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Antique, Asian & African Art Auction

Art La Rosa Antiques, Art books, Antique maps, Art pieces and Sicilian ceramics, African, Islamic and Asian Art. Live Webcast Auction 15 Jul 2020 15:00 CEST (14:00 BST) (2 day sale)

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  • Viale Africa 12
  • Catania
  • 95129
  • Italy

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Chinese stone statuette in soapstone, pyramid of eight monkeys, China, nineteenth century. H 10 cm width 8.5 cm.

Pair of chinese brass Pho / Fo / Foo Dog with coral, turquoise and lapislazuli details, China, nineteenth century. 9 cm and 4 cm minor pieces miss...

Chinese porcelain plaque depicting children, China, eighteenth century. Set in a carved wooden support. Lastra 11x7,5 cm, 21x16 cm wooden support....

Chinese sculpture in gilted bronze stupa with four small Buddha on lotus pedestal, topped by a small stupa, Nepal nineteenth / twentieth century....

Chinese plate in porcelain, China, XX century. On turquoise background with decoration in relief depicting ladies in a garden, calligraphy and sea...

Ancient chinese circular plaque porcelain famille rose enamels, decorated with children in play. Jingdezhen. China. Nineteenth century. Diameter 3...

Antique Zhang Guolao, China. Brown patinated bronze censer, in lost wax with cloisonné enamels depicting Chinese sage on a mule. Consisting of two...

Chinese statuette in malachite, light green, Jurojin depicting God (God of the Seven Deities protector of the elder and longevity). Beijing. Early...

Chinese statuette carnelian, light brown and transparent, depicting three birds of paradise on a tree. Beijing. Early 1900s. H 16. H cm with base ...

Chinese statue in white-body with polychrome decoration depicting two lovers dressed in traditional costume. H 33 cm Width 24.5.

Chinese porcelain vase depicting floral decoration on the front, on the back of written Chinese. H cm 59. Sealing wax base.

Chinese cinnabar lacquer plate decorated in relief with a scene of Tao in the act of the donation of essences for immortality. China. XX century. ...

Chinese statuette depicting transparent amethyst walking elephant. Beijing. Early 1900s. Cm H 7. H with base 9 cm length 11 cm.

Chinese statuette of rock crystal depicting "Ganesha" (Hindu God of universal love). India. Early 1900s. H 8.5 cm. Base 5 cm.

Important chinese porcelain vase with articulated profile rhomboidal section. Two-handled. Blue / white decoration with figures and texts of the a...

Pair of porcelain vases, China (Manchuria), XVII century. Wax seal on one of the vases. H cm 13. With base H 15 cm.

Jar of Chinese porcelain Qing Dynasty (1650-1750), with three ancient scriptures: the first on the left: the name of the artist; the second on the...

Tripod Censer in blue and white porcelain, China XIX-XX centuries, the base decorated with floral motifs, finely worked with patterns of spirals, ...

Chinese porcelain plate "Sang de beouf" with mark Qianlong, China. Glazed white interior. The exterior of the brim in porcelain. On the base, bue ...

Pair of porcelain plates, rose family, China, seventeenth century. Decorated in the center and on the edges with flower decorations. Diameter 23 cm

Pair of Chinese porcelain plates Imari Export decorated in "LA DAME AU PARASOL," China, eighteenth century, decorated in shades of blue, red and g...

Chinese statuette in jade, light green, depicting Guanine. Beijing. Early 1900s. H 20. H cm with base 22.5 cm. Width 6 cm.

Chinese statuette in brown carnelian depicting "Motherhood" (Guanine with daughter). H 11. H cm with base 15. cm width 7 cm.

Guanyn wooden statuette, polychormatic. H cm 53,5

Chinese soapstone statuette depicting Jurojin "God of old age," one of the Seven Sages. Beijing. Early 1900s. 26. H cm width 11 cm.

Chinese soapstone statuette depicting God Ebisu "God of the richness of the sea and fishing" one of the Seven Sages. Beijing. Early 1900s. H 26 cm...

Chinese porcelain plate with fisherman scene with a child under a willow tree in the act of gift fish (good luck symbolism), with registration and...

Porcelain chinese plate depicting an internal court scene. The decoration cured in many details is enclosed in a frame and follows the Cantonese s...

Circular chinese porcelain plate depicting bamboo, birds, and peony flower, a symbol of good luck and inscriptions on the cradle. China, XX centur...

White chinese vase with flowers, birds and writing, China. H 22 cm

Circular chinese porcelain plate decorated in the colors of white and blue with vintage characters Song and author name. China, XX century. 27.5 x...

Double chinese vase, blue with relief decoration on both sides with dragons in white, with lid. China twentieth century, 24 x 18 x 12 cm.

Sculpture of Buddha of Happiness with dragon, fruit and clouds, China, XX century. In soapstone. Cm 21 x 8 x 13.

Chinese monumental soapstone incense burner depicting two shishi (a half lion and a half dog creature). Ching dinasty, Tung-Chih (1862-1873). H c...

Vase of yellow glass, China, XX century. Thin structure, hexahedral shape and baluster, uniform yellow color on the whole surface. 18 x 10 cm.

Brush holder rosewood with rich embossed decoration and a relief with Buddha figure with child under trees and in mountainous environment. Article...

Etching depicting genre scenes, early 1900s.

Couple of small chinese double-gourd vases finely decorated in the style of "a thousand flowers". China twentieth century, 10 x 16.5 cm.

Roll of rice paper with text from a poem: "a bamboo tree can only be mirrored on a pond but it can not move its waters." China, nineteenth century...

Chinese porcelain vase with refined decoration "thousand flowers". Base with apocryphal brand. XX. Mis. 23 x 14 cm

Porcelain vase depicting genre scenes and floral motifs, China, XX century. Mark on the base. H 46 cm Small sizing.

Chinese pen Holder ore tiger eye apotropaic in defense of negative external influences. H 7.5 cm. Base 9 cm.

Chinese two saucers decorated in blue on a white background; one of which with a raw ring bottom and both with crude base. Period "Annamese" (Viet...

Chinese bottle porcelain vase with decoration of dragons in white / blue. China, Republic period. XX. Mis 24 x 10.5 cm.

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