A set of six silver coffee spoons and matched sugar tongs cased;

In Ceramics, Glass, Ornamental Objects, Silver, G...

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Amersham On The Hill, Buckinghamshire
A set of six silver coffee spoons and matched sugar tongs cased; and a silver Christening spoon and fork with a matched knife mixed marks cased 11
A set of six silver coffee spoons and matched sugar tongs cased; and a silver Christening spoon and fork with a matched knife mixed marks cased 11

Ceramics, Glass, Ornamental Objects, Silver, Gold, Jewellery, Domestic Furniture & Effects

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Lots: 362
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Amersham Auction Rooms
125 Station Road
Amersham on the Hill
United Kingdom

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Clarks of Amersham are an established, highly respected, able and fully insured company, operating locally and throughout the UK and worldwide

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