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France - Starsbourg 1927 mini-sheet, 5f + 10f with cancel mark, sgMS454b, cat £1600, fresh mint.

GB QV 1d, SG1 with light red MC cross cancel; 2s6d, SG175 with heavy black cancel; 5s, SG176 with centered cancel; and EVII 1s, SG257 mm. (4)

GB QV 2s6d, SG130 plate 1; SG175 (x2); 5s, SG176 (pierced initials); 10s, SG177; EVII 2s6d. SG 260; 5s, SG263; GB EVII 1902 high values, 2s6d, SG ...

Lot 1203

GB QV stamps

GB QV 1d black, SG1 with black MC cancel; 2d SG1a with black MC cancel; 1d red, SG8, one with black MC cancel, another oval cancel for Abergavenny...

Lot 1204

GB QV 1d

GB QV 1d, SG1 with good central red MC cancel, four margins.

GB QV 1d black on cover, SG1 nice four margins with light red MC cancel.

GB QV stamps, including: Mulready envelope fragment, mounted to card; 1d black, SG1 (no margins); 5s, SG130 ;GB QV 1883 high values SG178, SG180 a...

A large accumulation of GB QV 1d reds, all used, some on cut cover with postmark.

GB mixed accumulation, including: a GVI album of commonwealth, mint mix mounted and unmounted, low values, well presented; two similar albums, use...

Lot 1211

France MS45b

France stamps, 1927 Strasbourg Philatelic Exhibition miniature sheet with 5f and 10f, MS454b. (thinned at top with hinges)

France to include: 1849 SG17* and SG18*; 1853 1c-80c; and others later including 1863 30c SG116 on cover from Paris to London.

Lot 1213

China stamps

China stamps, early 20th Century: mm 1913 lower values but includes SG328 and SG282; 1904 D147 mm and others.

India stamps, including: QV 1854 4a, SG18 (corners cut), used; EVII 1902 1r and 2r, SG136 and SG139, used; and a selection of GVI mm and used; GV ...

Lot 1215

GB accumulation

GB accumulation, including a Widsor album with 1d. black and later stamps; a general mix in albums, stock books and cards;

India stamps, including: 1854 1/2a and 1a; 1854 4a (cut corners); EVII 1902 5s, SG142 used; states include Nabha, Cochin, Gwalior, Jhind, Patiala,...

The Challenge album contating: GB 1d black, SG1; Samoa 1877 (some reprints), including SG20; other 19th and early 20th Century stamps, mostly low ...

The Victoria Philatelic Album, containing Commonwealth countries: GB QV SG118, used; a good selection of Hong Kong; and many others, mostly low va...

Lot 1219

GB stock books

GB stock books, including QV penny plates; 1935 GV booklet; and others.

Commonwealth stock books, mostly QV, some later, mostly low value used.

World stamp stock books, mostly 19th Century, including USA.

Three Victoria Philatelic albums, containing a wide selection of 19th and early 20th Century World stamps, including: USA with low value used Colu...

Three stamp albums, containing 19th and 20th Century stamps and some covers, including some later Commonwealth mm sets: Samoa 1952 1/2d-3s; Sarawa...

Lot 1224

Two stamp albums

A stamp album containting 19th and 20th Century World stamps, mostly used but some useful Commonwealth including: a nice selection of mm Papua, 5s...

A stamp album containing GB including 1d red plates; EVII 1902 set to 1s, mm; and later QEII commemoratives, mm and on cover; a 1935 Silver Jubile...

GB QEII mostly commemorative, some definitive, mm and associated cover, in two albums; Commonwealth sets for 1935 (used), 1937 (mm) and 1977 (part...

Stamp albums and loose residual stock, albums low value used with picking through.

Lot 1228

GB accumulation

GB accumulation, on sheets and books, mostly 20th C. used.

Austria accumulation, mostly 20th C. mixed mint and used.

Lot 1230

Finland album

Finland stamps, 1856?-1972, including SG1 and SG2 (spurious); 1860 5k and 10k used; 1866 5p-1m mostly used; 1891 1k-7r used/mint; and others.

Hungary accumulation album, 1871-1960, mostly used at earlier dates, some mint post-war.

Denmark accumulation, a stock book with SG4-404, and binder of loose leaf pages, 1851-1945, part filled and missing key items.

Norway 1855 to 1994, including early examples, mostly used but some key high values mm, displayed on graph paper with two examples of each on oppo...

Lichtenstein 1912 to 1976, extensive and near complete, on Schaubek leaves displayed with mint opposing both used and mint.

Ireland 1922 to 1999, in Davo album, mostly mint, some used, later mini-sheets.

Ireland 1922 to 1974, in Stanley Gibons binder album, mostly mm, includes some key early stamps.

Europe stock books, large assortment to be looked through carefully, contries to include Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary.

World accumulation, includes some Italian and states, Iraq, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland and others.

Mixed commonwealth, mostly mid-20th C., some QV, various countries including South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, and others.

Mixed accumulation, mostly Africa and Middle East, in stock books and albums, countries include: Syria, Indo-China, Ivory Coast, UN, Saudi Arabia ...

Germany accumulation, including an album nicely displayed from 1871-1945; other binders, albums and stock books, mostly loosely filled.

European albums and stock books, including a binder of illustrated Turkey sheets, part filled with used accumulation.

Arabic nations with useful Egypt, some on stock cards, includes Jordan, UAE, Iraq and others.

China m+u accumulation, including useful used items SG 440-443, 1 cat £77 + SG SOW), to modern people's Republic and Taiwan items.

Lot 1245

Suriname mint.

Suriname mint, including um and used collection 1873-1975, neatly assembled in old Davo hingeless album with slipcase.

Lot 1246


Netherlands mint including um and used, in Old Davo hingeless album with slipcase, including 1970's-1980's, commemoratives and mini sheets, bookle...

Lot 1247

1d red plates

A mixed accumulation of penny reds, various plates 71-198, many duplicates and some missing, in two stock albums.

A mixed accumulation of penny reds, various plates 151-200, many duplicates and some missing, in two stock albums.

GB QV to GV used accumulation, including penny plates, an album of postmark interest, well written up; revenue and others.

Penny red accumulation, inculding some on piece with Glasgow postmark, mixed condition and plenty of duplication, some plates over 200s.

Lot 1251

G.B. QV 1d Red.

G.B. QV 1d Red plate numbers accumulation on pages, used numbers to 1 x 23, some usual mixed condition in places (285 approximately).

Belgium 1849-1973 m+u accumulation housed in two blue four-ring binders, including useful items, well worth inspection (100's).

Lot 1253

GB 1840 wrapper.

GB 1840 wrapper bearing 3+ margins 1d Grey Black, just tied by red Maltese Cross cancel, back stamped with three red cds cancels, including Dec 23...

Lot 1254

GB 1841.

GB 1841 E.L. to Stoke on Trent bearing 1840 1d Black, no margins, two vertical filing creases, one soiled.

Lot 1255

GB accumulation.

GB accumulation from 2 x 1840 1d Blacks with main value in QV content, in usual varied condition with useful in places.

Portugal - 1928 Tricentenary set, SG781-795 (missing 2c), fresh mm, cat £170+

Luxembourg 1852 to 1946, on Leuchtturm Lighthouse leaves in binder, including 1852 10c and 1s used; 1859 low values, 1882 set to 5f, and others la...

Netherlands accumulation, including a part filled Davo album sporadically filled with used, a stock album containing numerical cancels, a binder o...

Andora Linder illustrated album, containing sparadic low value from 1931-1980s, including some mini-sheets, mostly mint.

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