Fine Silver and the Art of the Table

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Fine Silver and the Art of the Table

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Italy, second half of the 19th century, 21x17x7 cm., body engraved and chiseled with Empire motifs, complete with two irrelevant ground glass bott...

Rome, mid 19th century circa, 22x19x8 cm., body engraved and chiseled with Empire motifs, complete with two irrelevant ground glass bottles in amb...

Milan, mid 19th century circa, 23,5x20x9 cm., plain body with shaped elements with scroll motifs, complete with two ground glass bottles, weight 2...

Italy, 19th century, 26x15 cm., marks of Onorato Pini (active since 1861 in Livorno and Florence), circular section body decorated with vegetal m...

Rome, 19th century, 21x17 cm., marks of Giannotti Angelo, embossed and chiseled circular body with vegwtal motifs, lid centered by a sculpture dep...

Rome, 19th century, 24x22 cm., marks of Biazzi Pietro, embossed and chiseled circular body with plant motifs, lid centered by a sculpture depicti...

Lot 8

Silver jug

London, 1845, 23x15x9 cm., marks of Joseph Angell I & Joseph Angell II, plain body engraved with motifs of vegetable volutes, shaped handle, weigh...

Lot 9

Silver jug

London, 1902, h.25 cm., plain body, shaped wooden handle, gross weight 441 gr., defects

Germany, late 19th century, h. 34.5 cm., crystal body engraved with landscape motifs, engraved and chiseled silver frame with putto, vegetal and f...

Sicily, 18th-19th century, 32x42 cm., with a print depicting a genre scene

Rome, 19th-20th century, 39x25 cm., body chiseled with vegetal and floral motifs and neoclassical figures

Italy, second half 19th century, 27x21 cm., oval shape, weight 785 gr.

Lot 18

Silver tray

Italy, 19th century, d. 36 cm., circular shape weight 635 gr.

Regno Sabaudo 1803 - 1809, h. 24 cm. - 5x39.5x21 cm., jug with double volute handle, oval section basin with shaped profile and shell-shaped handl...

London, 1890, 2x7,5x8 cm., lid with enamel depicting an equestrian scene, weight 132 gr.

early 20th century, 1,5x8x6,5 cm., with on the cover a portrait of peasant woman

USA, early 20th century, 1x7,5x8,3 cm., lid with guilloche enamel depicting a young lady, weight 129 gr.

London, Queen Victoria, 15x10.5 cm., marks of Thomas Smily, circular body, resting on four volute feet, opaline interior, weight 200 gr.

Lot 41

Silver mug

Berlin, 19th century, h. 14 cm., cylindrical shape, plain body decorated with concentric circles, volute handle with curly grip, weight 504 gr.

Lot 42

Silver mug

Chester 1901, h.12 cm., marks of George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, plain body, weight 250 gr. ...[more]

Lot 45

Silver mug

London, 1853, h. 11 cm., marks of James & Nathaniel Creswick, embossed and chiseled body with floral and vegetal motifs, shaped handle with vegeta...

France, 1911-1916, 18,5x18,5x9x5 cm. each, marks of Alphonse Debain, embossed and chiseled bodies with volutes and vegetal motifs, complete with b...

Italy, 20th century, 12,5x13,5x8 cm., chiseled body with floral garlands and lion heads, taken in the shape of a female figure with cornucopia, co...

Rome, mid 19th century, total weight 391 gr., a) pair of silver salt cellars, marks of Stefani Pietro, circular bodies chiseled with motifs of vol...

Lot 52

Silver cruet

Italy, second half of the 19th century, 30,5x24x12 cm., embossed and chiseled body with vegetal scroll motifs, complete with two glass bottles, we...

Germany, 19th-20th century, 4x7x3 cm., swan shaped, satin glass interior complete with four teaspoons, within case, total weight 200 gr.

Lot 56

Silver plate

France, 19th century, d. 21 cm., band decorated with eighteenth-century male profiles within oval reserves joined by a garland, weight 280 gr.

Austria, 1735 -1736, h. 29.5 cm., pyriform section resting on a circular base, wooden handle, rounded lid, wears, weight 780 gr.

London, George II, 1751, h. 25.5 cm., pear-shaped body with twisted surface, spout with dolphin-headed beak, wooden volute handle, weight 843 gr.

Germany, 19th-20th century, h. 23.5 cm., decorated with floral motifs and female bust, weight 474 gr.

Lot 64

Silver cup

Germany, 19th-20th century, h. 27.5 cm., cup decorated with floral motifs and female bust with male head, weight 410 gr.

Holland, 1903, L. 33 cm., decorated with the coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam and genre scenes, total weight 480 gr.

different manufactories, 19th-20th century, L. maximum 39.5 cm., total weight 897 gr.

Sheffield, late 19th century, L. maximum 36 cm., silver metal roast cutlery set with bone handles, inside wooden box. Provenance: Rome, Petochi Co...

Lot 77

Silver tray

Birmingham, 1900, 25x19 cm., marks of Thomas Hayes, rectangular body embossed and chiseled with plant motifs, weight 206 gr.

London, 4x26x21 cm., marks of Lionel Alfred Crichton, embossed and chiseled body with vegetal and geometric motifs, weight 856 gr.

China, early 20th century, h. maximum 14 cm., decorated in relief with naturalistic motifs, dragon shaped handles and lid grips, total weight 1284...

Japan, 20th century, 1,5x12,5x8 cm., decorated externally and internally with landscape motifs with pagodas, wears, weight 123 gr.

France, 19th century, total weight 2885 gr., marks of Henri Soufflot (1884-1910), handles decorated with monograms.

Paris, early 20th century, 16x32x22 cm., finely chiseled with vegetal motifs, podded profile, marks of Robert Linzeler active between 1872 and 194...

France, early 20th century, 45x73x46 cm., marks of J. Emile Puriforcat, shaped profiles and wooden handles, comprising of: a samovar, a teapot, a ...

London 1837, 2,5x7,5x5 cm., marks of Nathaniel Mills, oval section, surface engraved and decorated with blue enamel, lid centered by a musical tro...

Italy, 20th century, 16x9.5x11.5 cm., rounded and satin oval body, signed, weight 490 gr.

France, 20th century, 24x10 cm., circular base with turned stem, gross weight 1039 gr. signed, defects

20th century, total weight 223 gr., a) a candle holder signed Cartier, h. 5 cm.

France, 20th century, l. 17 cm,., decorated with a 5-franc coin year 1851, signed, within original box, weight 46 g.

Germany, 20th century, weight 1563 gr., plain body Liberty line, inlaid profiles with geometric patterns, complete with warmer, h. 38,5 cm.

European manufacture 20th century, h. maximum 27 cm., chiseled covers with vegetal volutes and flower garlands, comprising: a teapot, a coffee pot...

London, 1860, 14x23x15 cm., marks of Edward & John Barnard, plain body centered a sculpture depicting a British soldier with two lateral crystal a...

Birmingham, 1910, h. 14 cm., knurled bodies to simulate columns, gross weight 503 gr.

Lot 134

Silver stand

Sheffield, early 20th century, 13.5x21.5 cm., circular shape with surface decorated with floral and vegetal motifs, weight 423 gr.

Lot 135

Silver cup

Sheffield, 1903, 9x13.5 cm., marks of George Wish, embossed and chiseled body with floral and plant motifs, weight 162 gr.

London, 1903, 21x29 cm., marks of Hawksworth, Eyre & Co, embossed and chiseled body with floral motifs and vegetal scrolls, scalloped profile, wei...

Lot 137

Silver salver

London, 1854, 4,5x40 cm., marks of Daniel & Charles Houle, shaped body engraved and chiseled with vegetal and floral motifs, resting on three curl...

George III, London, 1807, d. 25 cm., marks of Paul Storr, shaped bodies with poded profiles, weight 2426 gr.

London, George III 1809, 19x29x23 cm, marks of Robert Garrard I, circular body chiseled with vegetal and scroll motifs, podded profiles, shaped ha...

France, 18th-19th century, h. 35 cm., ovoidal body on a circular base, surface decorated with classic motifs, shaped wooden handle, weight 1165 gr.

Bologna, 1812-1817, h. 30.5 cm., marks of Francesco Mari (1797-1838), pear-shaped body with plain surface, resting on three feet, wooden handle, p...

Venice, 18th century, h. 26 cm., piriform body on a shaped base, wooden handle, weight 774 gr.

18th-19th century, L. 32 cm., carved bone handles, gilded silver terminals shaped as a boar's head