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Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic

Artemis Gallery Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic Catalogue 21 Feb 2019 07:00 PST (15:00 GMT)

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Erie, Colorado

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  • P.O. BOX 714
  • Erie
  • Colorado
  • 80516
  • United States

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Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Serpentine Acorn Shaped Jar

Lot 1

Ancient Egypt, Pre-Dynastic Period, Naqada II, ca. 3500 BCE. A beautifully carved serpentine jar, shaped like an acorn, with perforated lug handle...

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Egyptian Middle Paleolithic Flint Knife

Lot 1a

Ancient Africa, found on the Plateau of Thebes, Egypt, Middle Paleolithic Period, ca. 400,000 to 120,000 years ago. A handsome knapped black chert...

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Egyptian Late Dynastic Gilt Cartonnage Mummy Mask

Lot 2

Egyptian, Late Dynastic Period to Ptolemaic, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 30 BCE. A gorgeous gilded cartonnage sarcophagus mask displaying qui...

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Egyptian Steatite Cosmetic Dish - Double Fish

Lot 2a

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom / Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1550 to 712 BCE. A handsome steatite cosmetic dish in the form of a fish, a remarkably...

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Fine Egyptian New Kingdom Glazed Faience Ushabti

Lot 3

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, Ramesside Period, 19th Dynasty, ca. 1279 to 1213 BCE. A gorgeous mold-formed faience ushabti covered in a clear glaze ...

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Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Stone Acorn Vessel

Lot 3a

Ancient Egypt, Pre-Dynastic Period, late Naqada II to early Naqada III, ca. 3200 BCE. An elegant jar from pre-dynastic Egypt, hand-carved from pal...

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4 Egyptian Faience Kohl Jars + Original Kohl

Lot 3b

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th Dynasty, ca. 664 to 525 BCE. An amazing ensemble of four blue faience jars of various sizes - the smallest with ...

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Egyptian Stone Kohl Box - Baboon & Papyrus / Palm

Lot 3c

Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1550 to 1292 BCE. A hand-carved stone kohl vessel in the form of a baboon reaching his arms around a palm tr...

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Egyptian Necklace w/ Faience Amulets, Gold Beads

Lot 3d

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. A gorgeous necklace displaying dozens of small beads and 4 figural amulets....

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Egyptian Faience Amulet - Ibis w/ Maat

Lot 4

Ancient Egypt, Third Intermediate Period to Late Dynastic Period, ca. 1070 to 332 BCE. A beautifully preserved faience amulet in the form of an ib...

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Translated Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Semataui

Lot 4a

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. A gorgeous mold-formed faience ushabti covered in soft green glaze across m...

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Egyptian Late Period Bronze Ibis Leg w/ Foot

Lot 4b

Ancient Egypt, Late Period, ca. 712 to 300 BCE. A lifesize, cast bronze leg and foot from a bronze and wood model of an ibis, with heavy tabs for ...

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Large Detailed Egyptian Faience Ushabti

Lot 4c

Ancient Egypt, Saite Period, Twenty-Sixth Dynasty (XXVI), ca. 664 to 525 BCE. An excellent example of a well-made faience ushabti, inscribed with ...

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Egyptian Stuccoed Mask -Stone Eyes, Bronze Brows & Lids

Lot 4d

Egyptian, Saite Period, 26th Dynasty, ca. 664 to 525 BCE. A dramatic sarcophagus mask carved from cedar (or possibly sycamore) wood and presenting...

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Egyptian Third Intermediate Alabaster Ushabti

Lot 5

Ancient Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, 21st to 25th Dynasty, ca. 1069 to 664 BCE. A standing ushabti figure, hand-carved from a creamy-yellow a...

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Translated Egyptian Faience Ushabti - Nesykhonsu

Lot 6

Ancient Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, ca. 1069 to 945 BCE. A stunning mold-formed faience ushabti enveloped in a brilliant cornf...

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Egyptian New Kingdom Faience Ushabti for Hori

Lot 6a

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, Ramesside Period, 19th to 20th Dynasty, ca. 1295 to 1070 BCE. A mold-formed faience ushabti covered in a pale blue-gre...

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Egyptian Glazed Steatite Scarab Amulet w/ Bes Engraving

Lot 6b

Ancient Egypt, Middle Kingdom, 13th Dynasty, ca. 1803 to 1649 BCE. A fine scarab amulet of an ovoid form, hand-carved from a pale-beige steatite. ...

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Beautiful Egyptian Banded Alabaster Vessel

Lot 6c

Ancient Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. A heavy, well preserved alabastron, meticulously hand-carved from c...

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Egyptian Armarna Terracotta Fish Askos - Nile Carp

Lot 6d

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, probably Amarna Period (18th Dynasty), ca. 1352 to 1336 BCE. A wonderfully preserved ceramic vessel in the form of a f...

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Egyptian Late Dynastic Painted Cedar Sarcophagus Mask

Lot 7

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. A striking example of a sarcophagus mask, hand-carved from wheat-hued cedar...

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Large Egyptian Bronze Ibis Head

Lot 7a

Third Intermediate Period to Late Period, Dynasties 22 to 26, ca. 945 to 525 BCE. A solid, leaded bronze ibis head delineated with incised eyes an...

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Egyptian Pottery Cat w/ Nursing Kittens - TL Tested

Lot 8

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, ca. 712 to 343 BCE. A charming and rare model of a seated mother cat with six tiny suckling kittens. Her body is elon...

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Rare Egyptian Glazed Faience Plumb Bob Votive

Lot 9

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th to 20th Dynasty, ca. 1549 to 1070 BCE. An intriguing votive plumb bob which is mold-formed from faience and envel...

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Egyptian New Kingdom Wooden Boat & Boatmen

Lot 10

Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, ca. 1550 to 1069 BCE. A hand-carved and hand-painted wooden boat with three oarsmen! The men at the front and rear end...

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Tall Egyptian Late Dynastic Glazed Faience Ushabti

Lot 11

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. A fabulous mold-formed faience ushabti covered in lustrous layers of soft b...

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Egyptian Faience, Lapis Lazuli, & Quartz Poppy Necklace

Lot 14a

Egypt, Late Dynastic period, ca. 712 to 332 BCE. An elegant necklace composed of ancient beads on a modern string with modern gold-plated clasp: v...

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Egyptian Ptolemaic Gilt Gesso / Wood Mummy Mask

Lot 14b

Egypt, Ptolemaic Period, ca. 305 to 30 BCE. A finely-carved wooden mummy mask with a gilded face and painted gesso details. Crowned by a rectangul...

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Egyptian Black Glass Anubis w/ Gold Tone Setting

Lot 15

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 26th to 30th Dynasties, ca 672 to 343 BCE. A large ancient black glass amulet in the form of a reclining Anubis depic...

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Rare Egyptian Wood Sarcophagus of Falcon / Horus

Lot 16

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, ca. 26th to 31st Dynasty, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. An incredibly rare, hand-carved and painted wood (likely cedar) lidded ...

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Egyptian Copper Lion Attachment, ex-Sotheby's

Lot 18

Egyptian, Ptolemaic, ca. 305 to 30 BCE. A cast leaded copper attachment - perhaps intended for a special piece of furniture - adorned by a wonderf...

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Romano Egyptian Painted Stucco Portrait Head of a Woman

Lot 18a

Egypt, Romano-Egyptian period, ca. 2nd century CE. A haunting portrait expertly-sculpted from stucco depicting an elegant woman with a slender nec...

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Romano-Egyptian Marble Head, ex-Sotheby Parke-Bernet

Lot 19

Egypt, Roman Period, ca. 100 BCE to 100 CE. A carved marble head of a female, likely Isis given her hair style and the hole atop her head which pr...

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Greek Archaic Bronze Lion, ex-Leo Mildenberg

Lot 19a

Ancient Greece, Archaic Period, ca. mid-6th century BCE. A gorgeous cast-bronze lion figurine displaying exquisite stylization characteristic of A...

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Important Greek Geometric Bronze Horse

Lot 19b

Ancient Greece, possibly Laconian Type, Geometric Period, ca. 8th century BCE. A petite bronze horse presenting the characteristic abstract stylin...

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Greek Geometric Bronze Horse, ex-Safani

Lot 19c

Ancient Greece, Geometric Period, ca. late 8th to 7th century BCE. A fabulous cast-bronze horse presenting characteristically-abstract geometric-e...

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Cycladic Marble Female Figure, Early Spedos Variety

Lot 20

Ancient Greece, Cyclades, Early Spedos, ca. 2600 to 2500 BCE. Finely carved from marble, a reclining female figure with her arms crossed, typical ...

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Rare Phrygian Polychrome Vessel - Double Female Faces

Lot 20a

East Greek, Anatolian (Phrygian), ca. 7th to 6th century BCE. A very rare polychrome terracotta vessel presenting nearly identical female faces on...

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Rare Greek Archaic Phrygian Pottery Bull Rhyton

Lot 20b

East Greek, Phrygian, Archaic Period, ca. 7th to 6th century BCE. Wow! An incredible ceramic rhyton in the form of a painted bull's head, with a t...

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Archaic Greek Rhodian Terracotta Seated Goddess

Lot 20c

Western Greece, Rhodes, Archaic period, ca. 600 BCE. A beautiful hollow-cast pottery statue depicting an elegant female figure seated upon a tall,...

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Large Archaic Greek Terracotta Protome - Goddess

Lot 20d

Western Greece, Rhodes, Archaic period, ca. 7th to 5th century BCE. An elegant terracotta protome depicting a lovely goddess, presenting well-mode...

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Gorgeous Mycenaean Pottery Pyxis w/ Three Handles

Lot 21a

Ancient Greece, Sub-Mycenaean Period, ca. 1100 to 950 BCE. A wheel-thrown pottery pyxis of a squat form with a series of concentric circles surrou...

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Rare Greek Bronze Wine Stopper - Ibex Head

Lot 21b

Greece, Geometric Period, ca. late 8th to early 7th century BCE. A fascinating object, a long bronze stem with the majority of its surface studded...

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Lovely Greek Corinthian Pottery Kylix - Peacocks

Lot 22

Greece, Corinth, ca. 7th to 6th century BCE. A richly-decorated kylix, a drinking cup for wine, with two horizontal loop handles extending from ne...

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Huge Greek Corinthian Phiale w/ Siren

Lot 23a

Greece, Corinth, ca. 6th century BCE. A massive handled phiale or libation bowl, standing on a wide, round, disc foot. A magnificent black figure ...

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Greek Pottery Aryballos of Lion Head, ex-Christie's

Lot 24

Greek, probably eastern Greece/Rhodes, late Archaic period, ca. early 6th century BCE. A dramatic aryballos in the shape of a lioness's snarling h...

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Greek Euboean Terracotta Trefoil Oinochoe

Lot 25

Greece, Euboea, ca. 3rd quarter of the 6th century BCE. An elegant, wonderfully preserved example of a black-figure painted, ceramic trefoil oinoc...

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Attic Black-Figure Kyathos - Eyes, Dionysos, Sphinxes

Lot 25a

Greek, Attica, ca. 530s BCE. A very rare black-figure kyathos - a dipper or ladle with a high vertical handle topped by a shell-shaped ornament - ...

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Published Roman / Byzantine Bronze Recumbent Goat

Lot 25b

Late Roman / early Byzantine period, ca. late 3rd to 5th century CE. A fabulous hollow-cast bronze figurine depicting a recumbent goat with a bulb...

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Greek Illyrian Bronze Hoplite Helmet w/ X-Ray

Lot 25c

Northwestern Greece, ca. late 6th to 5th centuries BCE. A war helmet made of hammered bronze sheet, with a rectilinear opening for the face, long,...

More details

Rare Greek Hellenistic Bronze Coiffure

Lot 25d

Greece, Hellenistic Period, ca. 3rd to 1st century BCE. A large and impressive fragment of a mold-formed head depicting the back of the neck and m...

More details

Greek Bronze Handle Attachment - Griffin Head

Lot 25e

Ancient Greece, late Archaic to early Classical period, ca. 6th to 5th century BCE. A striking cast-bronze griffin head with an openwork mouth mea...

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Greek Attic Red-Figure Lekythos - Female Entertainer

Lot 26

Ancient Greece, Athens, Attic, ca. late 6th to early 5th century BCE. A very fine Attic lekythos painted via the red-figure technique with a figur...

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Canosan Terracotta Eros & Psyche Arm in Arm

Lot 26a

Magna Graecia, Canosan, ca. 4th to 3rd century BCE. Standing arm in arm and striding forward, a lovely molded terracotta statue of the romantic lo...

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Amazing Hellenistic Gold & Garnet Earrings - 9.4 g

Lot 26b

Ancient Greece, Hellenistic, Greco-Sarmation or Greco-Scythian, ca. 1st century BCE. A brilliant pair of gold earrings (comprised of 85% gold or e...

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Published Greek Hellenistic Pottery Roundels TL'd (pr)

Lot 26c

Greece, late Hellenistic period, ca. 1st century BCE. A fabulous ensemble of two circular roundels, each presenting with a raised rim and pale-ora...

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Greek Attic Red-Figure Lekythos Demeter Winged Chariot

Lot 27

Ancient Greece, Athens (Attic), ca. 470 to 460 BCE. A very special red-figured lekythos depicting a female goddess, most likely Demeter, dressed i...

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Campanian Bell Krater, AV Grp Painter, ex-Royal Athena

Lot 27a

Magna Graecia, Campanian, Capua, by a painter of Trendall's AV Group, either the Libation Painter or the Astarita Painter, ca. 340 to 320 BCE. A w...

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Greek Hellenistic Marble Muse - Beautiful

Lot 27b

Greece, Hellenistic, ca. 2nd to 1st century BCE. An exceptional, finely carved marble Muse standing in contrapposto with her left knee slightly be...

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Huge Classical Faliscan Skyphos, Lady of Fashion & Dove

Lot 27c

Classical World, Italy, Faliscan, ca. late 4th century BCE. A very large - perhaps the largest we have seen in quite some time - and very fine re...

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