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January Fine Art, Furniture, Decoratives, Jewelery, and Asian Art Auction

Clars Auction Gallery Including Property from Important San Francisco, Marin and East Bay estates, plus other Collections, Estates and Institutions throughout the US Catalogue 18 Jan 2020 09:30 PT (17:30 GMT) (2 day sale)

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A Chinese blue and white vase, decorated with dragon chasing flaming pearl, 11.5"h

Chinese Blue and white vase, of cylindrical shape, decorated with two birds amid prunus and bamboo, 10"h

(Lot of 2) Pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls with clould scroll band decoration, dia 4.5" ...[more]

(Lot of 2) Pair of Chinese underglaze blue porcelain bowls, exterior decorated with lotus scrolls, Guangxu mark to the base, 5.5"w

A blue and white Chinese bottle vase, painted with deer and trees, a four-character mark to the base, 3.25"w x 6.5"h

A Chinese blue and white porcelain censer on tripod, decorated with fruited branches, unglazed base, interior, exterior and feet, 7.25" w x 3.25"h

A Chinese peach blossom red dish, a Jingdezhen mark to the base, dated 1954, 7.5"dia

(lot of 4) A group of Chinese clair de lune lobbed porcelain plates, each incised with froal scrolls and stamped with a flower basket in the cente...

A Chinese Qingbai porcelain box, of circular shape, the cover incised with peony flowers, unglazed base, 5.75" dia

A Chinese Longquan celadon tripod Planter, size 6.5"h

(lot of 4) Chinese famille-rose enameled porcelain: first, a dish; second, a bottle vase; third: a small wine cup; the last, a double-gourd vase, ...

(lot of 7) Chinese five molded ceramic vegetables, including gourds, eggplants, together with two porcelain wine cups, largest: 3.5"l ...[more]

A Chinese Famille-verte brush pot, of cylindrical shape, depicted with qilin in the garden scene, 5" w x 7.5"h

Two Chinese famille-rose bowls, one decorated with leafy flower and double-gourd, the other painted with seated beauty and a deer, bigger bowl dia...

A Chinese famille-rose tea tray, of rectangular shape, interior painted with leafy chrysanthemum on the rock, size 9.5"w x 7"h ...[more]

(lot of 3)Three Chinese famille-rose seal paste boxes, early 20th century, large one size 3.5"w x 2"h

(Lot of 4 ) Chinese enamelled porcelain dishes, three painted with pheasant and flowers, the last one is of a lobed shape and painted with lotus f...

A Chinese export enamelled porcelain teapot, the body flanked by two circular panels that painted with figures, decorated with golden foliage patt...

A Chinese famille-rose dish, silver gilt to the body and the mouth rim, decorated with butterflies and flowers, a six character chenghua mark to t...

A Chinese enamelled "butterfly and flower" porcelain dish, a light oliver color ground dish decorated with flower and butterflies, size 7.5"dia

(lot of 3) Chinese export famille-rose porcelain dishes, the first is painted with butterflies and peony flowers, and bird; the second with a leaf...

A Chinese famille rose sweet-meat tray, of rectangular fan shape, olive green ground interior, external wall painted with figures and bats, 8.5"l ...

A Chinese famille-rose bowl, of lobbed mouth rim and decorated with flowers and butterflies in both interior and exterior body, a six-character Ji...

A Chinese famille rose sweet-meat tray, of rectangular fan shape, olive green ground interior, external wall painted with figures on the mountaino...

A Chinese famille rose enameled porcelain stick-neck vase, the long neck issuing from a body of compressed ovoid form and painted with children at...

(lot of 2) A pair of Chinese porcelain bowls painted with bamboo and cricket, dia 4.25" ...[more]

(lot of 4) Chinese famille-rose tea pots: the first, a pair lidded teapot, enamelled with peony flowers with Qianlong mark to the base; the second...

(lot of 2) Two phoenix-tail blue and white vases, each decorated with " xi " character, flowers and branches, tallest: 16.5"h

A Chinese blue and white bottle vase, with open base, decorated with "xi" character and dragons chasing flaming pearls, size 14.5"h ...[more]

A Chinese blue and white vase, pear shape and decorated with phoenix, flower and rocks and molded mystery beast handles, size 15"h

Chinese Blue and white figural vase depicting the story of "The Three Kingdoms" (chipped, repairs to rim),17"h

(lot of 2) Two of blue and white phoenix-tail vases, each decorated with floral and foliate patterns with a "xi" character in the center, size 14h

(lot of 3)Three blue and white " marriage" ginger jars, each decorated with character " xi", large one size 17"h

(lot of 2) Chinese gilt-bronze figure of Guan Yin, One seating; the other with one arm resting on a rock , with stand size 12"w x 10"h ...[more]

A Chinese famille-rose tea pot, inscribed with Du mu's poem and signed as Liu Sentai, late 19- 20th century, size 3.5"h x 6.5"w ...[more]

(lot of 2) The first, A Chinese iron-red ground dish decorated with mystical beasts; the second, a blue and white jar painted with cherry blossoms...

A Chinese enameled porcelain dish, painted with children at play, six character mark to the base, size: 5.25" dia

A Red ground lobbed dish, decorated with poems and flowers, size 9.5"w x 1.5"h ...[more]

(lot of 4) A group Longquan celadon wares, including two lobbed dish, one brush pot and one larger dish incised with leaf patterns

A Chinese wood table screen inset with carved jade plaque; Overall size: 10.25"w x 16.25"h ...[more]

A Chinese famille-vert bowl decorated with peaches and branches 5.75"w x 2.5"h

Chinese Jian type ceramic bowl, with a dark glaze with russet colored oil spots, recessed base, 4.8"w

(lot of 2) Two Chinese Ru style wares; the first a crackle lobed celadon ru style bowl, the second, in the shape of archaistic censor, bowl size 5...

Chinese porcelain bowl, four character mark to the bottom and painted with landscape, inscribed and with one seal, Dia 4.5"

(lot of 2) Two blue and white porcelain pots, one with floral scrolls decoration, the other depicting scholars gathering in the garden, largest: 4...

(Lot of 2) A carved hardstone snuff bottle depicting a rooster, together with an ovoid form hardstone carving of two figures in a pavilion surroun...

(Lot of 3) Three Chinese molded porcelain snuff bottles , largest: 2"w x 2.5"h

(lot of 2) A pair of handled Yixing teapots, with four-character maker's mark to the bottom, size 4.75"w x 5"h

A Chinese wood brush pot, carved with flowers, 3.5"w x 5"h ...[more]

A Chinese ceramic tripod censer, with double handle and incised with bamboo , size 5.25"w x 3.5"h

A lidded Chinese cloisonn‚ box, of turquoise ground and the body painted with flowers , size 4.5"w x 2.5"h

Lobed Lotus famille-rose plate, size 8.5"l x 6"w x 1.75"h ...[more]

A large Chinese famille rose vase, of pear body and overall decorated birds and flowers, flanked with two yellow ground phoenix and peony panel, r...

(Lot of 4) A Chinese black lacquer four-panel screen, depicting Chinese figures in a garden scene, size 22"w x 85"h

A Chinese turquoise ground garlic bottle vase, painted with flowers and foliages, size 10"h

(lot of 5) Japanese iron ware: one handled pot, one sake server on wood base, one dish; copper ware: a boat and a whale shaped dish, largest: appr...

(lot of 14 ) Japanese group of teapots and cups: green teapot with bamboo handle, matching two tea cups; blue-and-white teapot decorated with koi ...

(lot of 3) Japanese Satsuma ware: one circular kogo incense box on tripod, one Dragon ware sugar pot, marked "Dai Nippon Satsuma Fujisan", one cyl...

(lot of 2) Japanese miniature scrolls: reprint of "The Four Seasons Landscape" by Toyo Sesshu (1420-1506); "The Cycle of Life" by Yokoyama Taikan ...

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