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Collectors' Silvers, XXth century (Genova)

Cambi Casa d'Aste Live Webcast Auction 23 Oct 2019 15:00 CEST (14:00 BST)

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  • Mura di S. Bartolomeo
  • 16
  • Genova
  • 16122
  • Italy

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Currency: EUR
Buyer's premium Inc. VAT/sales tax: 25.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 3.00%

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There are 292 item(s) within this sale
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A silver porringer, London, 1714Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmiths Robert Timbrell and Joseph Bell I. 335gr, H 12cm

A silver tankard, London, 1743Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Partially worn silversmith's mark, T.Gilpin (?). 1090gr, H 24.5cm

A silver teapot, London, 1791Molten, embossed and chiselled sterling silver with a wooden handle. Silversmiths Duncan Urquhart & Naphtale Hart. H ...

A silver glove tray, London, 1793Molten, embossed and chiselled sterling silver. Silversmiths John Crunch and Thomson H... 1550gr, 53x33cm

A silver salver, London, 1765Molten, embossed and chiselled sterling silver. Silversmith Robert Rew or Richard Rugg. diam 20cm, 325gr

A silver coffee pot, London, 1835Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Worn silversmith's mark, Charles Thomas Fox (?). 950gr, H 24cm

A silver basket, Birmingham, 1800sMolten, embossed and perforated silver. SIlversmith Elkington & Co. 31x22x7cm, 510gr

A silver basket, London, 1775Molten, embossed and perforated silver. Silversmith Charles Aldridge & Henry Green. 33x27x9cm, 830gr

A silver coffee pot, Sheffield, 1894Molten, embossed and molded silver. Silversmith Harrison & Howson. 740gr, H 28cm

A silver tankard, London, 1858Molten and chiselled silver, gilt on the inside. Silversmith George Richards Elkington. 13x13x9cm, 420gr

A silver sugar and milk set, Chester, 1896/97Sterling silver sugar pot and milk jug within a leather case. Elkington & Co, silversmiths Nathan and...

A silver tea set, Sheffield, 1823Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmith Thomas Watson. Set made up of a tea pot, a sugar bowl and a mi...

Two silver salt bowls and spoons, London, 1869Molten and chiselled silver. Silversmith RH (unidentified). 72gr, H 3.5cm

A silver inkstand, London, 1847Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmith's mark ISH (unidentified). 45x25x19cm, 1580gr

A silver basket, London, 1893Molten, perforated and chiselled silver. Mark for silversmith EH (unidentified). 13x5cm, 110gr

A silver inkstand, London, 1869Molten, embossed and chiselled silver and glass. Unidentified silversmith. 850gr, 30x20x15cm

Two silver candle holders, London, 1803 and 1780Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. One by silversmith P.A. & W. Bateman (1803), the other by a...

A silver candle holder, London, 1837Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmith John Tampley. 14x4cm, 260gr

Four sterling silver candlesticks, London, 1795Hallmarked with the London date letter "u" for 1795 and silversmith's mark for Paul Storr "PS". H 3...

An inkwell, London, 1828 (?)Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmith's mark P.S. Paul Storr (probably not relevant). 1000gr ca, 36x25cm

A silver coffee pot, Paris, 1768/74Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Silversmith I.G. with a crown. 1050gr, H 27cm

A silver sugar pot, Paris, 1830sMolten, embossed and chiselled vermeille silver. Bulgari collection, silversmith Louis Manaut. H 13cm, 380gr

A silver tea and coffee set, Paris, late 1800sMolten, embossed and chiselled first-title silver. Silversmith Cardeillhac. H from 15 to 34cm, 4000gr

A mustard jar with silver spoon, France/Germany, 1800sMolten and chiselled silver spoon and cobalt blue bowl. H 9.5cm, 95gr

A silver cruet stand, Germany, 1700sMolten, embossed, perforated and chiselled silver. Ausburg city stamps in use from 1783 to 1785 and mark for s...

A pair of candlesticks in molten, embossed and chiselled silver. Austro-Hungarian manufacture from the 19th centuryBase gradinata poggiante su pie...

A silver serving dish, Europe, 1900sMolten, embossed and chiselled silver. Marks for Moscow 1778 not relevant. 1050gr, 33x18x15cm

A silver basket, Moscow, 1841Molten, embossed and perforated silver. Assayer Michail Pavlovitsch Tschurmasov, silversmith B.K. (unidentified). 32x...

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