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to include two Whieldon type tortoiseshell plates, 23cm diameter, and a similar bowl, 24cm diameter; one painted to the centre with two fanciful b...

15cm high; a similar coffee cup and saucer; two creamware teacups and saucers, one printed in puce camaieu with classical scenes, the other decora...

moulded with prunus, 11cm high; an 18th century creamware sauce boat moulded as a fish, 18cm long; a Whieldon type moulded sauce boat with a torto...

decorated in a mottled glaze, 20cm high; two 18th century Whieldon type tankards, one decorated in a tortoiseshell glaze, 15cm high, the other wit...

19cm long; a 19th century salt glazed teapot and cover, of lobed melon shaped form, 17cm long (3)

modelled with the figures of a young boy and girl holding flowers, on scroll moulded bases, anchor marks in gilt, 27cm high (2)

modelled with globe, lion and trophies of war, 32.5cm high

holding scales and standing on a scroll moulded base, 30cm high; a Derby figure of Falstaff, incised No 291, 29cm high (2)

moulded and enamelled with a border of grape vines and painted to the centre in the Duetsche Blumen style, 25cm wide; two Chelsea baskets, one dec...

holding a sword and standing on a scroll moulded base, 33.5cm high

painted with a named view 'Derby from the Meadow', within a gilt border, 22cm diameter; another attributed to Thomas Steele with a still life of f...

decorated with butterflies and insects, with satyr mask handles, impressed and printed mark, 28cm high; five composed dessert plates painted with ...

each modelled as a griffin with a bronzed mane and supporting a candle nozzle gilt with scrolling foliage, the rectangular pedestals painted with ...

each painted with a different bird amongst flowers and insects, three marked 'Worcester', 23cm diameter (12)

of slender ovoid form, the pink ground bodies reserved with two oval panels painted with the profiles of classical figures, supported by scrolling...

painted in the manner of Henry Mitchell with 'Monarch of the Glen', after Sir Edwin Landseer, the other painted with a fox, 25cm diameter (2)

each painted with two named oval views, one with Hartlepool and Deruenurater (sic), the other with Dunstanburgh Castle and Deruenurater (sic), wit...

each of cylindrical form with flared rims above rams' masks, the spreading feet with lions' masks, unmarked, 86cm high (2) Condition report: One ...

to include Geoffrey Godden, New Hall Porcelain , 2004; Michael Messenger, Coalport 1795- 1926, 1995; John Twitchett & Henry Sandon, Landscapes...

the ribbed necks above hobnail cut bands, 23cm high, one with an associated stopper (4)

the circle top with everted rim, raised on a moulded stem and domed foot, 16 x 21cm

the circular top with a folded rim, on a fluted stem and domed foot, 14 x 25cm

the candle nozzle on a wrythen support and fluted tapering stem, moulded domed foot, 22cm high

the slender ovoid body engraved with a rose and trailing foliage, the opposing side with a fanciful bird 30cm high (2)

the circular ogee bowls on knopped fluted stems and domed feet, 16cm high (2)

decorated in the manner of James Giles with urn crested cartouches, inscribed 'Rum', 'Brandy' and 'Hollands', 21cm high (6)

inscribed 'Hollands' and 'Rum' beneath a band of fruiting vine, 23cm high (4)

with bucket shaped bowl, 22.5cm high

with drawn trumpet shaped bowls, on slender teardrop stems, 18cm high (6)

engraved with an eagle crest, 15.5cm high; a 19th century beaker engraved with a barge, 10cm, another engraved with a crest, 10.5cm high; a Russia...

the bowls on knopped stems, 15cm high

moulded as a falconer on horseback, 22 x 15cm

consisting of four tiles, total measurement, 23 x 48cm

consisting of four tiles, total measurement, 23 x 48cm

with a geometric design in tones of blue and turquoise, 20 x 36cm Condition report: In my opinion this tile has been restored and rebuilt

the neck moulded with a bearded man, loop handle, 34cm high

the neck moulded with a bearded man, loop handle, 28cm high

the centre with a crest of three violins, within an elaborate cartouche with a dog, 23cm diameter

decorated with a seated chinaman in a garden, 38cm diameter; another with a fenced garden, 35cm diameter; a Delft blue and white dish, decorated w...

decorated in manganese with yellow tulips to the border, 34cm diameter

decorated with a house in a landscape, 29.5cm diameter; a Delft blue and white dish decorated with rockwork in a garden, 30cm diameter and another...

of typical waisted cylindrical form, the ochre ground bodies decorated with mythical animals enclosing a crest, 28cm high (2)

decorated in the maiolica palette with the profiles of a Renaissance nobleman and lady, 16 x 9cm, framed as one Footnote: Provenance: Property of...

of bullet shaped form with wishbone handle, decorated with the 'Bird and Tree' pattern', marks in blue, 17.5cm wide (2)

to include a pug dog, 5cm high; a lamb, 5cm wide; a cockerel and a hen, 9cm high and a cat, 6.5cm high (5)

painted after Friedrich Bodenmuller with 'Alms to the Poor', impressed mark and inscribed to the reverse, 32 x 26.5cm, framed

painted after Titian's 'A Woman With a Mirror', 22 x 16cm, framed

a pair of transverse oval porcelain plaques, painted in red monochrome with Cupid Disarmed by Euphrosire and Cupid Binding Aglaia to a Laurel, 24 ...

a pair of enamel circular portrait plaques of classical maidens, titled 'Laure' and 'Marguerite, signed and dated 'I.P.V 1860', within gilt metal ...

a pair of square enamel plaques, finely painted with allegorical scenes of semi nude classical women with cupids, titled 'LE SAUT DE L'AMOUR' and ...

decorated in Kangxi style with fanciful birds in a garden, the border with alternating panels of precious objects, flowers and mountainous landsca...

decorated with scattered flowers, comprising three tureens and covers, two bowls, four various sized sauce boats, three graduated serving plates, ...

the cover painted with two panels, one depicting a couple resting with a dog by a tree, the other with a house by a river, reserved on a blue grou...

with four masks modelled on the shoulder, painted with extensive lakeland scenes, 88cm high (2) Footnote: Provenance: Property of a late gentlema...

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