Fine and Rare Antique Arms & Armour, Orders and Militaria

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Fine and Rare Antique Arms & Armour, Orders and Militaria

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dating: late 18th Century provenance: Indopersia, In leather, of circular, convex shape with slightly raised border. All the surface (small parts ...

Lot 171

A whip

dating: circa 1900 provenance: Caucasia, Cylindrical, silver grip, finely engraved and nielloed with floral and geometrical motifs. With a leather...

dating: provenance: Syria, Made of bronze. Shaped as a bell at the lower part, flat disk at the center, cylindrical column at the upper part with...

dating: circa 1600 provenance: Flanders, Interesting and rare iron, single-and-false-edged blade with hollow tip, the base finely engraved with fl...

dating: circa 1900 provenance: Budapest, The knife with a single-edged blade, probably from a sabre, featuring a wide fuller and engraved with rac...

dating: circa 1900 provenance: Malta, Gilded and enamelled silver neck insignia (two small chips). Complete with gilded silver trophy bearing the ...

dating: second quarter of the 18th Century provenance: Tuscan-Emilian area, Made of iron, with flat plate, oblique borders at the back and with sm...

dating: About 1625 provenance: Northern Italy, Flat plate with cusped borders, tang with button shaped as a bud, hammer with tight base and carved...

dating: late 18th Century provenance: England, Silver pommel, engraved with floral motifs and provided with English marks. Wooden stick with doubl...