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Anderson & Garland Ltd. Newcastle
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A Buffet Campion 'Evette', Alto Saxophone, serial number 452804, made in the Republic of China, lacquered brass with pearloid buttons, in black pl...

Lot 652

Yamaha trumpet

A Yamaha YTR 2320 lacquered brass student trumpet, serial number 030692, fitted Yamaha hardshell case.

A Vintage Soprano Flugel horn in Eb by C H Maheu, serial number 1106, stamped to the bell 'CH Maheu, Rue longue, de la Vigne, Gand'.

A Starline brass B flat trumpet, serial number L13111, cased.

Lot 655

hawkes trumpet

A Hawkes B flat and A Trumpet, serial number 54501, silver-plated and engraved, with additional slide, cased.

Lot 656

Tenor trombone

A Besson B flat tenor trombone, serial number 10374, silver-plated brass, cased.

A Boosey and Co B flat tenor Truline trombone, serial number 137675, silver-plated brass, cased.

A Charles E Foote B flat tenor trombone, serial number 1235, silver plated brass cased.

A King Tenor trombone by H.N. White and Company, Cleveland, Ohio, Serial number 52148, silver-plated brass, cased.

A Boosey and Hawkes Besson sovereign B and F flat trombone, serial number 782092, cased.

A Wilhelm Monke B flat and F bass trombone, silver-plated brass.

A F Holton, Elkhorn B flat and F bass trombone, serial number 123214, silvered brass, cased.

A Boosey and Hawkes bass trombone in G, serial number 162052, silvered brass in leather slip case.

Lot 664

Keyed Bugle

A Vintage copper keyed bugle, with nine scallop-shaped nickel keys and pads.

A Boosey and Hawkes Imperial bass trombone in G, serial number 183985, silvered brass in leather slip case.

Thirty trumpet mouthpieces by Besson, Vincent Bach, Getzen and other makers.

A Hawkes and Son Clippertone B flat silver-plated cornet, serial number 34509.

Lot 668

Besson cornet

A Vintage Besson Victory model B flat and A cornet, serial number 50783, silver-plated brass, with lead pipe extension.

A Vintage Antoine Courtois B flat and A interchangeable long model cornet, silver-plated brass, cased.

Lot 670

E flat Saxhorn

A vintage E flat Saxhorn, by Adolph Sax, serial number 34210, with three valves, incomplete.

A Vintage Hawkes and Son tenor Cor in F and E flat, serial number 45405, silver-plated brass with three valves, leather case (perished).

Lot 672

E flat Tuba

An E flat Tuba by Higham, Manchester, serial number 42116, four-valve model, cased.

Lot 673

B flat Tuba

A B flat Tuba by Higham, Manchester, serial number 55300, cased.

Lot 676

F S Saito flute

A silver and nickel silver flute, by F S Saito, Tokyo, Japan, two sections in nickel silver, the top section solid silver, stamped 'SILVER', in fi...

A Gear for Music branded bass clarinet, serial number 1207008, with black resin body, silver-plated bell and S bend, silver-plated nickel keys, in...

A Buffet Crampon et Cie B12 Clarinet, serial number 545347, black resin with nickel-plated mounts and keys, moulded grey plush-lined fitted case.

A Yamaha 250 Resin Bb matte finish clarinet, with silver-plated hardware, fitted moulded case.

A Boosey and Hawkes Emperor silver plated flute , serial number 577688 made in England, with Cooper pattern mouthpiece and cleaning rod, cased.

A Hohner Verdi II Piano accordion, with 80 bass buttons, with 20 white keys and 14 black keys, cream pearloid case, cased.

A Marinucci Recanati 48 bass piano accordion, 20 white keys and 14 black keys, black case inscribed 'Made in Italy' numbered 325, cased.

An Italian Scandalli 'Scott Wood Four' 120 bass piano accordion, with curved keyboard, cased.

A Marinucci 120 Bass piano accordion with twenty-four treble keys and seven selector buttons, Selmer faux crocodile case.

A Giulietti 120 Bass piano accordion, with twenty-four treble keys, with ten instrument selector keys and master key, cased.

A Marinucci 120 Bass Piano Accordion, serial number 5077, with 24 white keys 17 black keys, fitted with a Guyaton accordion pick-up, cream pearloi...

A Salas Stradella button accordion, with 48 bass buttons, eagle and foliate scroll nickel grille, green pearloid and jewelled case.

Lot 689

Hohner Melodeon

A Hohner Melodeon with 8 bass buttons and 21 treble buttons, in simulated boulle black finished case, homemade carry case.

A Wordmaster 80 bass Piano Accordion, with twenty white keys and fourteen black keys, grey pearloid case.

Hohner Melodeon Erica Melodeon, with 21 buttons and 4 bass buttons.

A Hohner Double-Ray black dot melodeon, with 4 bass buttons and 21 treble buttons.

A Lachenal 48 button English system concertina, with fret cut rosewood ends, five-section bellows, in a Wheatstone black case.

A German-made concertina with five division paper bellows, fret cut mahogany ends, bears label 'Extra broad steel reeds Made in Germany' and part ...

A German concertina with six-section paper bellows, fret cut rosewood ends, stamped 'Broad Reeds, Saxon Make'.

A Louis Lowendall Paganini model violin, 1890, with two-piece figured maple back and rims, the well carved scroll stamped with an L within a wreat...

A Continental Violin bearing a paper label 'Gaspard Da Salo', one-piece back, 35.8cms; a violin bow stamped 'Le Blanc'; and a flat back A-style ma...

A Maidstone 3/4 size violin, length of back 33.5 cms, with bow cased; and a Chinese Skylark violin, length of back 34cms, with bow cased. (2)

A Chinese Lark branded student violin, length of back 34cms, cased.

An English Violin, incribed in pencil 'David Nelson 1893', length of back, 36.3cms, cased.

A full size student violin with light amber varnish, length of back 35.5cms, cased.

A Skylark student violin MV-007, length of back 34cms, cased.

A student violin with shaded amber varnish, cased.

An Intermusic student violin and bow, cased, length of back, 33.5cms.

A Violin with flamed two-piece back, length of back 36cms, in Maidstone wooden case.

A full-sized student violin with light amber varnish, cased.

A vintage violin with one-piece back, incomplete, together with a vintage rosewood veneered violin case.

A Stentor Student I Violin, with deep amber varnish, cased.

A continental violin with two-piece back, mother-of-pearl inlaid tailpiece, light brown varnish, length of back 35cms, together with a Maidstone w...

A Stentor II 3/4 size student violin, light amber varnish, cased with bow.

An early Victorian rosewood adjustable duet stand, with fluted tapering column support, trefoil base and compressed bun feet.

A Stentor Student model 1/2 size Childs violin, with light amber varnish, length of back 21.5cms, cased with bow.

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