood with vase ornament and block edge 260 cm high, 1...

Walnut veneer linen cupboard with fired (glued) crest, 238 cm high, 138 cm wide and 52 cm deep

Walnut veneer Biedermeier2-door linen cupboard with beautifully decorated crest, Holland ca. 1850, 245 cm high, 137 cm wide and 50 cm deep (glued ...

Solid oak desk table with 2 drawers, 76.5 cm high, 179x96 cm

Lot 8

Oak pew

Oak pew, 19th century 108 cm high, 125 cm wide, 44 cm deep

Classic mirror in a molded frame with rich decor and fitted with lights, 110x59 cm

Lot 10

Dining area

Mahogany veneer on oak coulisse table on a square column leg, 76 cm high, 14 cm diameter with a loose intermediate leaf of 124 cm wide, including ...

18th century solid oak bench with stitching in the back, among others. volutes, diamonds and rosettes, with 2 storage space under 2 flaps, 121 cm ...

Oak English side table with 3 drawers 70 cm high, 147 cm wide, 43 cm deep

2 walnut armchairs with classic upholstery

Series of 4 armchairs with walnut frame and brown leather, backrest is 106 cm high

Walnut color coffee table with richly carved edge under the top, 55 cm high, 109x68 cm

Top Form walnut veneer dining room table 75 cm high, top 130x84 cm, with intermediate leaf of 40 cm

series of 6 mahogany Chippendale style dining room chairs with 2 arm chairs with upholstered seat

Gray lacquered wooden 1-load Empire pidestal with gold-coloured accents, surrounded by panels, decorated garlands, bows and medallions, Western Eu...

Rosewood 2-piece cabinet with glass doors in the upper cabinet and lower cabinet with beautiful stitching, 183 cm high, 102 cm wide, 38 cm deep

Rosewood 2-piece sideboard with 4-door upper cabinet including display case, open intermediate section, 4-door lower cabinet, 4 drawers carved dec...

Rosewood 2-piece cabinet with glass doors in the upper cabinet and lower cabinet with beautiful stitching, 183 cm high, 102 cm wide, 38 cm deep

Oriental bar furniture with richly carved decor, 94 cm high (131 cm high when folded open), 79 cm wide, 43 cm deep

Rosewood furniture with open compartment, drawer with carved decor and fitted with a glass plate, 80 cm high, 75 cm wide, 36 cm deep

Rosewood cabinet with 2 doors and 2 drawers with carved decor, 86 cm high, 104 cm wide, 42 cm deep

Rosewood tea trolley with 2 drawers and a glass top 78 cm high, 78 cm wide, 43 cm deep

Rosewood flap desk with carved decor, 111 cm high, 94 cm wide, 43 cm deep

4-turn rosewood folding screen with rich decor of landscape, figures and ships, each panel is 188 cm high, 49 cm wide and 5 cm thick

Oriental oval coffee table with glass top with a richly carved decor of figures in a city with harbor below, 6 stools

Rosewood display unit with various shelves and carved decor on both sides, 180 cm high, 115 cm wide, 28 cm deep

Rosewood bookcase, 178 cm high, 92 cm wide, 33 cm deep

Oriental 2-piece cabinet with 4 doors, 2 drawers and stitching under the drawers 210 cm high, 118 cm wide, 56 cm deep

Oriental piece of furniture with 2 drawers and flap with beautiful lacquer decor, 40 cm high, 82 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Rosewood table with cloisonne inlaid decor in the top, China 20th century, 82 cm high, 33 cm diameter

Oak Renaissance richly decorated 4-door cabinet with drawer 197 cm high, 150 cm wide, 66 cm deep

Colonial 2-part oak with tropical wood type veneer cross leg cabinet with 2-door wall cabinet with 7 drawers in nest, 1 drawer in base cabinet, ri...

Walnut veneer on oak game table with green felt, amongst others. storage space and standing on convertible legs, England ca. 1780, 73.5 cm high an...

Guelders 1-door cushion cabinet with carved frieze, door with panels flanked by canelures, carved decor between the black-stained ball feet, Holla...

Oak 2-door wardrobe with full columns, facet cut mirrors, carved decor and loose frame, without shelves, 254 cm high, 136 cm wide, 58 cm deep

Oak Drents cabinet with curved hood and checkered edge, two panel doors with black-stained full columns on both sides and base cabinet with 3 draw...

Mahogany and walnut veneer on spruce Louis Quinze style cabinet with carved crest, 2 doors with glass panes with below 2 drawers leaning on 2 cary...

Oak Drents Louis XVI cabinet with round hood decorated with floral decorated decors, vase vase surrounded by teeth frame, including 2 panel doors ...

Oak richly decorated Renaissance style cabinet with 4 doors and 2 drawers, 20th century 205 cm high, 167 cm wide, 65 cm deep

Oak Art Deco plant table with marquetry piping 115 cm high

Oak 2-piece corner cupboard with decorated flower ornaments, 2 glazed doors in the upper cupboard and 2-door closed lower cupboard, early 20th cen...

Oak Louis Seize cabinet with roller shutter door and drawer 68 cm high, 60 cm wide, 46 cm deep

Solid oak flap desk with nesting behind flap, among others. 3 drawers and slightly curved front, Western Europe 18th century, 119 cm high, 123 cm ...

Solid oak 2-door linen cupboard with panel doors and volute-shaped carvings, Liège approx. 1780, 196 cm high, 180 cm wide and 61 cm deep

Faceted mirror in oak richly decorated frame with full columns 155 cm high, 98 cm wide

Blackened wooden pedestal with fluted column, 94 cm high

After an antique model rosewood veneer game table with green leather-look top and standing on square legs with control connection, folded out 73 c...

Solid oak buffet with 2 spheres on top, carved letter panels with patterned frame standing on 2 bottle legs and cabinet with letter panels surroun...

Solid oak cabinet with wrought iron connections, France/Spain approx. 1650, 171 cm high, 71 cm wide and 52 cm deep (legs not original)

2-piece oak linen press with blackened wooden turning mechanism and walnut handle, 170 cm high, 73 cm wide and 50 cm deep (traces of woodworm)

Solid oak flap desk with nesting behind flap, among others. 5 drawers, the Netherlands ca. 1800, 106 cm high, 98 cm wide and 42 cm deep (replaceme...

Oak Guelders pillowcase with decorated frieze and 2 panel doors, flanked by flutes and standing on ball feet, fully equipped with blackened accent...

2-piece walnut veneer Louis Seize-style cupboard with straight cap rail on which railings, w. 4 doors with marquetry and medallions with woman, fu...

Mahogany veneer on oak secretary with various compartments and drawers behind the flap, Holland ca. 1840, 159 cm high, 99 cm wide, 52 cm deep

Grunderzeit verticot / maid's cupboard with drawer and 2 doors, 135 cm high, 99 cm wide, 47 cm deep

Adjustable walnut veneerBiedermeier full-length mirror 168 cm high and 64 cm wide

2 Napoleon III Boulle style 1-door wall cabinets with marble tops, brass fittings, trim and inlay, France ca. 1870, 106 cm high, 82 wide and 39 cm...

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