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Barbara Kirk Auctions Includes a single-owner collection of gold, silver & other pocket watches & watch chains. Live Webcast Auction 21 May 2019 10:00 BST

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Penzance, Cornwall

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  • The Harbour Saleroom
  • Trinity House
  • The Quay
  • Penzance
  • Cornwall
  • TR18 4BN
  • United Kingdom

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PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES. A pair of silver mounted photograph frames. Birmingham 1920. 25cm (arched) x 17.5cm. ...[more]

Lot 2


INK STAND. A silver mounted, hob nail cut glass inkwell in pierced dish stand. Sheffield 1902. Diameter of stand 14cm. ...[more]

PHOTOGRAPH FRAME. An engine turned silver photograph frame. Birmingham 1912. 20 x 15cm. ...[more]

GLASS HOLDERS. A set of six glass or cup holders by William Comyns. Each pierced with cherubs & with griffin cast handles. Birmingham 1910. ...[m...

Lot 5


CREAM JUG. An Edwardian silver helmet cream jug. Sheffield 1906. Approx. 4.4 t.oz. ...[more]

PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES. A pair of Edwardian silver mounted photograph frames. Birmingham 1903. ...[more]

PIERCED BOWL. A pierced shallow sweet meat bowl in silver coloured metal. Middle Eastern marks. Diameter 15.5cm. Approx. 3.8 t.oz. ...[more]

CIGARETTE BOX. A Chester silver & silver gilt cigarette box. 8.5x13x4.5cm. ...[more]

Lot 9


THERMOMETER. A small silver mounted desk thermometer. Height 13cm. ...[more]

Lot 10


RING BOX. A shield-shaped silver ring box. Chester 1915. ...[more]

Lot 11


CADDY SPOON. A novelty caddy spoon in the form of a flour scoop. Birmingham 1954. Cased. ...[more]

Lot 12


OMAR RAMSDEN. An Arts & Crafts seal top spoon with hammered decoration by Omar Ramsden. London 1937. Length 10.5cm. Approx. 0.5 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 13


OMAR RAMSDEN. An Omar Ramsden silver seal top spoon, with hammered decoration. London 1937. Length 11.5cm. Approx. 0.77 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 14


STRAINER. A continental 800 standard strainer, stamped. Length 11cm. ...[more]

Lot 15


NAPKIN RINGS.A Victorian fern-engraved napkin ring, a plain napkin ring & a pair of engine turned napkin rings. Approx. 3.5 t.oz.

Lot 16


CONDIMENTS. Four various silver pepperettes, tallest 9cm. Various dates. Also, a Mappin & Webb silver plated novelty 1lb pepperette, Rd.No.146035....

Lot 17


SPIRIT FLASK. A curved silver spirit flask by John Dixon & Sons. Sheffield 1939. (803008) Approx. 7 t.oz. ...[more]

A.E. JONES ETC. An Arts & Crafts silver spoon by A.E. Jones. Birmingham 1919. (Boss missing). Also a set of six Victorian silver gilt coffee spoon...

Lot 19


TEASPOONS. A cased set of Art Deco silver teaspoons. Birmingham 1938. ...[more]

Lot 20


TEA KNIVES. A set of six tea knives by Walker & Hall, with filled silver handles. Sheffield 1927. ...[more]

PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES. A silver mounted photograph frame. Birmingham 1918 & one other silver frame. Largest diameter 12cm. ...[more]

PHOTOGRAPH FRAME. A silver mounted photograph frame. Birmingham 1917. 16.5 x 11.5cm. (Some damage). ...[more]

BEAKER & CASTER. A silver beaker retailed by Thomas of 153, Bond Street. London 1907. Approx. 4.6 t.oz. Also, a silver patented sugar caster with ...

CREAM JUG ETC. A silver cream jug by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd., London 1913. Also, a silver sugar caster & a silver spill vase. ...[...

SPILL VASE ETC. A silver spill vase, Sheffield 1913. (Worn). Also, a set of tea knives with filled silver handles, a plain silver napkin ring & a ...

PHOTOGRAPH FRAME. A silver mounted photograph frame. Chester 1919. 18 x 12.5cm. ...[more]

Lot 27


SALVER. An Edwardian silver salver. Birmingham 1905. Diameter 27cm. Approx. 13 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 28


TAPER STICKS.A pair of hand raised, heavy gauge silver taper sticks, each with baluster stem & slightly dished round foot. Each with stamped mark ...

Lot 29


INKWELL. A 1920's bell shaped inkwell, with gilded interior. Birmingham 1920. Height 8cm. ...[more]

BON BON DISHES. A pair of 1920's pedestal bon bon dishes. Height 7cm. ...[more]

INDIAN SILVER.An Indian silver open salt & an Indian silver coloured metal bowl, repousse decorated with scenes of a lion hunting. The base with a...

Lot 32


SAUCE BOAT. A silver sauce boat. Chester 1910. Approx. 3.9 t.oz. ...[more]

CHINESE SILVER.A Chinese silver pedestal spill holder embossed with a continuous scene of figures before buildings & trees. Vacant shield cartouch...

Lot 34


GARRARD BOWL. A silver bowl by Garrard & Co., London, engraved with armorial decoration. Fully stamped. London 1977. Approx. 7.2 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 35


BON BON DISH. A pedestal bon bon dish. Birmingham 1928. Height 6cm. ...[more]

PUNCH PIN TRAYS. Two Victorian silver pin trays, each embossed with Mr. Punch & Toby the Dog below rustic naming. Birmingham 1895/1899. ...[more]

GRAPE SCISSORS. A pair of Victorian silver gilt grape scissors by George W. Adams. London 1867. Length 19cm. Approx. 4.70 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 38


TODDY LADLE. A George III silver toddy ladle by Joseph Taylor. Birmingham 1813. Length 18cm. ...[more]

Lot 39


GEORG JENSEN. A Georg Jensen, pattern No.42, silver spoon. Fully stamped with oval post-1945 mark & import marks for London 1927. Length 15cm. .....

Lot 40


SPOONS ETC. Two pairs of feather edge teaspoons & small fork with mother of pearl handle. ...[more]

Lot 41


SPOONS ETC. A set of six seal top coffee spoons & an Art Deco butter knife. ...[more]

MISCELLANEOUS. A silver mounted stainless steel pie server, a silver sardine server etc. ...[more]

Lot 43


SCRAP SILVER. Scrap silver tea knives, teaspoons etc. Approx. 14.7 t.oz. ...[more]

SILVER SPOONS ETC.A Victorian silver spoon, a French silver teaspoon & a Victorian EPNS butter knife.

SILVER SPOONS.A George III sauce ladle with armorial crest, London 1811 & two dissimilar Georgian tablespoons. Approx. 6.2 t.oz.

SILVER SPOONS. A set of six Victorian silver dessert spoons by John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater. London 1889. Approx. 10.3 t.oz. ...[more]

SILVER SPOONS. A set of six Victorian tablespoons by Francis Higgins. London 1861. Also, two matched spoons by different makers, London 1873. Tota...

Lot 48


SILVER FORKS. A set of five Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert forks, by Charles Boyton. London 1853. Approx. 7.3 t.oz. ...[more]

Lot 49


NAPKIN RINGS. A pair of engine turned napkin rings, boxed & a single silver napkin ring. ...[more]

BOTTLE SLEEVE. A Victorian silver pierced bottle sleeve. Height 8.5cm. ...[more]

SAUCE BOAT ETC.A George Unite silver sauce boat, Birmingham 1914 & a small silver stand, diameter 12cm. Total weight approx. 4.6 t.oz.

Lot 52


CONDIMENTS. A Victorian open salt with cranberry glass liner, London 1859 (worn). Also, one other open salt, a mustard (without liner) & an Indian...

SUGAR BOWL ETC. A Victorian sugar bowl by Walter & John Barnard, with gilt interior. London 1895. Approx. 6.3 t.oz. Also, a George III cream jug w...

BUTTER DISH ETC. A shell shaped butter dish, a pierced bon bon dish & a silver coaster. Total weight approx. 5.7 t.oz. ...[more]

MISCELLANEOUS.A silver mounted cut glass powder bowl, three silver napkin rings & a small silver ashtray.

POWDER JAR ETC. An Edwardian silver mounted cut glass toilet jar, height 8.2cm. Also, an engine turned cigarette case. ...[more]

CONDIMENTS ETC.A pair of pierced silver pepperettes with blue glass liners, three silver teaspoons & a silver salt spoon. Also, a pair of EPNS Egy...

TOILET JARS ETC. Three silver mounted cut glass toilet jars. Also, a American Sterling silver, Brooklyn Bridge, New York souvenir spoon, and Ameri...

Lot 59


SCRAP SILVER. Four pieces of scrap silver. ...[more]

TOILET BOTTLES.A 19th century silver mounted engraved glass toilet bottle & two other toilet bottles with silver coloured metal mounts.

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