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Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk, A Wild In Art Event in Support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Clarke and Simpson Auctions No VAT, Buyer's Premium or Internet Surcharge. Elephants main bodies measure approx 110cm high, 129cm long and 68cm wide. Live Webcast Auction 03 Oct 2019 19:00 BST
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  • Ipswich Town Hall
  • Cornhill
  • Ipswich
  • Suffolk
  • IP1 1DH
  • United Kingdom

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Pip by Sue Guthrie. Sponsored by Coes.

Lot 1

The inspiration for Pip came from the beautiful rounded shape of the sculpture, which lends itself perfectly to becoming a watermelon. Diversity ...

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Ipsephant by Ian Gibson. Sponsored by BBC Radio Suffolk.

Lot 2

Ipsephant reflects the coastal position of Ipswich, so there is a transition from country woodland on Elmer’s back descending through the buildin...

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Tigelephant by Hil Sanderson. Sponsored by Scrutton Bland.

Lot 3

Tigelephant is a playful tiger interpretation of Elmer, a bright, bold and joyous character with beautiful eyes. Like elephants, tigers are a thr...

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Stella the Storyteller by Laura Beardsell-Moore. Sponsored by Killik & Co.

Lot 4

Stella the Storyteller stitches together her patchwork quilt of all the things she loves: her memories, experiences and dreams. Ordinary events c...

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Nellie by Emma Graham. Sponsored by Wyards Removals.

Lot 5

This design is inspired by the song ‘Nellie the Elephant’. It interprets the lyrics of the song, showing her broken chain from the circus, her pa...

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Suffolk Mastersby Emma Graham. Sponsored by Ipswich Borough Council.

Lot 6

This design is a celebration of the work of some of the county’s finest artists including Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable and Maggi Hambling....

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Marble’ella by Jane Mota, co-designed and painted by Glen Brooks. Sponsored by Imaginative Traveller

Lot 7

Marble’ella was inspired by the artist’s travels to India, where the elephant is very sacred and is loved and cared for, both in work and while p...

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A Day In Ipswich by IP Design Ltd. Sponsored by Haven Power.

Lot 8

This sculpture is a cartoon scene of Ipswich, showing all areas of life and with a focus on cultural and social aspects. Our county town is a col...

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Wild Wilmer by Lissie Hollis. Sponsored by Bailey's Photography.

Lot 9

This sculpture captures the wildlife of Suffolk’s Broads in a beautiful detailed design. Head out into the Suffolk countryside and explore the bro...

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Eleanor The Adventurer by Jade Dye. Sponsored by MHA Larking Gowen.

Lot 10

Eleanor is a kind-hearted soul who just wants to go on adventures and discover new places. Eleanor is inspired by the artist’s love for role play...

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Elmer Armstrong by Mik Richardson. Sponsored by Ipswich School.

Lot 11

Elmer Armstrong celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing led by Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin....

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Tree Trunk by Firebrand Creative. Sponsored by Firebrand Creative.

Lot 12

Tree Trunk is a fun play on words that creates an enveloping woodland scene with birds of paradise, butterflies and flowers to connect us back to...

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'Thirty Ears’ - The Hare-y Mammoth by Sarah Edwards. Sponsored by Francesco Hair Salon.

Lot 13

This design is inspired by Sarah Edward’s love of creating paper animal collages, of which hares are a favourite. The design is named ‘Thirty Ear...

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Constance by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Ipswich Buses.

Lot 14

Designed to commemorate the centenary of the first votes being granted for women in Britain, ‘Constance’ was inspired by Ipswich Buses and their ...

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Ladyphant by Deven Bhurke. Sponsored by Sailmakers Shopping Centre.

Lot 15

Ladyphant is inspired by the one of the most common ladybirds, the black-on-red markings species. Ladybirds are beneficial insects, managing gard...

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Treasure Trunk by Wild in Art, Spray Chrome UK. Sponsored by Shirley Shelley.

Lot 16

Treasure Trunk is stunning in its simplicity; this shining, metallic Elmer reflects the culture and community around us. Treasure Trunk reminds u...

More details

Petal by Sally Adams. Sponsored by Crest Nicholson.

Lot 17

This sculpture shows Elmer as a giant flower walking in the long grass and meeting some very colourful animal characters along the way. The giant...

More details

Tractor Boy by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Suffolk Agricultural Association.

Lot 18

Inspired by Suffolk agriculture and the wellknown nickname ‘tractor boy’, this design depicts a colourful and fun scene of the Suffolk countrysid...

More details

Suffolk Elephantasia by Glynn Thomas RE. Sponsored by Gotelee Solicitors.

Lot 19

The inspiration for this sculpture is Suffolk - the subject of the majority of Glynn Thomas’ etchings and his home county for 50 years. Elmer’s t...

More details

Castle on the Hill by Mik Richardson. Sponsored by Homestyle Windows and Conservatories.

Lot 20

This sculpture is based around the life and early years of local boy Ed Sheeran. The design shows mini murals depicting the special and memorable...

More details

Forget Me Not by Helen L. Smith. Sponsored by Boots.

Lot 21

On the theme of patchwork elephants, Helen L. Smith wanted to create a painted elephant that looked like it had been stitched and embroidered, so...

More details

Earnest Edmund by Mik Richardson. Sponsored by Ipswich Building Society.

Lot 22

Earnest Edmund is a celebration of Suffolk life, inspired by its beautiful countryside, coastline, towns and villages. The colourful sculpture pa...

More details

Vintage Paradeby Kathleen Smith. Sponsored by John Grose.

Lot 23

This sculpture gives a nod to the Ipswich to Felixstowe Historic Vehicle Run. The event is organised by volunteers at the Ipswich Transport Museum...

More details

Hope by Lois Cordelia. Sponsored by Suffolk Fostering and Adoption.

Lot 24

Celebrating the life-changing influence of fostering and adoption to nurture a child’s development through hope, this Elmer design depicts famili...

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Suki Sparkle by The Crafty Den.Sponsored by Buttermarket Centre, Ipswich.

Lot 25

This super sparkly sculpture is completely covered in glitter, for those of us who are attracted to the shiny things in life! Suki is of Japanese ...

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Woolmer-I-Am by Phil Daniels. Sponsored by Ipswich Borough Council.

Lot 26

Slightly smaller than your average mammoth, Woolmer-I-Am is a beautifully detailed dedication to its full-sized source of inspiration, Wool-I-Am,...

More details

The Room In The Elephant by Allan Williams. Sponsored by Inside Out Community.

Lot 27

The Room In The Elephant is a play on the expression ‘The elephant in the room’, using Elmer colours in the design of the room’s furnishings, par...

More details

Poppy by Laura Beardsell-Moore. Sponsored by Greater Anglia.

Lot 28

Poppy was inspired by the connections that we make with different places, with the environment around us and with Suffolk’s history and farming he...

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Big Ballet Bertha by Glen Brooks. Sponsored by Suffolk County Council.

Lot 29

This design was inspired by the artist’s fiancée’s love of ballet; once as a dancer and now through her love of watching the ballet. Although elep...

More details

Sundaes in Suffolk by Rise and Signs. Sponsored by Archant.

Lot 30

Sundaes in Suffolk is a dream come true in many ways. This sculpture embodies many of the artist’s fond memories of eating ice cream on weekend b...

More details

Woolly by David Graham. Sponsored by Curtis Banks.

Lot 31

The woolly mammoth is an extinct species from the ice age - remains of which have been found in Suffolk dating back 11,500 years. This elephant is...

More details

Elephantom of the Opera b y Emma Graham. Sponsored by Birketts Solicitors.

Lot 32

The sculpture name Elephantom of the Opera was chosen by Birketts Solicitors and given to commissioned Ipswich artist, Emma Graham to come up with...

More details

Life in its Diversity by Monika Cilmi. Sponsored by AXA,

Lot 33

The design is inspired by diversity in its most basic sense. It is represented by the movement of the calligraphic signs symbolising energy and th...

More details

Puzzelmer by Chris Morgan. Sponsored by Concertus.

Lot 34

When thinking of ideas for a sculpture trail, sometimes it pays to think a bit laterally and this design is the result of one of those lateral th...

More details

Pygmy Elmer by K-Page. Sponsored by Ipswich-East Suffolk Hockey Club.

Lot 35

This Elmer is dedicated to the endangered Pygmy Elephants of Borneo. The rainforests are under threat due to palm oil plantations and as a result...

More details

Elphis by Joy Pirkle. Sponsored by Willis Towers Watson.

Lot 36

This sculpture is a tribute to the late, great Elvis Presley during his Vegas years. The design incorporates the famous white jump suit, complete...

More details

Bee Kind by Maia Katie. Sponsored by Clarke & SImpson.

Lot 37

Bee Kind is inspired by and designed for the artist’s Grandma. While she was looked after by the staff and volunteers at St Elizabeth Hospice, Ma...

More details

Imagination Can Take You Anywhere by Lois Cordella. Sponsored by Zest.

Lot 38

Inspired by the world of fairytale and referencing a favourite saying of Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take ...

More details

Not On My Patch by Jason Alexander. Sponsored by St Elizabeth Hospice.

Lot 39

‘Not On My Patch’ was inspired by the need to raise awareness about the issues of single-use plastics, litter and waste in general. Local schools...

More details

Elleonidas II by Megan Heather Evans. Sponsored by Poundfield Products Ltd.

Lot 40

Elleonidas II is named after Leonidas I, a famous Roman Spartan. Ipswich is the oldest continuously inhabited English town. Under the Roman Empir...

More details

Sir Elephant John by Gabriella Keating-Fedders. Sponsored by Hudson Group Ltd.

Lot 41

Following Sir Elton John’s concert at Portman Road in 2017 - Sir Elephant John is here to celebrate the iconic legend. With Rocket Man cufflinks ...

More details

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant created by David McKee & Michelle Turton. Sponsored by Elmers Hardware.

Lot 42

“Elmer is different, Elmer is patchwork.” Elmer remains one of the most iconic and widely read children’s book series of all time, selling over 1...

More details

Together we’re stronger by Charmaine McKissock, Wobbly Learning. Sponsored by Suffolk Mind.

Lot 43

The elephant is a beloved symbol of gentle strength, bravery, playfulness, wisdom and community. And yet 100 African elephants are killed each da...

More details

Captain Eleyacht by Kieron Reilly & Lynsey Brecknell. Sponsored by ABP's Port of Ipswich.

Lot 44

Captain Eleyacht is inspired by Ipswich’s dock and waterfront area, where a nautical theme sits perfectly alongside the boats in the background. ...

More details

Welliephant by Helen L. Smith. Sponsored by Ashtons Legal.

Lot 45

Inspired by the Elmer story, when the rain washes off Elmer’s grey berry-juice to reveal his true colours, this design takes the theme of rain an...

More details

NauticEL by Julia Allum. Sponsored by Isaacs on the Quay.

Lot 46

This design features a simple patchwork coat of blue sky and maritime signal flags echoing the original Elmer design and celebrating Ipswich’s na...

More details

Elefont by Claudia Myatt. Sponsored by Neptune Marina Group.

Lot 47

This sculpture is a celebration of the history and development of Ipswich Waterfront with a design that is intended to be engaging to all ages. E...

More details

Elmer’s Travel Trunk by Angela Ashford, The Ashford Studio. Sponsored by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

Lot 48

This design is a total fantasy on the word ‘Trunk’. All elephants have trunks; Elmer has just gone one step further and had a travelling trunk ma...

More details

Umbrelliphant by Jenny Leonard. Sponsored by Aurora Bar & Restaurant.

Lot 49

Umbrelliphant This design was inspired by the perfect rounded shape of Elmer’s back - what fun to put a business like elephant in a suit under a ...

More details

Lord Admiral Nelly by Donna Newman. Sponsored by Palletways.

Lot 50

Lord Admiral Nelly This design was inspired by the great East Anglian Naval Commander, Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson. The English hero had strong l...

More details

E=MC2 by Lois Cordelia. Sponsored by University of Suffolk.

Lot 51

Elmer = Multi Coloured Squares is a useful way of remembering Einstein’s iconic equation E=MC2: Energy = Mass x Constant (Speed of Light) Squared...

More details

Artiphant by Chris Morgan. Sponsored by Wild in Art.

Lot 52

Artiphant is inspired by the work of Chris’ late wife, Valerie Osment, and the amazing Wild in Art trail sculptures she lovingly painted between ...

More details

Be Proud, Shout Loud! by Kim Hubball. Sponsored by Ipswich Glass.

Lot 53

This is a bold and fun sculpture using ‘Memphis Design’ as inspiration. The Memphis Group (actually based in Milan) were groundbreaking in their ...

More details

Skin Deep by Emma Graham. Sponsored by Cooper BMW / MINI Ipswich.

Lot 54

A patchwork of painted various animals skins, fur, feathers, scaled and shells from anteater to zebra; can you identify them all? Take the opport...

More details

Eleplant by Deven Bhurke. Sponsored by East of England Co-op.

Lot 55

Eleplant is inspired by the vegetable aubergine or ‘Eggplant’ as known in America. Aubergines are not the easiest crop to produce in Britain. The...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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