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Important November Fine Art, Furniture, Decoratives, Jewellery, and Asian Art Auction

Clars Auction Gallery Including Property from Important San Francisco, Marin and East Bay estates, plus other Collections, Estates and Institutions throughout the US Catalogue 16 Nov 2019 09:30 PST (17:30 GMT) (2 day sale)

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  • Oakland, California

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  • 5644 Telegraph Avenue
  • Oakland
  • California
  • 94609
  • United States

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium inc. VAT/sales tax: 27.60%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 6.00%
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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Chinese Blue and White Vase

Lot 4001

A blue and white Chinese vase depicting scholar and servant, 6.5"W x 12.5"H

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Chinese Blue-White Vase Pierced

Lot 4002

A Chinese blue and white revolving vase, with pair of mystical beast handles , six-character mark to the base; 5.5"w x 8.75"h

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A Chinese Blue and White Footed Bowl

Lot 4003

A Chinese blue and white footed bowl decorated with dragon chasing flaming pearls and elephant head handles , 10.5"W x 12"H

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A Pair of Chinese Double Gourd vases

Lot 4005

A pair of Chinese double gourd Familie-rose vases, enameled with floral decoration on a green ground, 8.5"W x 14"H

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Chinese hardstone carving

Lot 4007

A Chinese hardstone carving of a covered antique vase surrounded with four dragons 9"H x 6"W

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A Chinese Wooden Ruyi Scepter Inset with Three Carved Jade Panel

Lot 4008

A Chinese wooden ruyi scepter inset with three carved jade panels 19.5"W x 3.25"H

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A Chinee Wood carved Ruyi Scepter

Lot 4009

A Chinese wooden ruyi scepter, with "longevity" incised in the central panel, 14.5"W x 4.5"H

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(Lot of 2)Two Chinese Cloisonn‚ Pieces

Lot 4014

(Lot of 2) One is a large cloisonn‚ vase decorated with flowers, the other, a cloisonn‚ box of a mandarin duck shape, size: 19.5"H x 8"W

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Chinese Phoenix-tile Vase

Lot 4015

A Chinese phoenix-tile vase painted with ladies playing in the garden, a six-character "kangxi" mark to the base, 19"h x 7.5 w

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A Chinese Blue and White Rouleau Vase

Lot 4016

A Chinese blue and white rouleau vase with figural decoration,19.25"H x 7.5"W

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A Chinese Bronze Vessel

Lot 4017

A Chinese bronze vessel in a duck shape, 14.5"H x 8.5"W

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Two Chinese Hardstone Carvings

Lot 4021

(Lot of 2)Two Chinese hardstone carvings, one is a tripod censer decorated with mystical beast on the top and chilong handles with loose rings, th...

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Chinese Shiwan Pottery Figure of Libai

Lot 4022

A carved Chinese Shiwan pottery figure of Libai, 7.5"W x 6"H

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A Chinese Huangyangmu Brushpot

Lot 4024

A Chinese huangyangmu brushpot, 3.25"W x 4"H

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(lot of 3) Two Chinese Bronze seals

Lot 4026

(lot of 3) Two Chinese Bronze seals, together with one Buddhist sculpture, 4.5"W x 3.25"H

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Chinese Celadon Jade Sword Slide

Lot 4028

Chinese jade sword slide, the celadon rectangular body incised with scrolls on a grid pattern having a concave top, the flat bottom with russet in...

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Chinese Table screen

Lot 4031

Chinese table screen inset with "Han" style tile head. Han dynasty 7.25"W x 14.25"H

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Chinese Bronze Figure of Buddha, 2"W x 3.5"H

Lot 4035

A small Chinese bronze figure of buddha, 2"W x 3.5"H

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Chinese Archaistic Stone Mask

Lot 4036

Set of 19-piece Chinese archaistic stone mask, with facial features including eyes, nose and mouth, with box, largest: 3"W, with box size: 11"H x ...

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Japanese Iga-yaki Dish, Munakata-yaki Dish

Lot 4040

(lot of 2) Japanese Iga-yaki deep dish with floral motif in grass-green color, together with a light green Munakata-yaki dish with a pale blue in ...

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Japanese Shinsa Vase

Lot 4047

Japanese shinsa vase, short neck above octagonal body of dark mauve, painted with cinsha (cinnabar) with signed and sealed tomobako kiri box, app...

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Japanese Celadon Censer, Incense Box

Lot 4048

(lot of 2) Japanese celadon censer in the form of an owl, signature to the base; a kogo (box for keeping incense) in the form of bamboo leaf with ...

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(lot of 10) Chinese Lacquered Architectural Pieces

Lot 4059

(lot of 10) Chinese lacquered architectural pieces Largest panel size: 23"L x 7"W

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Japanese Bamboo Kazaridana and Stand

Lot 4063

(lot of 2) Japanese bamboo kazaridana and stand for tea ceremony items display: larger one with a shelf top and bottom with two between, largest: ...

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A Chinese Bronze Censer

Lot 4076

A Chinese bronze Censer with taotie ring handles, 13.75"h

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(lot of 2) Two Chinese Hanging Scrolls, Ink and Color on Paper

Lot 4108

(lot of 2) Two Chinese hanging scrolls, ink and color on paper: the first one, an old man and a child, signed and jingli, bearing a seal reading W...

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( lot of 3) Three Persian Calligraphy Panels

Lot 4115

( lot of 3) Three Persian Calligraphy Panels, consisting of a page from the Qu'ran framed by a border with gilt floral scrolls; Image size: 12"w x...

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Mixed Medias, Samantha Barrie

Lot 4390

(lot of 2) Samantha Barrie (American, 20th century), "Hong Kong on Tuesday," 1994, and "Beijing on Friday," 1996, mixed medias, each signed and da...

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Jade pendant

Lot 4483

Jade pendant The jadeite root, measuring approximately 4.0 X 1.5 X 0.25 inches, suspended from a nylon cord

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(Lot of 10) Multi-stone bead, metal and items

Lot 4484

(Lot of 10) Multi-stone bead, metal and items Including 1) fluorite wand, measuring approximately 4.50 X 0.85 inches; 1) carved carnelian, metal...

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(Lot of 4) Glass, cardboard boxes

Lot 4536

(Lot of 4) Glass, cardboard boxes Each box measures 12.00 X 8.25 X 1.00 inch, with a glass top and black cardboard bottom, sides, with 3) metal ...

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Art Deco Meriden Britannia Co. sterling trophy urn

Lot 4585

Art Deco Meriden Britannia Co. sterling trophy urn, inscibed "L.M.G. & Co. 1929 Washington's Birthday Tournament/Second Flight/Won by J. Levinger"...

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Document box, 19th Century, Haerhill, MA

Lot 4678

Document box, 19th Century, Haerhill, MA, marked "J. Stone" to the bottom, 6'h x 14"w

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Pacific Northwest Tlingit or Haida carved wood grease bowl

Lot 4714

Pacific Northwest Tlingit or Haida carved wood grease bowl, 20th Cenutry, the oval bowl with pinked bear form masques inlaid with bone and abalone...

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Burmese kalaga pillow

Lot 4867

Burmese kalaga pillow, 20"h x 20"w

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Large collection world coins

Lot 6806

Large collection world coins, including Hong Kong, English, Canadian, Mexican, Euro, etc

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Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Refresh tin sign

Lot 6831

Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Refresh tin sign, 54"h x 18"w

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Japanese Bizen ware

Lot 8001

(lot of 3) Japanese Bizen ware: censer with a pierced cover on a bulbous body and a large tea bowl (signed) for tea ceremony; together with a miz...

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Japanese wood vase, lacquered

Lot 8012

Japanese vase, made of a tree trunk with a copper insert, bird and flower in gilt and lacquer, approx. 11.5"h

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Chinese Jade and Hardstone Inlaid Table Screen

Lot 8025

A Chinese jade and hardstone inlaid table screen, the front panel decorated with potted jade magonolia, the back central inlaid with a jade carvin...

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(Lot of 2) Chinese Rock Crystal Carvings

Lot 8026

(Lot of 2) Chinese rock crystal carvings, the first in the form of a seated bear scratching its ear; the second, a libation cup flanked by a pair ...

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A carved Chinese cinnabar lacquer snuff bottle

Lot 8027A

A carved Chinese cinnabar lacquer snuff bottle, each main side portraying scholars accompanied by an attendant having tea or on the journey, the ...

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(Lot of 2) Chinese Hardstone Bangle and Foo Dog

Lot 8030

(Lot of 2) Chinese hardstone bangle, together with a carved hardstone of recumbent foo dog , largest: 5"l

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(Lot of 2) Chinese Two Carved Spinach Jade Carvings

Lot 8032

(Lot of 2) Two carved spinach jade carvings; a double-handle carved vase incised with flying dragons chasing a flaming pearl, surrounded with clou...

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Chinese Carved Green Jade Boulder

Lot 8035

A Chinese carved green jade boulder, of irregular ovoid profile, carved with a pine tree-surrounded pavilion compound nestled in deep mountains, t...

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Chinese Carved Archaistic Gu-Form Vase

Lot 8036

Chinese jade carved archaistic Gu-form vase, each facet of the flaring neck is incised with foliage decorations, the middle and bottom facets bear...

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Chinese Pale White Carved Hardstone Figure

Lot 8037

A Chinese pale white carved jade standing Buddha, 13.25"h

More details

(Lot of 5) Group of Chinese Soapstone Seals

Lot 8039

(Lot of 5) Chinese soapstone seals, two featuring mythical beasts; two with figures in landscape; and one of bamboo form with inscriptions, 3"h

More details

A Chinese pale jade carving of a recumbent ox and chilong, 1" h,

Lot 8040

A Chinese pale jade carving of a recumbent ox and chilong, 1" h,

More details

Chinese Cast Bronze Rectangular Vessel

Lot 8042

A cast bronze rectangular vessel, incised with " leiwen" pattern on the each side panel, with a stand,

More details

(Lot of 2) Pair of Chinese Enameled Porcelain Vases

Lot 8044

(Lot of 2) A pair of Chinese enameled porcelain vases, each decorated with old man and children at play, together with peach and bats, inscribed w...

More details

Chinese Longquan Celadon Vase

Lot 8046

A Longquan celadon arrow vase, the pear shaped body with two raised bands and flanked by a pair of tubular handles, 9" h

More details

A Chinese Cizhou Glazed Stoneware Jar

Lot 8047

A Cizhou glazed stoneware jar, the gently rounded body with domed shoulder and flaring neck, the body painted in stylized cloud scrolls, the shoul...

More details

Chinese Russet-Splashed Black-Glazed Vase

Lot 8048

A russet-splashed black-glazed vase with a flaring neck and everted mouth rim , 11.25"h

More details

Chinese Pair of Glazed Russet Splashed Vases

Lot 8052

A pair of glazed russet splashed vases, a glossy black glaze splashed with russet speckles, bottom and foot rim unglazed, 7"h

More details

A qianjiangcai enameled Chinese basin

Lot 8054

A qianjiangcai enameled Chinese basin, of cylindrical shape with two pair of small handles on the side, both central interior and exterior wall de...

More details

(Lot of 2) Two Chinese Blue and White Porcelains

Lot 8055

(Lot of 2) the first, a blue and white multi-color decorative porcelain tile, painted and depicted scholar and servant in an autumn landscape scen...

More details

Chinese Black Glazed " Oil Spot" Meiping Vase

Lot 8057

A black glazed " oil spot" Meiping vase, of ovoid form with a sloping broad shoulder set with a waisted neck and an everted mouth rim, the foot is...

More details

Chinese Dingyao Six-Lobed Deep Bowl

Lot 8058

A Dingyao six-lobed deep bowl, incised on the interior with a central medallion enclosing leafy plants, the six exterior panels incised with lotus...

More details

Chinese Blue and White Planter With Arabic Character Inscriptions

Lot 8059

A blue and white planter with Arabic character inscriptions, of rectangular shape other three exterior panels with the similar decoration, six- ch...

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