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Eye Sheep Art Trail 2019 in Support of Blossom Charity

Clarke and Simpson Auctions No VAT, Buyer's Premium or Internet Surcharge. Live Webcast Auction 12 Sep 2019 20:00 BST

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  • 19:00 BST - 20:00 BST
Framlingham, SUFFOLK

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  • Clarke & Simpson
  • Well Close Square
  • Framlingham
  • IP13 9DU
  • United Kingdom

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Lot 1

Hilda.Using a mixture of plein air and studio work, Alfie’s visual art captures the distinct landscapes of East Anglia through playful and evocati...

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Father Shepherd Sheep & two tickets to the Royal Opera House.

Lot 2

Father Shepherd Sheep & Two tickets to watch Gary Avis Victoria has worked alongside Gary Avis on her sheep.  Gary Avis is a distinguished ballet ...

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Ed Sheeram.

Lot 3

Ed Sheeram.Although her first love is style and fashion, Amanda also loves anything creative.  Ed Sheeran, is one of the world’s most successful m...

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Daughter of Esmerelda.

Lot 4

Daughter of Esmerelda.Daughter of Esmerelda was painted by Michael Soper as homage to the amazing cactus plant that Maggi Hambling has in her Suff...

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Lot 5

Bumble.Katie wanted to convey the importance that the Co-op place on being a part of their local communities when decorating this sheep. The bumbl...

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Lot 6

Neb-ewe-la.As Hoarders is sponsoring the sheep, Daisy wanted a theme that was both enticingly mystical and entertaining, yet remaining relevant to...

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Edith in her ewe shoes.

Lot 7

Edith in her ewe shoes.Having taken Edith to have her shoes fitted by a Startrite shoe fitter and chosen the fabulous Edith shoe , Bridget painted...

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Pop-eye the sailor lamb.

Lot 8

Pop-eye the sailor lamb.Popeye the sailor lamb was painted by Daisy Morris. She was inspired to decorate it this way that when she saw a similar s...

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Lot 9

Alchemy.Using found tools rather than conventional brushes, Nicola’s contemporary abstract art is frequently highly textured and many pieces featu...

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Ginny - the Spirit of Southwold.

Lot 10

Ginny - the Spirit of Southwolds.Anna wanted to use the colour palette from one of Adnams products and they both agreed on the Adnams Copper House...

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Prosper Ewe!

Lot 11

Prosper Ewe!Neishaa's designs draw on the essence of tradition, cultural juxtapositions, stories and sustainable materials that want to create a n...

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Lot 12

Sheeperlamb.Sheeperlamb was painted by Chloe Hunt.  Having a 3 year old cousin with a love for superheroes, Chloe decided to paint our very own su...

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Lot 13

Ramesh.The sheep theme is the Hindu festival of Holi. A colourful and vibrant festival which is celebrated every March mainly in India and Nepal. ...

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Maggi Hambling painting. **PLEASE NOTE CORRECT DIMENSIONS**

Lot 14

Maggi Hambling painting.Moon and Sea, Oil on board, 2018. Dimensions of painting 9cm x 14.5cm (overall frame 24cm x 29cm), signed by Maggi Hamblin...

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Signed Ed Sheeran Shirt.

Lot 15

Signed Ed Sheeran Shirt. Ed Sheeran, one of the world's most successful musicians, has kindly signed a T-shirt for us adding "Be the best Ew...

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A piece from Katie's "Animals in Hats" series.

Lot 16

A piece from Katie's "Animals in Hats" series.  Artist:Katie NiceDonated by Katie Nice.This piece is a continuation of Katie's 2019 "Animals in Ha...

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Overnight stay at The Swan Hotel.

Lot 17

Overnight stay at The Swan Hotel. An overnight stay in a fabulous room at the Swan Hotel, Southwold including B&B and a Tour for Two at eith...

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Sheepskin Rug

Lot 18

Donated by Woolly Comforts.Located in the idyllic Suffolk countryside, Woolly Comforts brings the great outdoors into your home with natural, cosy...

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From the Lampits Flock of Pedigree Southdown Sheep

Lot 18A

An opportunity to buy a whole fat lamb. It will be ready Late December 2019 or early January 2020. The butcher can cut it to suit your own speci...

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Lot 19

Vivaldi.Maggie worked closely with the sponsors, Rosedale to design their sheep and decided to reflect the four seasons of life using the fours se...

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Lot 20

Storytime.Children from Eye Primary School were chosen to design and paint their school sheep. They decided on a story theme because, at present, ...

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Lot 21

Lambikins.Lambikins was painted by Alex Hunt.  Being a fan of bright bold colours she decided to paint him in block style. He’s certainly not a la...

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Lot 22

Baaaarrrbosa.242 is the Forge Eye Youth Group that meets on a Sunday afternoon (4pm – 5pm) and Thursday evening (7.30pm – 9pm) and they were given...

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Rob Ram McGregor.

Lot 23

Rob Ram McGregor.Perhaps the most famous member of Clan Gregor is Rob Roy MacGregor (Robert Campbell - because of the Prescription) made famous by...

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Lot 24

Baa-Belle.Ellie works by day coaching others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, she has loved having the opportunity to design and paint Baa-...

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Lot 25

Jimba.Following a trip to Australia and New Zealand, Linda Walsh created two little lambs; one inspired by aboriginal art and the other by Maori. ...

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Lot 26

Fruity.Joy decorated this sheep showing lots of types of fruit and vegetables in recognition of some of the locally sourced produce the Coop sells...

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Lot 27

Blossom.Sarah was thrilled to be involved in the project as The Blossom Charity is very personal to her, having been on the programme.  Whilst she...

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Lot 28

Bubbles.Judith's work has developed through painting, glass and ceramics based on her travels. The sheep project was something she just had to get...

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Lot 29

Rene.Following a trip to Australia and New Zealand, Linda Walsh created the two little lambs; one inspired by aboriginal art and the other by Maor...

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Knotty Ewe!

Lot 30

Knotty Ewe!Keeping with Neishaa's love of creating fashion and lifestyle designs for an artful life through beautiful stories, the premise of the ...

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Lot 31

Ewetopia.Eleonora was inspired to decorate her sheep by the Day of the Dead festival held annually in Mexico. The festivities unfold over two days...

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Lot 32

Raymond.The sheep has been separated into different sections, each representing a different subject from school. The sheep is also wearing a schoo...

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Little Miss Pinkness.

Lot 33

Little Miss Pinkness.Little Miss pinkness is dedicated to all things pink and sparkly. Bridget McIntyre wanted to create a little lamb that made p...

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Baa baa bug hunt.

Lot 34

Baa baa bug hunt.Sharon's pieces are often influenced by nature and she has become known for her trailing leaf theme. She was keen to bring nature...

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The Ipswich Town Sheep.

Lot 35

The Ipswich Town Sheep.Chris decorated his sheep with vivid white clouds and a blue background inspired by the coaching he had from his mentor, Ma...

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Rocky Ram.

Lot 36

Rocky Ram.Rocky Ram was painted by a group of Wheatley employees, They chose to paint their sheep as a tiger becasue it was a fun challenge that m...

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