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Anderson & Garland Ltd. Newcastle COL160419 Live Webcast Auction 16 Apr 2019 10:00 BST

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  • 09:15 BST - 18:30 BST
  • 09:00 BST - 10:00 BST
Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue Address

  • Anderson House
  • Crispin Court
  • Newbiggin Lane
  • Westerhope
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE5 1BF
  • United Kingdom

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Currency: GBP
Buyer's premium inc. VAT/sales tax: 24.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 5.94%

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There are 257 item(s) within this sale
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Japanese wakizashi

Lot 1

A Japanese Wakizashi, the 54cms single edged blade with pierced tsuba and unsigned tang, shagreen grip (with later lace mount), black lacquered sc...

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Lot 2

A 19th Century shield, probably Turkish, in leather or hide, of circular form with brass mounts and four protruding bosses, 27cms diameter.

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Persian Dhal

Lot 3

A 19th Century Persian Dhal (shield), in leather or hide, of circular form, painted red and foliate decoration, four flowerhead bosses mounted, 35...

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Persian Dhal

Lot 4

A 19th Century Persian Dhal, in hide or leather of circular form with painted decoration and four brass bosses, 36cms diameter.

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Painted Persian shield

Lot 5

A 19th Century Persian dhal (shield), Qajar, circular painted metal, decorated with panels of figures surrounded by scrolls, the border with scri...

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Indian talwar

Lot 6

Note catalogue amendment: small blade and fork have ivory gripsA late 19th Century Indian talwar, the 81cms single edged blade with three fullers,...

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WWII machete

Lot 7

A Second World War machete, the 37cm blade stamped 'JJB 1943' and with broad arrow mark, full leather scabbard, 52cms long overall.

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Italian Heavy Cavalry sword

Lot 8

A late 19th Century Italian heavy cavalry sword, the 90cms single edged blade stamped 'FR', on a hilt with a pierced guard and ribbed leather grip...

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British Infantry Officer's sword

Lot 9

A Victorian Infantry Officer's sword, 1895 pattern, by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, the 83cms etched single edged blade with Royal cypher and make...

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Artillery Officer's sword

Lot 10

A Victorian Artillery Officer's sword, 1820 pattern, by Marshall & Aitken, North Bridge, Edinburgh, the 82cms single edged blade etched with Royal...

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Frech Cutlass

Lot 11

A mid 19th Century French naval cutlass, 1833 pattern, the 67cms single edged blade with anchor design to both sides, stamped with letter 'C' in l...

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Four swords

Lot 12

Four swords, comprising three epees and a sword with scabbard.

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Japanese Wakizashi

Lot 13

A Japanese Wakizashi, the 41cms single edged blade with plain tsuba and unsigned tang, cord mounted shagreen grip and shell inlaid scabbard with k...

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Japanese katana

Lot 14

Japanese katana, the 66cms single edged blade with signed tang, on bronze floral tsuba, cord bound shagreen grip, and metal scabbard, 98cms long o...

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Two sword sticks

Lot 15

Two sword sticks, one with antler handle and hiding a trefoil blade with blued design, 90cms long; the other probably Indian, 91cms long.

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Two sword sticks

Lot 16

Two 19th Century bamboo sword sticks, one a swagger, the larger 90cms long.

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Lot 17

An early 20th Century axe, in medieval style, the head with hooked back, the shaft with criss-cross design and metal studs, stamped overall 'John ...

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Indian Talwar

Lot 18

A 19th Century Indian talwar, the single-edged curved blade 76cms long with engraved decoration, the shaped grip with koftgari foliate design, 90c...

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Three kukri

Lot 19

Three Nepalese kukri, one with ivory grip, two with horn, one missing scabbard, the largest 43cms long.

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Hunting sword

Lot 20

A 19th Century British hunting sword, the single-edged blade 45cms twice stamped 'G. FOX' under crown, antler hilt, 65cms long; with associated Af...

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Indian Kard

Lot 21

A 19th Century Indian kard, the single edged blade with circular mark, on white metal collar and ivory grip, white metal mounted scabbard with bea...

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Indian Taalwar

Lot 22

A late 19th Century Indian talwar, the curved single edged blade with shaped hilt and leather covered scabbard, 89cms long overall.

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Dayak sword

Lot 23

A 19th Century Dayak 'Headhunter's' sword, Borneo, the shaped tapering single edged blade 49cms, on a reed woven grip with ivory pommel, the scabb...

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Three knives

Lot 24

Three 19th Century knives, comprising: an Indian peshkabz, with white metal grip, 38cms long; an Indian kard, with inlaid bone grip and leather co...

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Malayan Kris

Lot 25

A 19th Century Malayan kris, the shaped blade on wooden hilt with floral carving, in shaped wooden scabbard, 51cms long overall.

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Malayan kris

Lot 26

A 19th Century Malayan kris, the shaped blade on an ivory hilt carved as a stylised garuda bird, 40cms long.

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A sword and a knife

Lot 27

A sword, possibly Malayan, the single edged blade with squared-off end, brass mounted wooden grip, 56cms long; together with a small knife, probab...

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Gauntlet sword (Pata)

Lot 28

A late 17th/early 18th Century Indian gauntlet sword or pata, the 80cms fullered blade possibly European, on a gauntlet-type hand cover with bar g...

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Artillery bayonet

Lot 29

An 1879 pattern British artillery sword bayonet, the 65cms blade with saw-back, 80cms overall.

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Three bayonets

Lot 30

Three bayonets, to include: a British First World War 1913 bayonet by Remington, with scabbard, 58cms long.

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Two German swordsa and a sword stick blade

Lot 31

A 20th Century German dress sword, with etched blade, giltmetal blade with white metal eagle mount to guard and giltmetal leather scabbard, 102cms...

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BSA Air Rifle

Lot 32

A Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) Lincoln Jeffries patent air rifle, with under lever action, no. 6561, 110cms long.

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Percussion gun

Lot 33

A 19th Century German percussion sporting gun, the barrel with full-length fore-end holding ram rod, the floral engraved lock plate above wooden t...

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Charles Lancaster sporting gun

Lot 34

A 19th Century double-barrelled 10 bore sporting gun, by Charles Lancaster, London, the barrels holding single ram rod under, signed to lock plate...

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A Tower rifle

Lot 35

A 19th Century Tower rifle, with converted percussion action (missing hammer), stamped 'Tower 1859', 140cms long.

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Navy pistol

Lot 36

An 18th Century converted percussion pistol, for the Royal Navy, the 20 bore barrel above associated ram rod (originally swivel), the hammer conve...

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Percussion pistol

Lot 37

A 19th Century percussion pistol, the 80 bore barrel on leaf engraved lock plates, checker cut walnut bag-type grip, 18cms long.

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DLI Boer War Medals and ephemera

Lot 38

A pair of Boer War medals, Queens South Africa medal with Laing's Neck, Transvaal, Relief of Ladysmith and Tugela Heights clasps and a King's Sou...

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TA medal and other badges

Lot 39

The Territorial Long Service medal of Captain C.A. Findlay T.D., boxed; miniatures, badges and buttons.

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Pilots Log books and other ephemera

Lot 40

The Pilots Log Books, Identity Book, Pilots Notes, Manuals, maps, postcards, equipment, a telescope and other ephemera of Lieutenant Commander Joh...

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Two silk work panels

Lot 41

Two post-WWI silk work panels for the Allied Forces in China, East Yorkshire, 1926-7, 40 x 45cms.

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Swagger stick

Lot 42

A 19th Century 2nd Regiment of Foot (The Queen's West Surrey) swagger stick, by Hawkes & Co., the tapering ebonised shaft with giltmetal mounts, t...

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Ten flasks

Lot 43

Ten 19th Century shot and powder flasks, in brass, copper and leather; with a spur and an epaulette.

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Four 19th Century truncheons

Lot 44

Four 19th Century truncheons, comprising: one William IV; two Victorian; and another very worn, 38cms long.

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Military items

Lot 45

Five truncheons; a mace; a First World War belt; a pair of handcuffs; and a mace type metal head.

More details

Deck log book and Whie Ensign

Lot 46

The Deck Log Book and White Ensign of HMS LST3, showing details of its decommissioning voyage from Port Said to the USA in 1946. Provenance: From ...

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D-Day Landing map and other effects

Lot 47

The military effects of Captain Leslie Donald, 50th Division Green Howards, including: D-Day landings map, given status of 'Top Secret' until iss...

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TSR-2 picture signed

Lot 48

An original pencil and chalk drawing by Stephen Brown, depicting the TSR-2 aircraft, signed by Ronald Beaumont and Jimmy Dell, with certificate of...

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TSR-2 memorabilia

Lot 49

TSR-2 memorabilia, including: press photographs, a Corgi diecast model, limited edition prints and books.

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Bristol T-188 ephemera

Lot 50

Bristol T-188 ephemera, including: an official photograph, postcards and book.

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Medals and bombing book

Lot 51

Second World War Medals of Mr H Graham, including 8th Army clasp and box; an S.O. book 136; and a 59 SA.O course-work book.

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Naval hats and epaulettes

Lot 52

A Dutch Naval bicorne hat, in tin box; a Dutch Naval cap; a pair of epaulettes by J.P. Mol, Breda; and Naval tunic buttons.

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African carvings

Lot 53

A West African carved female figure; a Central African carved pot in the form of a syloized tortoise; a basket; and carved goard shells.

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Congo Mask

Lot 54

A carved and coloured Songye kifwebe, Congo, mask, 33cms high.

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Lot 55

An African knobkerry, 77cms long.

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Knobkerry and another club

Lot 56

An African knobkerry, 72cms long; and another throwing club, 45cms long.

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Double ended knobkerry

Lot 57

An African double ended knobkerry, 110cms long.

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Shield and knife and spear

Lot 58

A 'Zulu' type antelope hide shield, 65cms high; a throwing spear, 125cms long; and a small bladed knife with sheath, 40cms long. (3)

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Tongan war club

Lot 59

A 19th Century Tongan apa'apai war club, with carved zig-zag design, 103cms long.

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Lot 60

An Aboriginal boomerang, possibly 19th Century, with burn marks, 64cms wide.

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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