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MH204 Fine Art Three Day Sale

Anderson & Garland Ltd. Newcastle MH204 - 21st, 22nd & 23rd March, 2017 Live Webcast Auction 21 Mar 2017 10:00 GMT (3 day sale)

Sale Date(s)

  • Lots: 1-426
  • Lots: 435-939
  • Lots: 952-1163

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  • 10:00 GMT - 16:30 GMT
  • 10:00 GMT - 16:30 GMT
  • 09:30 GMT - 12:30 GMT
  • 10:00 GMT - 14:00 GMT
Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue Address

  • Anderson House
  • Crispin Court
  • Newbiggine Lane
  • Westerhope
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE5 1BF
  • United Kingdom

Auction Details

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Currency: GBP
Buyer's premium inc. VAT/sales tax: 24.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 3.60%

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There are 1015 item(s) within this sale
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Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) Frontispiece for Rowlandson's Caricature Magazine vol.

Lot 1

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)Frontispiece for Rowlandson's Caricature Magazine vol. 5, published by Thomas Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside, London, 1810,e...

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Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) "Miseries of Human Life", engraving with hand colouring,

Lot 2

Thomas Rowlandson(1756-1827)"Miseries of Human Life",engraving with hand colouring,published by Thomas Tegg 1809,25 x 35cms; 9 3/4 x 13 3/4in., pl...

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Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) "The Wooden Leg - Or Careful Landlady", engraving with hand-colouring,

Lot 3

Thomas Rowlandson(1756-1827)"The Wooden Leg - Or Careful Landlady",engraving with hand-colouring, published by Thomas Tegg, c. 1805,25.5 x 35cms; ...

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Isaac Cruickshank (1764-1811) "Scotch Clealiness Ni Vide Cottages of Glen Burnie",

Lot 4

Isaac Cruickshank(1764-1811)"Scotch Clealiness Ni Vide Cottages of Glen Burnie",engraving with hand-colouring, published by Thomas Tegg, 6th Septe...

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Charles Williams ( -d.

Lot 5

Charles Williams( -d.1830)"The Irishman's Joy",engraving with hand-colouring, published by Thomas Tegg, 1st January 1808,27.5 x 21.5cms; 10 3/4 x ...

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Piercy Roberts (active 1785-1824) "Celia Retiring", engraving with hand-colouring,

Lot 6

Piercy Roberts(active 1785-1824)"Celia Retiring",engraving with hand-colouring, published by Percy Roberts, c.1803,35 x 27cms; 13 3/4 x 10 1/2in.,...

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George Murgatroyd Woodward and Charles Williams (1760-1809) and (active 1809) "Sketches of Fairy

Lot 7

George Murgatroyd Woodward and Charles Williams(1760-1809) and (active 1809)"Sketches of Fairy Land or a Comparison between England & Lilliput",en...

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James Gillray (c.

Lot 8

James Gillray(c.1756-1815)"Connoisseurs Examining a Collection of George Morland",engraving with hand-colouring, published 1807,24 x 20cms; 9 1/2 ...

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Charles Williams ( -d.

Lot 9

Charles Williams( -d.1830)"Match Against Time or Wood beats Blood and Bone",engraving with hand-colouring, published by Thomas Tegg, 17th April 18...

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After Sébastien Leclerc (French 1637-1714) "The Prodigal Son in Excess";

Lot 10

After Sébastien Leclerc(French 1637-1714)"The Prodigal Son in Excess"; "The Prodigal Son Taking Leave"; "The Prodigal Son Feasted on His Return",m...

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A*** Saunders, FRPS, FRGS, (20th Century) "Evening Shadows in Antarctica", signed and inscribed,

Lot 11

A*** Saunders, FRPS, FRGS,(20th Century)"Evening Shadows in Antarctica",signed and inscribed,silver gelatin photograph,29 x 37cms; 11 1/2 x 14 1/2...

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Charles "Snaffles" Johnson Payne (1884-1967) "A Fire Eater", signed,

Lot 12

Charles "Snaffles" Johnson Payne(1884-1967)"A Fire Eater",signed,triptych lithograph with hand-colouring published 1919,10.5 x 18.5cms; 4 1/4 x 7 ...

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Frank Short (1857-1945) Moonlit estuary with boats, signed, mezzotint,

Lot 13

Frank Short(1857-1945)Moonlit estuary with boats,signed,mezzotint,31 x 47cms; 12 1/4 x 18 1/2in.

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Joseph Pennell (American 1860-1926) A European castle, signed in pencil, etching, 20 x 24.

Lot 14

Joseph Pennell(American 1860-1926)A European castle,signed in pencil,etching,20 x 24.6cms; 8 x 9 5/8in.

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Theodore Casimir Roussel (French 1847-1926) A riverside scene with figures standing by a tree,

Lot 15

Theodore Casimir Roussel(French 1847-1926)A riverside scene with figures standing by a tree,signed in the plate and signed in pencil on a tab,etch...

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William Walcot (1874-1943) A Venetian palace with gondolas moored outside, indistinctly signed,

Lot 16

William Walcot(1874-1943)A Venetian palace with gondolas moored outside,indistinctly signed,watercolour over pencil on tinted paper, varnished,15 ...

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Louis Icart (French 1880-1950) "La Dame Aux Camelias'', signed Artist's proof, colour etching,

Lot 17

Louis Icart(French 1880-1950)"La Dame Aux Camelias'',signed Artist's proof,colour etching, Aldridge Bros label verso, published 1927 by Les Gravur...

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Laurence Stephen Lowry, RA (1887-1976) "St.

Lot 18

Laurence Stephen Lowry, RA(1887-1976)"St. Simon's Church, Salford",signed in pencil,limited edition photolithograph, numbered 180/300, published c...

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Tom McGuinness (1926-2006) "The Allotments, Easington", signed, inscribed and dated '92 in pencil,

Lot 19

Tom McGuinness(1926-2006)"The Allotments, Easington",signed, inscribed and dated '92 in pencil,colour lithograph, numbered 35 from an edition limi...

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Gavin Penn (Contemporary) "Bhavapurn" and "Sōnā" - studies of turbaned heads, signed,

Lot 20

Gavin Penn(Contemporary)"Bhavapurn" and "Sōnā" - studies of turbaned heads,signed, inscribed and numbered 1/150,limited edition colour giclees,40 ...

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Gavin Penn (Contemporary) "Takat", "Namasker" and "Shakti" - studies of turbaned heads, signed,

Lot 21

Gavin Penn(Contemporary)"Takat", "Namasker" and "Shakti" - studies of turbaned heads,signed, inscribed and numbered 1/150,limited edition colour g...

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William Thomas Nichols Boyce (1857-1911) A brigantine and other ships in a choppy swell,

Lot 26

William Thomas Nichols Boyce(1857-1911)A brigantine and other ships in a choppy swell, signed and dated 1897,watercolour,28 x 37cms; 11 x 14 3/4in.

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Alphonse Dousseau (French fl.

Lot 27

Alphonse Dousseau(French fl.1823-1831)"A view of Leeds from Beeston-Park-Side,signed, inscribed and dated 1825,pencil and white chalk on brown tin...

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After Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899) 'Conversation' - a village scene,

Lot 28

After Myles Birket Foster(1825-1899)'Conversation' - a village scene,signed with monogram and stamped "BF",watercolour heightened with white,9.5 x...

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Conrad H*** R*** Corelli (1869- ) "The Golden Horn, Istanbul", signed; with inscription verso,

Lot 29

Conrad H*** R*** Corelli(1869- )"The Golden Horn, Istanbul",signed; with inscription verso,watercolour,22 x 29.8cms; 8 3/4 x 11 3/4in.

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Gino de Colle (Italian 19th/20th Century) A Venetian backwater, signed and dated 1902, watercolour,

Lot 30

Gino de Colle(Italian 19th/20th Century)A Venetian backwater,signed and dated 1902,watercolour,39 x 21.5cms; 15 1/2 x 8 1/4in.

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Charles Dixon (1872-1934) "Off Tilbury", signed, inscribed and dated '08, watercolour, 25.5 x 75.

Lot 31

Charles Dixon(1872-1934)"Off Tilbury",signed, inscribed and dated '08,watercolour,25.5 x 75.5cms; 10 x 29 3/4in.

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Thomas Miles Richardson, jnr.

Lot 32

Thomas Miles Richardson, jnr. RWS(1813-1890)"Latimer, Herefordshire",signed and dated 1847, watercolour,20.5 x 33cms; 8 1/4 x 13in.

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Henry Hetherington Emmerson (1831-1895) Woodland foliage,

Lot 33

Henry Hetherington Emmerson(1831-1895)Woodland foliage,bearing the stamp of the HH Emmerson Committee 1895 verso,watercolour,25 x 35.5cms; 9 3/4 x...

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18th Century British School Tilbury Fort, inscribed and dated 1785 verso, watercolour, pen and ink,

Lot 34

18th Century British SchoolTilbury Fort,inscribed and dated 1785 verso,watercolour, pen and ink,33 x 46cms; 13 x 18in.

More details

A 19th Century commonplace book containing a pencil drawing of Havre des Pas, Jersey, by M.

Lot 35

A 19th Century commonplace book containing a pencil drawing of Havre des Pas, Jersey, by M. Elliott, chromolithographs, lincrusta-scraps, Baxter p...

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19th Century Italian School A view of Naples Harbour, and Vesuvius across the Bay, gouache, 10 x 15.

Lot 36

19th Century Italian SchoolA view of Naples Harbour, and Vesuvius across the Bay,gouache,10 x 15.5cms; 4 x 6 1/4in. (a pair)

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20th Century Chinese School A village by a river gorge, signed and inscribed in Chinese,

Lot 37

20th Century Chinese SchoolA village by a river gorge,signed and inscribed in Chinese,ink and colour wash,66 x 61cms; 26 x 24in.

More details

Attributed to Sir Charles d'Oyly (1781-1845) Pastoral landscape with ruined temple,

Lot 38

Attributed to Sir Charles d'Oyly(1781-1845)Pastoral landscape with ruined temple,with inscription verso,watercolour,12 x 18cms; 4 3/4 x 7 1/4in.

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Tristram James Ellis (1844-1922) "Zante" - boats off the coast, signed, inscribed and dated 1908,

Lot 39

Tristram James Ellis(1844-1922)"Zante" - boats off the coast,signed, inscribed and dated 1908,watercolour,17.5 x 37.5cms; 7 x 14 3/4in; andThe Acr...

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H*** K*** (19th Century American School) "Signal Mountain", signed with initials and dated 1845,

Lot 40

H*** K***(19th Century American School)"Signal Mountain",signed with initials and dated 1845,watercolour,19 x 19cms; 7 1/2 x 7 1/2in.

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Paul Emile Lecomte (French 1877-1950) Figures on a riverside path by an inn, signed, watercolour,

Lot 41

Paul Emile Lecomte(French 1877-1950)Figures on a riverside path by an inn,signed,watercolour,26 x 35.5cms; 10 1/4 x 14in.NBArtist's Resale Rights ...

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Enrico Tarenghi (Italian 1848-?) A North African street scene with a Merchant selling rugs and

Lot 42

Enrico Tarenghi(Italian 1848-?)A North African street scene with a Merchant selling rugs and carpets,signed,watercolour, 53 x 36.5cms; 21 x 14 1/2...

More details

Rodney J*** Burn, RA (1899-1984) An archive of original drawings,

Lot 43

Rodney J*** Burn, RA(1899-1984)An archive of original drawings, watercolours and prints by or relating to the Artist and his circle,various sizes,...

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Charles Rowbotham (1856-1921) "The Lake of Zug, Switzerland", signed, watercolour,

Lot 44

Charles Rowbotham(1856-1921)"The Lake of Zug, Switzerland",signed,watercolour,30 x 40cms; 11 3/4 x 15 3/4in.

More details

Thomas Dix (1830-1873) Original drawings of ornithology and landscape,

Lot 45

Thomas Dix(1830-1873)Original drawings of ornithology and landscape, including bird studies intended for reproduction and depictions of country ho...

More details

Various Artists (British 19th Century) Sundry drawings and watercolours,

Lot 46

Various Artists(British 19th Century)Sundry drawings and watercolours, mainly topographical and floral studies, including a grisaille "South Gate ...

More details

John Charles Moody, RE, RI, PSGA (1884-1962) "Hampstead Heath - Bank Holiday",

Lot 47

John Charles Moody, RE, RI, PSGA(1884-1962)"Hampstead Heath - Bank Holiday",signed; inscribed on a Brighton Art Gallery label verso,watercolour ov...

More details

Frederick Henry Townsend (1868-1920) "Private Saunders (His battalion,

Lot 48

Frederick Henry Townsend(1868-1920)"Private Saunders (His battalion, having been sent back from the front line for "Rest", is compelled to spend t...

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Fred Lawson (1888-1968) "At Appleby Horse Fair", Moss Galleries label verso, watercolour,

Lot 49

Fred Lawson(1888-1968)"At Appleby Horse Fair",Moss Galleries label verso,watercolour,23 x 38cms; 9 x 15in.NBArtist's Resale Rights may apply, plea...

More details

David Adolph Constant Artz (Dutch 1837-1890) Woman sewing beside her sleeping baby, signed,

Lot 50

David Adolph Constant Artz(Dutch 1837-1890)Woman sewing beside her sleeping baby,signed,watercolour,54 x 42cms; 21 1/4 x 16 1/2in.See illustration

More details

V*** V*** (late 19th Century Italian School) "The Piazzetta, Venice", indistinctly signed,

Lot 51

V*** V***(late 19th Century Italian School)"The Piazzetta, Venice",indistinctly signed,watercolour,35 x 49cms; 13 3/4 x 19 1/4in.

More details

Tristram James Ellis (1844-1922) "The Kremlin, Moscow", signed, inscribed and dated 1897,

Lot 52

Tristram James Ellis(1844-1922)"The Kremlin, Moscow",signed, inscribed and dated 1897,watercolour,23.5 x 52.5cms; 8 3/4 x 20 3/4in.

More details

Attributed to William Page (1794-1872) Two Greek noblemen and an Albanian page on a balcony

Lot 53

Attributed to William Page(1794-1872)Two Greek noblemen and an Albanian page on a balcony overlooking a lake,with inscription and dated 1839 verso...

More details

Henry Edward Spernon Tozer (1864-c.

Lot 54

Henry Edward Spernon Tozer(1864-c.1938)A labourer having his lunch,signed and dated 1904,watercolour,48.5 x 61.5cms; 19 x 24 1/4in.See illustration

More details

Henry Lionel Gordon Pilkington (South African 1886-1968) Cathedral entrance with figures,

Lot 55

Henry Lionel Gordon Pilkington(South African 1886-1968)Cathedral entrance with figures,signed and dated '27,watercolour,31 x 46.5cms; 12 x 18 1/4i...

More details

Ferdinand E*** Grone, RBA (c.

Lot 56

Ferdinand E*** Grone, RBA(c.1845-1920)Dutch shepherdess with sheep dog and flock,signed,watercolour,63.5 x 97cms; 27 x 38 1/4in.See illustration

More details

19th Century Indian School Erotic miniatures, one signed, gouache,

Lot 57

19th Century Indian SchoolErotic miniatures,one signed,gouache, 9 x 6cms; 3 1/2 x 2 1/4in;11 x 8cms; 4 1/4 x 3in. (2)

More details

Sir William Russell Flint, RA, RWS, RSW, (1880-1969) "Carnation" - woman in a red dress,

Lot 58

Sir William Russell Flint, RA, RWS, RSW,(1880-1969)"Carnation" - woman in a red dress,signed; with inscription and dated 1932 on a gallery label v...

More details

19th Century British School A half-length portrait of a young man posing by a bookcase, watercolour,

Lot 59

19th Century British SchoolA half-length portrait of a young man posing by a bookcase,watercolour,12 x 10.5cms; 4 3/4 x 4 1/8in.

More details

Doris Wright (early 20th Century) Head portrait of a girl, signed, pencil, 36.5 x 26.

Lot 60

Doris Wright(early 20th Century)Head portrait of a girl,signed,pencil,36.5 x 26.5cms; 14 1/4 x 10 1/4in.PROVENANCEFrom the collection of Frank Atk...

More details

George Sheridan Knowles (1863-1931) Interior scenes with two ladies in a corridor holding a candle,

Lot 61

George Sheridan Knowles(1863-1931)Interior scenes with two ladies in a corridor holding a candle,signed and dated 1909,watercolour,34.5 x 24.5cms;...

More details

Albert Jules Edouard (French b.

Lot 62

Albert Jules Edouard(French b.1845- )Art Nouveau image of a Lady,signed, inscribed and numbered 1914,watercolour,14.5 x 10cms; 5 3/4 x 4in;togethe...

More details

Edward Hastings (1781-1861) "Woodford", "Wisborough", "Idhurst Road, Nr.

Lot 63

Edward Hastings(1781-1861)"Woodford", "Wisborough", "Idhurst Road, Nr. Wisborough Green", two signed with initials, all inscribed and variously da...

More details

Theresa Sylvester Stannard (1898-1947) "An Old English Homestead", signed, watercolour,

Lot 64

Theresa Sylvester Stannard(1898-1947)"An Old English Homestead",signed,watercolour,35 x 25cms; 13 3/4 x 9 3/4in.NBArtist's Resale Rights may apply...

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