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A Victorian Scrap Album with a photograph of the original owner on inside cover, ‘Maxwell Barnet’. Including valentine cards, Christmas cards, man...

An unusually colourful Victorian scrap book containing Valentines and cards and many chromo’s including set of poets and musicians, children etc a...

A Christmas Card album with a wide variety of cards ...[more]

A scrap album inscribed 1879 Florence Allingman. Cecile France 1881 Scraps including Red Riding Hood and an assortment of loose cards ...[more]

A scrap book with black fabric pages containing a wide assortment of chromo’s, Huntley & Palmer adverts, rhyme 12 buckle my shoe set, Old Mother H...

A Scrap Album, the many pages with chromo’s of various sizes, some cards, animals, children, etc, 19th Century. Large Robinson Crusoe ...[more]

A John Bull Printing Machine Mark 5, an Ace film Projector presentation set with Billy Bunter and Larry the Lamb film strips, Careers board game a...

A Pelham Pinocchio, yellow box, Poodle, yellow box ...[more]

Two Javanese articulated carved and painted puppets ...[more]

A boxed Minori horse racing game, Solitaire game, roll up roulette board and wheel, Pelham puppet, boxed Union Jack printing outfit, table tennis ...

A fibreglass pond yacht with steel mast and booms 52in L x 78in H ...[more]

A wooden scratchbuilt World War 1 radio controlled light cruiser, 38in L ...[more]

A wooden Milbro Ailsa pond yacht ...[more]

A carved pine rocking pig, 50 1/2 in L ...[more]

A Codey blue and red enamelled child’s sewing machine on a wooden base ...[more]

A 1930’s red and blue tinplate pram, a Saving Box green tinplate still bank with gilt detail and a china teaset ...[more]

A child’s reproduction rocking chair ...[more]

A child’s reproduction chair ...[more]

A child’s typewriter in original 1940’s utility box ...[more]

A boxed Star Wars Tie Fighter, boxed A-Wing fighter, large quantity of figures including Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, T...

A boxed game of L’Attaque, International Series containing cardboard figures of soldiers, replacement board ...[more]

An early toy Kenwood Chef and a toy tea set with nursery rhyme decoration ...[more]

Five 1970’s boxed Lego sets, Norton Commando motorbike, Harley-Davidson Police bike, Cadillac, Renault and Rolls Royce cars ...[more]

A well carved German made horse with a slightly turned head and carved mane and tail. Original tack. 19th century. 14in H x 12in L. Sold with late...

A boxed Subbuteo set and two other boxed sets ...[more]

A small gold fully jointed teddy bear with dark glass eyes and a later gold Chiltern type fully jointed teddy bear with glass eyes. 5 1/2 and 11in...

A Herman artist bear, Chubby Cub twins, boy and girl wearing blue velvet and a Winnie the Pooh Disney ...[more]

A tiny antique style bear, another wearing striped trousers, a pale blue, an apple of my eye bear, a Bo bear and a Merrythought ...[more]

Four Steiff puzzles, 32 pocket puzzles in shop display box and a large Family Portrait 1902-3, Steiff. All ex shop stock ...[more]

A Steiff 90 years silver Steiff button, pack of centimetre rulers, Steiff club fridge magnets, Steiff club fridge magnets, Steiff pencils, various...

A Steiff Roly Poly felt Clown, 1909 reproduction 1988 in edition of 3000 ...[more]

A large gold teddy bear with a hump, a Deans Gwentoy and an earlier English teddy bear with velour pads and a black and white dog ...[more]

A dark gold Schuco teddy bear with felt paws, circa 1930. 2in H ...[more]

A clockwork driven walking polar bear with stitched snout and button eyes. Metal armature. Probably German circa 1920, 11in L ...[more]

A grey donkey on a wheeled base. Probably English. Circa 1910. 8 1/2in H ...[more]

A black and white dog with alert expression. Wire armature and glass eyes. English circa 1935. 15in H ...[more]

A black and white panda bear and another slightly smaller. Unmarked but English made. 11in and 8 1/2in H ...[more]

A Chad Valley teddy bear, fully jointed with leathercloth pads. Square label ‘By Appt to Queen Mother’. Nice condition, 16in H ...[more]

A Steiff Micki mother 8727180, a smaller version of the same model, and two children. All original costumes (4) ...[more]

A small German fully jointed teddy bear with pointed nose and long arms. Lifelong companion of Laura Nelly Davies of Ludlow (1910-1998), 10in H ....

A pair of twin gold mohair shaggy coated fully jointed teddy bears with glass eyes. English 1930’s. 9in H ...[more]

A clockwork fabric covered dog and a fur fabric covered wire haired terrier ...[more]

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