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Over 120 lots of original artworks and prints, ranging from £30 to £300.

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room Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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Affordable Art

Over 120 lots of original artworks and prints, ranging from £30 to £300.

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Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Moorings Whitby', watercolour signed, titled verso 29cm x 38cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'South Bay Scarborough', pastel signed, titled verso 27cm x 36cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Down to Robin Hood's Bay', watercolour signed, titled verso 27cm x 35cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Scarborough Marina', watercolour signed, titled verso 30cm x 30cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Sunny Sinnington' and 'Rievaulx Abbey', two watercolours signed, titled verso 28cm x 39cm and 33cm x 37cm (2)

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Whitby', watercolour signed, titled verso 22cm x 29cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Darnholme in Winter' near Whitby, pastel signed, titled verso 36cm x 45cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Lavender Fields Terrington', watercolour signed, titled verso 27cm x 34cm; 'Heather Moorland', watercolour with coll...

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Allotments', watercolour and collage signed and titled 30cm x 40cm

Penny Wicks (British 1949-): 'Abbey Ruins Whitby' and 'Butterfly', two mixed media signed, titled verso 30cm x 23cm and 14cm x 20cm (2)

Don Micklethwaite (British 1936-): HMS Ark Royal at Scarborough 1988, oil on canvas 45cm x 60cm Provenance: commissioned by the vendor, later used...

James Lishman after Jack Rigg (British 1927-): 'Out of Scarborough', oil on canvas signed, titled verso 45cm x 60cm

James Lishman after Jack Rigg (British 1927-): 'A Safe Return Home' Whitby, oil on canvas signed, titled verso 45cm x 60cm

Michael Whitehand (British b.1941): Clipper in Full Sail, oil on canvas signed and dated '78, 62cm x 75cm

George Drury (British 1950-): 'Navahoe and Britannia 1893', oil on board signed, titled verso 39cm x 57cm

After Geoff Butterworth (British 1952-): 'Midmorning Sunshine Filey Beach', limited edition print signed in pencil, together with a marine waterco...

Ronald Cavalla (British 1940-): Calm Waters, oil on board signed 9cm x 12cm

John Francis Branegan (British 1843-1909): 'Whitby Sunrise', watercolour signed and titled 19cm x 23cm

Continental School (19th/20th century): Unloading on the Shore, oil on canvas indistinctly signed 29cm x 22cm

English School (19th century): Scarborough North Bay, oil on panel unsigned 12cm x 21cm

K Lund (British 20th century): Whitby Harbour, oil on board signed 39cm x 65cm

JG Hall (British 19th/20th century): Figures in Whitby Abbey, watercolour signed and dated 1900, 24cm x 34cm

Dutch School (Early 20th century): Figures on Sandy Shores, pair watercolours unsigned 16cm x 24cm (2)

English School (19th century): Sailing Ship's Portrait, oil on panel unsigned 19cm x 27cm

T B Hardy (British 1842-1897): 'Off Scarborough', watercolour signed titled and dated 1890, 18cm x 49cm

Don Micklethwaite (British 1936-): 'Low Tide' and 'Evening Harbour', pair limited edition prints signed in pencil 30cm x 39cm (2)

English School (20th century): Naval Battle, oil on canvas unsigned 64cm x 91cm

E Charles Simpson (British 1915-2007): 'Misty Day Snape' watercolour signed, titled verso and dated Nov. 1979, 37cm x 54cm

Adam Knight (British 1855-1931): Landscape, watercolour signed; together with a similar watercolour by another hand indistinctly signed, each 12cm...

C Jones (British mid 20th century): Land and Townscape Views, set eight miniature watercolours framed as four, max 10cm x 9cm (4)

J Brown (British 19th century): 'Ivy Bridge Near Plymouth', monochrome watercolour signed and dated 1823, 29cm x 39cm

Attrib Henry Rollett (British exh.1886-1916): Village with Horse and Cart, oil on panel signed Rollett 30cm x 40cm

Albert Pollitt (British 1856-1926): 'The Gleaners' on the Shore, watercolour signed and dated 1908, titled verso 61cm x 46cm; Staithes, pastel ind...

Sidney Valentine Gardner (Staithes Group 1869-1957) Thatched Cottage Gardens, pair watercolours signed 23cm x 16cm (2)

Italian School (Early 20th century): Riviera Landscape, watercolour and gouache indistinctly signed 24cm x 18cm

Austin Smith (British early 20th century): Garden Scene, watercolour signed and dated 1917, 21cm x 33cm

English School (Early 20th century): Coastal Town, watercolour unsigned 20cm x 30cm

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