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Pete Townshend - a Gibson SG Special broken guitar body, 1969 A broken rosewood body from a Gibson SG Special guitar smashed by Pete Townshend, when playing on the North American leg of the Who's 1969 tour. The body has the holes where the original Vibrola would have been removed prior to being used, a standard modification by Townshend. The full black wraparound pickguard with white binding is still held in place by just two of its original screws, (these full pickguards usually appear on 1966–1970 models). The corner of the body, where the knobs and switches usually are, has broken completely off, along the line of the backplate to the electrics. No electrical parts are present except a single wire poking out from the hole where the lower pickup would have been. One cutaway point at the top of the body has also completely snapped off. The guitar piece is accompanied by a letter from Tony Haslam, a former lighting engineer for the Who. He explains how the S.G. Special broken guitar body was owned, played and smashed by Pete Townshend of The Who on the North American tour in 1969. This guitar body was retrieved and kept by myself after one of the gigs from this tour. The earliest appearance of Townshend's use of the Gibson SG Special (other than one he borrowed in 1966 from a support group the Tages) is July 1968, likely purchased at Manny’s Music, New York. Throughout his use of this guitar from 1968–1971, he usually used 1966–1970 models, which feature the full black wraparound pickguard. He did, however, occasionally use pre-1966 models, which feature the small pickguard, especially in 1971 as the available supply began to dry up. Pete stopped using these guitars in 1971 when Gibson had changed the production specification and the existing supply dried up.

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