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British School, 19th Century - Road maps of Northumberland and one Berwick, engravings, each 18 x 10cms, in gilt frames. (4)

Various makers - three maps, comprising Richard Blome - "Northumberland", hand coloured engraving, 31 x 26cms; H* Mole - "The County Palatine of D...

* Saxton/* Hole - Map of Northumbria, coloured engraving, 27.5 x 29.5cms; J* Harris - Part of Northumberland, coloured engraving, 17 x 23.5cms, in...

John Speede - Map of Northumberland, coloured engraving, 38 x 52cms, in frame.

John Blaeu - Map of Northumberland, coloured engraving, 41 x 50cms, in frame.

Gerard Van Keulen - Northumberland, coloured engraving, 51 x 59cms; together with Capt. G Collins - The River Tyne, coloured engraving, 44.5 x 56c...

Capt G. Collins - "Holy Island, Staples and Barwick", "Carreck Fergus Lough" and Map of the North East Coast of England, coloured engravings, 44 x...

Various Artists - A group of four maps, comprising; British School, 18th Century - Map of Northumberland, coloured engraving, 35 x 47cms; Brit...

French School, 18th Century - Map of the North Sea, coloured engraving, 62 x 86cms, in frame.

Keiko Minami - "Girl, Tree and Bird", signed in pencil, original etching in colours, numbered 96/150, published 1983, 30.5 x 28.7cms (plate size) ...

John Cyril Harrison - "Migrant Woodcock" and Pheasants in flight, signed and numbered, colour prints, 31 x 45cms and 32 x 45cms, in frames. (2) Jo...

Peter Partington - "Mallard on the Lake" and "Pintail at Winter" each signed and numbered, coloured etchings, each 20 x 30cms, in gilt frames. (2)

Peter Partington - "Partridge and Chicks", signed, inscribed and numbered, 20 x 29.5cms, in gilt frame.

George Vernon Stokes - "Lady Amherst's Pheasant and Wren" and "Eurasian Roller", signed and numbered, hand-coloured etchings, 25 x 30cms and 24 x...

George Vernon Stokes - Grouse in Flight and Pheasants in Flight, signed and numbered, hand-coloured etching, 24 x 32cms and 20.5 x 27cms, in gilt ...

After Maud Earl - "Bedlington Terriers" Published by the Berlin Photographic Company, New Bond Street, London and West 23rd Street, New York, No.8...

Archibald Thorburn - Pheasants in Snow, coloured print, published by the Tryon Gallery, London, numbered 202/500, 27 x 37.5cms, in frame.

Shelia Stafford - "Cat and Fritillaries", signed and numbered, engraving, 13.5 x 15cms; J** Wills - "Two Cock Spadgers" signed and numbered, engra...

Kuniyoshi, 19th Century - Actors in traditional dress, woodblock prints, each 36 x 24.5, six sheets in two frames. (2)

George Baxter - Winter scene Holland, colour process print, 26 x 37cms, in gilt frame.

Tom Carr - "Forrard" and "The End of Forty Minutes" signed, numbered and inscribed, coloured etchings, each 25 x 35cms. (a pair)

British School, 19th Century - Portrait of a lady in a white hat and Portrait of a lady with white bow, watercolour on ivory, 5.5 x 5cms and 6 x 5...

British School, 19th Century - Portrait of a young woman with white Ribbon and Portait of a woman with a white bow, watercolour on ivory, 9 x 7cms...

British School, 17th and 18th Century - Two portrait miniatures, comprising, Portrait of a Gentleman with ruff, watercolour on ivory, 3 x 2cms; Po...

Continental School, 18th Century - Portrait of a young man with red collar, watercolour on ivory, 4 x 3cms; together with British School 18th Cent...

John Peace - River in spate, signed, inscribed and dated, pencil, 17.5 x 25cms, in frame.

Anthony Sulek - "The Solider and Mermaid", signed, pastel, 52 x 98cms, in frame.

Judy Hurst - Squirrel amongst foliate scrolls, pencil, body colour and gold leaf, 13 x 9cms, in carved giltwood frame.

Judy Hurst - Mice and moth, signed, pencil, watercolour and gold leaf, 29 x 20cms, in frame.

Walter Holmes - Theatre Royal, signed with Artist's label verso, pastel, 35 x 53cms, in frame.

Chinese School - Riverbank foliage with a duck, signed and inscribed, gouache on linen, 65 x 26cms, in frames. (a pair)

Terry McArdle - Female nude study, signed and dated '85, conté crayon and pencil, 32 x 22.5cms, in stained softwood frame.

Edward Arden (Edward Tucker, jnr.) - A view in the Lake District, signed, watercolour, 26.5 x 37cms, in gilt frame.

Charles Stanley Todd - Hare in winter, signed and dated, watercolour, 19 x 26.5cms. in gilt frame.

Johnathan Sainsbury - "The First Snow" signed and dated, watercolour, 16 x 24.4cms, in frame. Provenance: The William Marler Gallery, Cirencester,...

Charles Stanley Todd - Pheasants in the snow, signed and dated, watercolour, 18.5 x 26.5cms, in frame.

John Peace - "Skye - Cullins, Towards Sgùrr nan Gillean", signed, dated and inscribed, watercolour, 15 x 35cms, in frame.

Andrew A. Gamley R.S.W - "Pittenweem", signed, watercolour, 27 x 36cms, in frame. Provenance: With Aitken & Dott, Edinburgh 1st June 1961. Exhibit...

George Horton - King Edward's Bay, Tynemouth, signed, watercolour, 33.5 x 28.5cms, in gilt frame.

George Horton - "On the road to the Hague, Holland", signed, watercolour, 28.5 x 24.5cms, in gilt frame. Exhibited: Dean Gallery, Sping 1994, 42 D...

John Peace - Ponies on a beach, signed, dated and inscribed, watercolour, 15 x 25cms, in gilt frame

Garman Morris - "Autumn Evening in Norfolk", signed and inscribed, watercolour, 20.5 x 75cms, in gilt frame.

British School, 19th Century - Silhouette portrait of a gentleman, watercolour heightened in gold, 27 x 16cms, in frame.

Fred Tordoff - "Craster Harbour, Northumberland, 1974" signed, further inscribed verso, 40.5 x 25cms; together with an oil on canvas of coal chute...

Manner of Robert Jobling - "Royston Castle", bears inscribed label verso, watercolour, 18 x 27.5cms, in gilt frame.

W* Hindall - Highland river scene, signed, watercolour, 26 x 51cm, in a gilt frame.

English School, Late 20th Century - Extensive landscape, indistinctly signed and dated ’78, watercolour, 27 x 37cm, in a frame.

Victor Noble Rainbird - "On the Tarset, Northumberland", signed and inscribed, watercolour, 25.5 x 37cms, in frame.

Charles William Adderton - Unloading the boats, signed, watercolour, 34 x 52cms, in gilt frame.

Arthur Ernest Maugham - A busy industrial port, signed, watercolour, 29 x 48cms, in gilt frame.

Victor Noble Rainbird - Lady with basket, signed and dated, watercolour, 17.5 x 11.5cms, in ebonised frame.

Thomas Swift Hutton - "Winlaton", signed, watercolour, 16 x 24cms, in gesso gilt frame.

Ronald Moore - Bamburgh, signed, watercolour, 32.5 x 47cms, in gilt frame.

Alan B* Charlton - Country village nestled amongst hills, signed and dated, watercolour, 34 x 52cms, in frame.

Harry Sticks - "The Derwent at Muggleswick" and "Swinhope Head, Allendale", and a cottage scene, signed, watercolours, 10.5 x 14cms, 9 x 12.5cms a...

Richard Henry Wright - Durham Cathedral, signed and dated, watercolour, 17.5 x 26cms, in gilt frame.

A* Bates - Gibside Chapel, signed and dated, watercolour, 30 x 43cms, in gilt frame.

William Kay Blacklock - Fishing on the bank, Crail, signed and dated, watercolour, 18.5 x 23cms, in gilt frame.

G** Eggleston - Fairies among flowers, signed and dated, watercolour, 26.5 x 17.5cms, in gilt frame.

David Thomas Robertson - The Haycart, signed, watercolour, 41 x 55cms, in gilt frame.

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